How To Block Loan Apps Calls On Your iPhone And Android Phones


You don’t have to be frustrated anymore if you’re been called continuously by these loan apps because there are ways you can get rid of their calls with ease. So why get yourself worried?

If you’re looking to get tips on how to block loan app calls on your iPhone and Android phones, then this is for you. Keep reading to overcome your frustration.

Why the Need to Block Calls from These Loan Apps?

Today, the calls from loan apps tend to be frustrating and disappointing. They keep calling you repeatedly as if you want to make away with their money. However, it’s not their fault for doing so.

These loan apps think you want to make away with their money so they keep calling you repeatedly to threaten and warn you to return their money just to scare you and get you worried.

How you can Block Calls from Loan Apps On Android Phones

If you are using an Android phone, these are tips you would use to stop unnecessary calls from these loan apps.

Recognizing Who the Caller is

First and foremost, you have to know who the caller is before you can make any move. Once you know who the caller is, then you can easily take the next move.

If you are using different loan apps on your phone, you must enquire first before you block because sometimes it might not be necessarily the one you want to block. So know the caller first.

Make the use of the Call blocker on your Phone

If you keep receiving a series of calls from a particular loan app, block such numbers using the in-call blocker feature on your phone to do that. It’s simple to do that; go to your settings, and from there, you will know the necessary steps to take.

Something is frustrating about these loan apps, if you eventually block their number, they make use of several numbers to get to you and get you worried. Don’t worry about that, follow the next tip for that.

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Make use of Third Party Apps

These loan apps can be brave and funny at times, you stop taking their frustrating calls and the next thing they will think of doing is calling you with another number. Do you see how they act? So how do you get rid of that? It’s simple.

Get a third-party app from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone. You can install True Caller or its alternatives to serve this purpose. With this, once you receive a call from a caller with a strange name, you know it’s them, add such a number to your blacklist.

Don’t hesitate to Report any Misconduct by this Loan Apps

If you are been threatened or bullied by these loan apps, make sure you report them to the financial regulatory bodies or better still the law enforcement agency nearest to you.

So on your Android, following these steps will be a great way to stop the frustrating calls from these loan apps.

How You Can Block Calls From Loan Apps On iPhones


If you’re using an iPhone, then the tips below would be of great help in blocking the calls from this loan app.

Recognizing Who the Caller is

You can’t necessarily block a number if you don’t know who the caller is, so you have to know who the caller is before you can block them.

Furthermore, keep in mind that this loan app makes use of apparently, several numbers just to frustrate you within all courses. So identify the caller first then move to the next step.

Make the use of iPhone’s Call Blocker on your Phone

On iPhone, there’s a built-in feature you can use to block such numbers easily. Make use of such a feature on your phone. In case they try using another number to call you repeatedly, follow the same procedure to block their numbers.

Use Silence, Unknown Caller on your Phone

If you keep receiving calls from loan apps regularly with new numbers after blocking several numbers, this step is for you. This feature on iPhone forwards all calls from unknown sources to voicemail. So since you don’t have their number saved on your iPhone, once they call, your phone forwards the call to voicemail. This is quite simple.

Report any Threats from these Loan Apps and Block them from Contacting you

In case you are been threatened by these apps, then don’t hesitate to report such action to the Nigerian financial regulatory bodies or any law enforcement agency you can easily access to lay your report. You have to be security conscious.

Once all these steps are followed, you don’t have to be worried again.


How do I Stop Loan Apps from Calling My Contacts?

During your registration on some of the loan apps, you will be prompted to submit some numbers from your contact (usually 3) once you submit; if you didn’t pay back when due, that’s the people they will first contact.

Secondly, if you are using any loan app and a message pops on your screen finding access to your contact list, once you grant the opportunity to do so, they have access to your list and what they will use to get back to you. So don’t grant them the access to do so.

How do I Stop a Loan App from Accessing My Contacts?

It’s simple, once they request access to your contact, deny them the access to do so. Also, make sure each time you are using the loan app your location is off because they can easily use Google to access your contacts if they have access to your location on Google.

Can Loan Apps Access My Contact After Uninstalling?

Yes, they can access it if you grant them access to do so. But if you didn’t, you have nothing to worry about.

How do I Stop an App from Accessing My Contacts on Android?

To stop a loan app from accessing your contact, once the notification pops on your screen, don’t hesitate to click on cancel, next, you can submit a number you aren’t using again, so even if they called no one picks up their calls.

Is there Any Loan App listed in Nigeria?

Yeah, apps like the Cashlawn app and Swift Cash among others were delisted recently by the financial regulatory body in Nigeria.


You now have the steps to block calls from loan apps on your Android and iPhone at the tips of your hand. So do that now.

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