Forgot My Carbon Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change And Recover Carbon Password And PIN


With the Carbon app and website, you can make changes to the features of your account. You can reset your password to a new one, or even completely change your password too. That’s not all, Carbon also allows its customers to recover their passwords and PINs when they cannot be accessed. In this article, you will be reading about how this can be done. This article will show you a step-by-step guide on how to reset, change, or recover your Carbon Password and PIN. Let’s begin!

How To Reset Carbon Password And PIN

Resetting your Carbon password and PIN is not stressful. It requires following simple steps. Let’s examine these steps:

Step 1. Go To The Login Page

To reset your Carbon password and PIN, you need to begin by going to the login page. When you open the app it should automatically take you to the login page. However, if you are already logged in, just tap the Logout button to land on the Login page.

Step 2. Tap On Forgot Password

After you have landed on the login page, the next step would be to tap on the Forgot Password button. This button is usually located beneath the email and password-provided spaces at the Login page. This is the starting point to begin resetting your Carbon password.

Step 3. Enter Your Details

In some cases, you might be asked to provide your username, email address, or phone number. Whichever detail you are asked to bring, enter them in the required fields to facilitate your Carbon password reset.

Step 4. Click On Reset Password

Immediately after you enter your details such as your phone number or email address, you will see a button labeled Reset Password. When you reset your password, click on it. You would then be transferred to a page where you would provide the OTP.

Step 5. Copy The OTP

When you tap the Reset Password button, you will be sent an OTP which should be typed into the Carbon app. When you get the OTP, paste it back into the field provided and tap Verify.

Step 6. Enter New Password

On your Carbon app, you would then be displayed a screen that allows you to enter a new password to your Carbon account. Be sure to enter a password that contains a combination of alphabets and figures to make a strong password.

So far, you’ve read about the steps involved in resetting your Carbon password and PIN. Do well to follow these steps as outlined to avoid making mistakes. Let’s now move to consider the procedures required to change your Carbon password and PIN.

How To Change Your Carbon Password And PIN

To change your Carbon password and PIN, follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1. Login To Your Carbon Account

Changing your Carbon password is quite different from resetting your password. Here, you would have to log in to your account, while when you reset, all operations would be done at the login page.

Step 2. Go To Account Settings

On your Carbon account, locate and click on the Account Settings in your dashboard. The New screen would enable you to make settings and changes to your Carbon account.

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Step 3. Click On Password Management

When you have clicked on the Carbon Account Settings, the next step would be to click on the Password Management option. This option allows you to make changes only to your password without affecting any other features of your Carbon account.

Step 4. Enter Old And New Password

The next step would be to enter your old and new password. By entering your old password, Carbon recognizes that the real owner of the account still holds control of the account. By inputting a new one, it means you no longer intend to use the old password again and would henceforth, continue with the new one.

Step 5. Click On Confirm

By tapping on the Confirm button, you agree to continue using your new password until further changes are done.


How can I reset my Carbon PIN?

To reset your Carbon PIN, you just need to tap on the Forgot PIN option on the Carbon app. When the new page opens, provide your information in the provided space and proceed to reset your Carbon PIN.

How do I find my Carbon account?

You can find your Carbon account by dialing the Carbon account number on any POS machine or ATM Card. When you dial it, instantly you would see your Carbon account details pop up.

What is the USSD code for Carbon?

To use the Carbon USSD code, dial *1303#. When you dial the code, you get access to all of Carbon’s services as if you were using the Carbon official app.

Why is my Carbon account locked?

Your Carbon account is locked because you may have conducted a suspicious transaction or your account may have been forcefully infringed.

Can I obtain a loan from Carbon?

It is possible to borrow a loan from the Carbon app. Aside from getting your loans, you could also carry out other transactions using the app.


This article has indeed been insightful. You’ve learned how to reset, change, and recover your Carbon account password. It is left to you to implement all you’ve learned to your Carbon account. If you’ve tried it, let’s hear your experience in the comments section below.

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