How Does Easybuy Work? How To Buy Phone On Easybuy (IPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei) In 2023

Easybuy is home to many top-tier phones in Nigeria. You can easily get to purchase any kind of phone you feel like. You can purchase phones ranging from Oppo, iPhone, Samsung, and others. All you need do is Visit the Easybuy website and make your order. Additionally, you can get to purchase your phone through Easybuy online. Follow through the article to see how Easybuy works and how to purchase phones easily.

No matter the kind of phone you are interested in, Easybuy is here for you. Easybuy is a platform that allows you to purchase electronics especially mobile devices without issues. The steps below show the process of purchasing a phone on Easybuy.

How to Buy Phone on Easybuy (iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, infinix, oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei) in 2023

1. Visit your App Store or Playstore:

The first step is to install the Easybuy app. The Easybuy app can be gotten on Playstore if you use an Android device. However, if you use an iPhone device, do well to visit the Apple store on your mobile.

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2. Install the Easybuy App

The next step is to install the Easybuy app. This Easybuy app can be downloaded when you search for ‘Easybuy’ on your Apple store or Play store. Then tap on ‘Download’ to begin your installation process.

3. Browse the available phones:

The next step is to browse for the available phones in your Easybuy app. This step is important because you can easily peruse the kind of phone you are interested in. The popular brands of phones include the following: iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, infinix, oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

4. Choose your desired Phone

Do well to choose your desired phone. The phone you will have to choose should fit your specifications. Also, do well to note that the phones must fit into your budget. This would enable you not to run into debt.

5. Check the prices and payment option

The prices are always embedded in the phones. Each mobile phone would have its prices listed on the website. The prices of the phones are always affordable. Do well to remember that you are free to drop a deposit of 30% of the total income of the product.

6. Apply for a loan:

This step entails that you need to apply for a loan. This loan is done to make sure that Easybuy knows you are serious about getting the loan. They have a simple application process that requires you to input your personal and financial information with the application.

Make sure you provide accurate details to increase your chances.

7. Complete your payment

The next step is to complete your payment. This payment is made to confirm your seriousness for the phone. Easybuy usually requires an initial payment of 30% of the phone’s price, and the remaining balance can be paid in installments.

8. Receive your mobile device:

Make sure that you have completed the payment. After confirming payment, Easybuy will provide you with information regarding the delivery of your phone.

How does Easybuy work?

1. Agents:

This is a platform where Easybuy operates a model where they have many agents around Nigeria to get people signed up for the platform. Easybuy agents can be found in any official mobile phone outlet in Nigeria.

2. Loan app:

This is one of the key elements of Easybuy. As clients interested in Easybuy, you can easily get to peruse an array of phones without issues. You can also get to apply for a loan of a mobile phone if you have a minimum of 30% deposit fee.

3. Product Selection

The next way Easybuy is distinct from others is its product selection. With the Easybuy app, you can get to explore the different products on the desk of Easybuy. Easybuy offers a variety of devices including smartphones, electronics, and more.

4. Payment option

With Easybuy is very easy to pay for a product. Depending on you, you can easily get paid for a product without stress with the payment option Easybuy provides. Easybuy can be paid through the online platform or physically at their office.

5. Hire Purchase Contract:

When you purchase a device from Easybuy, you are signing up for a Hire Purchase Agreement. This agreement allows you to pay for the product in installments over a specified period.


How much is tecno spark 10 on Easybuy?

The Tecno Spark 10 on Easybuy ranges from N110,000 to N 118,000.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy A03 on Easybuy?

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core goes for ₦ 63,500.

Can I buy an iPhone on installment?

Yes. You can buy an iPhone in installments.

How much is the iPhone XR on Easybuy?

iPhone XR on Easybuy goes for N250,000.

What brands of phone are in Easybuy?

You can purchase phones ranging from Oppo, iPhone, Samsung, and others.


Easybuy is like any other platform in Nigeria. It has its agents and promoters. Additionally, you can also get to know about the latest phones in the market. Easybuy offers a reliable payment plan where customers with just 30% of the payment offer can get phones easily.

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