Opay vs Moniepoint: Which is Better?

The comparison of ‘Opay vs Moniepoint: Which is best’ has been intriguing just like any other argument. I bet you came across this article when perusing the difference between the two mobile wallets. A tremendous way of looking at Opay and Moniepoint is to ask yourself the question: Which of them is popular in your area? Sometimes, asking yourself that question may be the root of your answer. Enough of the chatter, let’s observe some of their differences below:

Opay vs Moniepoint: User Interface

When talking about the user interface, we are looking at how customers interact with the app. As you know both Opay and Moniepoint are incredible Fintech organizations. Let’s start with Opay.

Opay app color most times comes with a green color. This color makes it easier for customers to see the words on their screen. It offers a smooth transition between the sending and payment options available. If you’re a new user of the app, you would be given instructions as to how to go on with your transactions. Also, apart from the instructions, it offers customers the opportunity to earn bonuses.

Moniepoint, on the other hand, is a great microfinance organization. It has a simple interface that radiates blue light. It has a straightforward template and design. Talking about the design, as a new client using the app you would see the letter ‘M’ pop out of the screen. This ‘M’ signifies that the app is connecting to the internet. Also, both Opay and Moniepoint have a setting where customers can choose to use dark mode for the app or not.

Opay vs Moniepoint: Security

Security is very Paramount in choosing whether to transact using a Fintech platform or not. Of course, before any legitimate Fintech organization hits the market it is always registered with the Apex Bank of the country, the Central Bank of Nigeria. Both banks are registered with the CBN. As a result, it cannot operate a fraudulent operation.

In addition, Opay and Moniepoint make sure they protect their client’s information and transactions from third parties. Any transaction you make only lies between you and the organization. Opay, for example, uses SSL encryption when to protect data that are inputted by new and existing users. Also, Moniepoint just like E-Mails uses two-factor authentication for more protection when you are about to make a transaction.

Opay vs Moniepoint: Transaction Charges

As for charges, Opay doesn’t charge a fee when you’re transferring funds from its wallet to another entity. Opay also doesn’t charge users when they recharge their phones. Unlike some mobile wallets that would charge you 1% for every airtime you top, Opay doesn’t. Also, they don’t charge if you use their wallet to load cable TV like DStv, Gotv, Star Times, and so on.

Although Moniepoint does not charge the customer when it comes to cable and airtime top-ups, they charge users when they transfer funds. If you’re about to send money to your friend or family member, Moniepoint would charge you 50 naira for each transfer you make.

Opay vs Moniepoint: Availability

When it comes to availability, we’re talking about the application reach. Moniepoint and Opay agents are located nearly everywhere in Nigeria. There’s no place in Nigeria where you can’t find a POS machine with the colors of Opay and Moniepoint.

However, unlike Moniepoint, Opay is located in many locations aside from Nigeria. Opay is located in countries such as Kenya, South Africa, and also Egypt. It can be said that Opay is internationally known. On the other hand, Moniepoint hasn’t increased its services away from Nigeria. They’re not known in the international scene yet. We hope soon, Moniepoint would increase its branch offices.

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Opay vs Moniepoint: Customer Support

Opay and Moniepoint both are known for their rapid response when it comes to customer complaints.

Moreover, Opay allows more options for the customer to lay out their complaint. Opay has over one channel where customers can complain to the organization. For example, Opay offers support through phone calls, email, and live chat. While for Moniepoint, provide support to customers through phone calls and email. As stated earlier, they respond very rapidly to complaints. They don’t delay because customer satisfaction is their priority.

Opay vs Moniepoint: Application Features

Opay and Moniepoint both possess almost the same features. However, there are disparities in their features. For example, Opay allows users to make transactional transfers to their bank account, wallets, and Microfinance bank. Moniepoint only allows clients to make transactions to their bank.

Additionally, Opay allows users to book a ride using the ‘ORide’ feature on the app, Moniepoint doesn’t offer this service. On the other hand, Moniepoint has a ‘Cashout’ segment in the app that allows clients to withdraw cash from their wallet at any ATM, Opay doesn’t have this feature.


How much does Moniepoint charge for 5,000 naira?

Moniepoint transaction fees are most times fixed at 20 naira flat fees to all banks in Nigeria.

What is the daily limit of Moniepoint?

The max withdrawal limit from ATM shall be 100,000 naira subject to cash withdrawal of 20,000 naira cash withdrawal daily. The max amount via POS is 20,000 naira per day.

What is Moniepoint customer success?

The customer success representative is charged with the responsibility of building customers relationship that improves loyalty and reduces churn.

Is OTP required in Opay?

Of course. Opay requires clients to enter a one-time password (OTP) to confirm transactional transfers. Bill payments, Cable TV needs otp for verification.

How much can one earn with a POS business?

One can earn very much from a POS. However, before starting a POS business, investigate some factors like the Volume, Commission of the Fintech organization.


‘Opay vs Moniepoint: Which is best’ article has shown that even with some disparity they still have some matching similarities. You might wonder, how? Let’s look at the security aspect of the comparison. Both organizations possess a PICDSS compliance form that does not permit them to enter an agreement with an underage or with a fraudster. Also, Opay and Moniepoint have deposits in the hands of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Company. The NDIC protects deposits and makes sure customers get their funds when due.

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