10 Affiliate Programs That Pays Daily In Nigeria 2023

10 Affiliate Programs That Pays Daily In Nigeria 2023.

Affiliate Marketing is no doubt one of the easiest ways Nigerians can make money online. With the best Affiliate Program, believe me you can make more than N50,000 Daily from your home.

This Affiliate marketing involves bringing and referring customers to different products or services, and when they successfully Purchase any of the product, you get high commission for the sold product.

That being said, in Nigeria, there are numerous affiliate programs, but the issue here is, which among them is the best?

10 Affiliate Programs That Pays Daily In Nigeria 2022

In this post, I will share with you the best Affiliate Program that Pays Daily In Nigeria without any issue.

Affiliate Programs That Pays Daily In Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

One of the best Affiliate Programs that pays daily in Nigeria is Jumia. It is the largest e-commerce store where Nigerians visit to buy goods and services ranging from Mobile Phones, Laptops, clothes, shoes and many other lovely products.

Jumia has in the recent years made shopping online very easy, with just your Smartphone and Data Connection sitting right inside your room, you can purchase and place orders and the products will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 to 3 working days depending on your location.

With Jumia affiliate, you can make millions of Naira referring people to the site to make purchase. All you need to get started is a blog or any social media platforms.

Now go to the official website of Jumia, Register as an affiliate, pick the best products of your choice, copy the referral link and go to Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter to advertise the products to your audience.

And if they buy the products using your Link, congratulations you just made your first sale on Jumia.

One good thing about Jumia is their fast payments to affiliate Marketers, your earnings will be sent to you immediately after clicking the Withdrawal button on your Dashboard.

2. Ysense Affiliate Program

Ysense is another amazing affiliate program which pays users to answer survey questions, they Also pay for any task Perform on the platform.

The best way to make money from this platform is to rush and register as a verified Affiliate, upon the completion of your registration, you will be given a unique referral link.

Tell your audience about the platform, tell them Ysense pay for each question answered and boom, they will Start signing up with your Link which will increase your earnings as an affiliate.

3. TravelStart Affiliate Program

Nigerians love traveling around the world and at the same time likes cheap things which is why you should utilize this TravelStart Affiliate Program.

TravelStart has the cheapest flights for Nigerians travelling within and outside the country. With the affiliate feature, you can earn mouth watering commission when people book flights using your Link.

To start making cash from the above affiliate program, you will need to visit TravelStart website and register to begin your journey towards earning cool cash from them.

4. Binance Affiliate Program

Buying and selling of cryptocurrency is very popular in Nigeria, lot of people are buying bitcoins to save for the future, before proceeding to buy Coins, new users will need to go to playstore and download the Binance App.

You can use this opportunity to make some cool cash because the Binance App has an affiliate program.

With this, when a new user Register with your referral Link, you get paid instantly.

5. 1xBet Affiliate Program

Have you heard of 1xBet? It’s among the most reliable betting platforms in Nigeria. You can make millions of Naira with the 1xBet affiliate program using the right strategies.

If you noticed Nigerian comedians, they keep shouting and promoting 1xBet in most of their videos, these guys are really cashing out well from the platform.

Immediately you register using their Promo code, they get paid by 1xBet instantly. So to join 1xBet affiliate, you need to register first on the website.

After completing the registration, get your personal code and share with your audience, fans or friends to. If you have a blog, you can as well write a review about them with your code at the end of the post.

6. Expertnaire Affiliate Program

When it comes to affiliate programs paying Nigerians on a daily basis, then Expertnaire is one of them. The platform is known for selling information product with a whatsapp group named the 72ig where new affiliate marketers are trained on how to making more money from Expertnaire.

Note, Expertnaire is not for beginners in affiliate marketing, you need to be trained properly to make money from the platform.

7. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is without doubt the best betting platforms for most footballer lovers in Nigeria, it has been around for years paying over 20 million naira daily. On bet9ja you can earn as high as 20% commission for every new user you brought to the platform.

8. Cowrywise Affiliate Program

Just like Piggyvest, Cowrywise is a saving and investing platform where user can save their money for future use, asides saving money, you can also capitalize on the affiliate feature introduced by the platform to make money by referring people to use Cowrywise. One of the most interesting thing about Cowrywise is the ability to pay users daily.

9.Qservers Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger in Nigeria, Qservers Affiliate Program is the best i would recommend to you. Qservers is a web hosting company with affordable hosting package for new bloggers, you can also purchase domain from the company. With the affiliate program on Qservers, bloggers can make money by referring people to buy domain name from Qservers.

10.Konga Affiliate Program

Last on this list is Konga Affiliate Program, Konga is an online market place just like Jumia. You can register as an affiliate on the main website to start making cash right way.

Is affiliate marketing good in Nigeria?

Yes, affiliate marketing is very good in Nigeria. you can make millions of Naira using the reliable affiliates programs.

How can I make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

To make money from affiliate marketing, all you need is the best affiliate programs which i have mentioned above, after making your choose from the above list, go to their website and register. now get the referral code or link and share to your audience.

Remember, it requires time, dedication, hard work, best affiliate program, to succeed in this field.

Is affiliate marketing profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, very profitable

How much does it cost to register for affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

Most of the Affiliate programs in Nigeria are free excerpt expertnaire.


Now that you have read the best affiliate programs that pays daily in Nigeria, tell us your favorite among them, if you have questions regarding any of this programs, let us know using the comment section below.

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