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Top 10 Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria 2023

Top 10 Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria 2023

Are some Instagram comedians richer than others in Nigeria? Yes, in this article we shall be talking about the top 10 richest Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria

Permit me to start from the 10th on the list to the 1st – in descending order. It is for no other reason, but to make you have a better reading time. Putting it in the order you are used to might make the reading quite bored to you. So are you eager to know the top one on the list?! Get started with the article.

10 Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria 2023

10. Billionaire Prince White

The tenth richest Instagram comedian in Nigeria goes to no other person but Billionaire Prince White, valuing his 2023 net worth in comparison with that of other online content creators in the country.

9. Taaooma

Although she was given birth in Nigeria, Taaooma was bred outside the country, in Namibia. She relocated to Nigeria when she was about 10 years old.

Apaokagi Maryam regarded as Taaooma is known for her exceptional acting skills; she does many characters alone in the skits.

8. SirBalo

Sirbalo| InstagramTimothy Obotuke professionally known as SirBalo is the eighth richest Instagram comedian in Nigeria especially known for his funny storylines.

The actor who was said to have started acting sometime in 2018 is the talk of the day, today.

7. Lasisi Elenu

Another great Comedian on our list is Lasisi Elenu, a very funny Nigerian content creator. He is the seventh richest Instagram comedian in Nigeria as of 2023.

The comic actor reportedly had his degree program in Kwara State, after which he continued to the University Of Agriculture in Illorin.

6. Brain Jotter

I trust you must have heard of Brain Jotter before. If not, then you should be new to the world of Nigerian Instagram comedians.

Chukwuemeka Amuzie whose stage name is Brain Jotter is though a fast-rising but rich Instagram Comedian.

Many content creators have come into the game over time, but among the most successful, is this young talented Nigerian, Brain Jotter.

5. NastyBlaq

Wow! One of the greatest of the all-time online content creators, NastyBlaq must not be forgotten when we talk about the top richest Instagram comedians in Nigeria. As of 2023, the short skits maker is said to be the fifth richest.

Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu professionally regarded as NastyBlaq is a prominent and talented comedian in Nigeria, who is consistent in making skits that engage his fans.

NastyBlaq came to the limelight in 2018 after releasing a skit he titled “My Woman.” Shortly after this time, he has become a top comedian in the country.

4. Sydney Talker

Sydney Talker| InstagramAnother significant figure in the online content-creating industry is Sydney Talker, coming immediately after Broda Shaggi in terms of possessions. He is one of the most successful Nigerian comedians.

The Edo State-born Nigerian, Sydney Talker is an actor, social media influencer, and skit maker known for his phenomenal content.

As gathered from sources, unlike a few other Nigerian Instagram comedians, Sydney Talker had completed his degree program before going into acting.

3. Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggy| InstagramNumber one fine boy Agbero, Melanin Pumpin, popularly known as Broda Shaggi is apparently the third on the list of the top 10 richest Instagram comedians in Nigeria. The actor is known for his dedication to skit-making. Broda Shaggi has with his consistency and awesome ideas in the industry, growing his fan base to a reasonably large number.

Samuel Animashaun Perry professionally known as Broda Shaggi was born and bred in Lagos State, Nigeria. He had started his acting career at a young age but started gaining recognition when he established a group, ‘The stage addicts,’ in UNILAG before his graduation in 2018.

“Oya hit me,” “Any question of the day?”, and a few others are the well-known catchphrases initiated by the comic skit maker. Broda Shaggi has a degree in Creative Arts, from UNILAG.

2. Mr Sabinus

Sabinus, who is fast becoming a man of the people when it comes to comedy videos on the internet, is the second on our list of the richest Instagram comedians. Mr. Sabinu, originally named Chuckwuemeka Ejekwu Emmanuel is a Nigerian Instagram comedian, Master of Ceremonies, and actor. Sabinus is a Nigerian Igbo man coming from Rivers State.

The online content creator is otherwise known as “Mumu Man” or “Mr Funny.”

Earlier this year, 2023, Mr. Sabinus was awarded the Best Online Content Creator award in AMVCA.

What is the source of Mr. Sabinus’ wealth? You might be wondering how Mr Sabinus who apparently met people like Broda Shaggi in the game became so rich within the twinkle of an eye.

Many are wondering if skit making alone is so lucrative that many skit makers are now regarded as millionaires. Well, in the case of Sabinus, we must admit that the comedian earns basically by streaming, performing in shows, and influencing brands. He is at the time, the brand ambassador of some sports betting companies, 1xbet and Naira bet inclusive.

The comedian reportedly has a degree in Linguistics and Communication Studies, as a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt. He was said to have discovered he is good at acting, back then in school, at UNIPORT.

Sources have claimed that Mr Funny sees Charles Inojie and Mr Ibu as his role models in the industry.

1. Mr Macaroni

Richest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria

MrMacaroni| InstagramFollowing recent analysis, the Nigerian comic skit maker, Mr Macaroni is the richest Instagram comedian in 2023. The actor and skit maker is one of the Instagram comedians with a large fan base on the internet.

Mr Macaroni who is originally known as Adebowale Adedayo, was born in Lagos State on May 3rd, 1993.

He is very well known for his catchphrases, “Ooin,” and “Freaky Freaky.” Sometimes people refer to him as Freaky Freaky Daddy for his frequent use of the word.

Mr Macaroni, of all Nigerian Instagram comedians, is known to have challenges in his education at the higher institution. He spent about nine years before completing his degree program. This is because the actor attended three different Universities including Afe Babalola University, before finally attaining a degree in Theater Arts at the Redeemer University in Nigeria.

He was said to have started acting when he was studying at the second university he attended. Hence, the actor left his first love, which was law, and studied theater arts.

Mr Macaroni is not just an Instagram comedian, but also a Nollywood actor. Today, he is said to be the richest Instagram comedian in Nigeria.

I hope you love our list of the top 10 richest Instagram comedians in Nigeria? If so, thanks for taking your time to read through. One more thing, don’t waffle to share the post with others on the internet. If your fav comedian is on the list above, feel free to drop a comment below.

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