How To Upgrade Union Bank Account Easily (Online & Offline)


To upgrade your Union Bank account from a low tier to a higher one, you’ll need to do it offline. All that is needed is that you walk to any Union Bank branch near you and request an Account Upgrade form. In some cases, you might be asked the reason for the upgrade before it is handed to you. However, when the form is handed to you, fill out your details correctly and submit it back. In this article, you will be reading a thorough guide on how to upgrade your Union Bank account to a higher tier. Let’s jump into it.

Requirements On How To Upgrade Your Union Bank Account Easily (Online & Offline)

To upgrade your Union Bank account, you would need to meet some requirements to help you upgrade your Union Bank account easily. Here they are:

1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)

To upgrade your Union Bank account, you would need to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN). This number is a very important number that is required in almost all banking operations. As in almost all banking operations, your Bank Verification Number (BVN) would be needed to successfully upgrade your Union Bank account.

2. National Identity Documents

Your national identity documents are documents that help Union Bank have your details. The national identity documents contain details such as your house address, state of origin, age, and other details. These national documents may include a National Identity Number (NIN), Voters Card, and Drivers License.

3. Utility Bills

Utility Bills provide details about your house address since these bills contain your house address. With these utility bills, you can provide evidence to Union Bank that you are not an alien. It assures them that you are a real citizen. You can use your water bill or light bills as utility bill evidence.

So far you’ve seen the requirements involved in upgrading your Union Bank account. In this next subheading, you will be reading thorough guidelines on how to upgrade your Union Bank account after gathering the above-listed documents.

How To Upgrade Your Union Bank Account Easily Offline

To upgrade your Union bank account involves going to the bank and stating your intention to upgrade your bank account. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Walk To Any Union Bank Branch

In almost all the 36 states in Nigeria, you have the Union Bank Branch located there. If you eventually find one where you live, you can walk down there and clearly state your desire to upgrade your account. You can walk to the Union Bank staff under the Customer Service office to discuss with them regarding this.

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Step 2. Submit The Documents

The documents that were discussed above should then be available and submitted. Be sure to take them along so that you can submit the details in the provided areas. These documents as stated above include your NIN, BVN, water bill or light bill (photocopy), voter card, etc.

Step 3. Fill Out The Upgrade Form

A form would then be given to you to fill out. Input the correct information required in this form. Sometimes, the information required may be read out by the Union Bank staff for you to answer. So, answer correctly to the questions asked for quick validation and updating of your Union Bank account to be done.

Step 4. Submit The Form

If the form was given to you, then you would be required to submit the already filled form. The information you provided in this form would then be entered into the Union Bank database and subsequently updated in your bank account records. Failure to submit this form would mean that you are no longer interested in upgrading your Union Bank account.

Step 5. Wait For The Update

In some cases, upgrading may take hours before the change is effected. However, others may say that it took 24 hours (a day) before they observed a change. Regardless, upgrading your account takes a short time. You may wait for 48 hours before confirming whether the upgrade has been effected.


How can I upgrade my Union Bank account limit?

To upgrade your UBA account limit walk into any UBA branch with a recent utility bill, National Identity documents, and Bank Verification Number (BVN).

How can I upgrade my bank account?

To upgrade your bank account, you can either download your bank app and do it online or you can do it offline by walking to any of your bank’s branches. However, have handy relevant documents such as your BVN, NIN, and utility bill.

How to activate a Union Bank account?

To activate a Union Bank account online, go to the Union Bank branch and declare your intention to the customer support team that you wish to activate your Union Bank account.

What can I use to upgrade my Union Bank account?

To upgrade your Union Bank account, you’ll need:

1. Bank Verification Number

2. National Identity Number

3. Passport

4. Recent Utility bill

How do I increase my Union Bank limit?

To increase your Union Bank limit, you would need to upgrade your Union Bank account. When you upgrade your account at any Union Bank branch, you can receive a balance of 1 million naira and above.


The best way to upgrade your bank account is to go to the Union Bank to request for the form. This is the most recommended method to upgrade your Union Bank account.

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