Top 10 Online Loans With Weekly Or Monthly Payments In Nigeria 2023

In Nigeria, several loan apps offer you flexibility in choosing your repayment plan. That is, when you borrow a loan amount, you would be allowed to change your repayment duration and request to pay back either monthly or weekly. In this article, you will be reading about the loan apps in Nigeria that allow this and how they operate. Let’s get started.

1. Fairmoney

Fairmoney is a loan app that offers loan services to its customers. Using Fairmoney, you can get your account credited whether weekly or monthly, whenever you want it.

Fairmoney also offers juicy interest rates that can get you even wanting more. Using your Fairmoney account, you can request how you want your payment to be and it would be carried out.

2. Aella Credit

When it comes to offering loans of any amount and doing this on time, Aella Credit is the platform to call upon. With Aella Credit, whether you want your payment to be done monthly or weekly, it would be done.

The interest rate of Aella Credit is also modest. With Aella Credit, you can obtain loans and make payments before the stipulated date of the repayment. Using Aella Credit, many have used it to sort bills, manage their businesses, and do other important things.

3. Branch

Branch includes among the top apps that you can use to obtain loans faster and easier. With Branch, you could make a repayment schedule and have it done the way you want it to. This means that you can pay back your loan whether monthly or weekly.

Branch is trusted by millions in Nigeria and stands out for its amazing reputation in the loan industry. Branch helps its customers also have the freedom to pay back when they wish. With Branch, all your information is safe and you are guaranteed to be credited if all your information all correctly inputted.

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4. Quickcheck

Quickcheck is also another top loan app that allows customers to take loans and payback in weeks or months. With Quickcheck, you can be given weeks or months to repay your loan amount.

Quickcheck helps customers with financial solutions and allows the customer the liberty of paying back the loan seamlessly. Using Quickcheck, you can also get interest rates that are suitable to your pocket.

5. Renmoney

There’s hardly anyone who does not know of the Renmoney loan platform. Renmoney has built its brand to stand strong and reliable despite many obstacles. Along with many other online loan platforms mentioned in this article, Renmoney gives their customers weeks or months for repayment of loans.

As a customer, you can get loans within hours and be given an interest rate that would be suitable for you to pay back. When it comes to reliability, only a few apps beat the Renmoney platform.

6. Zedvance

Zedvance is another online loan app with weekly and monthly payments in Nigeria. When you take a loan from Zedvance, you would be given six months to eighteen months period to pay back. However, you can schedule this repayment plan weekly or monthly.

With Zedvance, you get a unique treatment as a customer. As a customer, you can adjust the repayment period to a suitable time and also get credited on time when you apply.

7. KiaKia

Just as the name implies, KiaKia loan platforms are known for their speed of operation and reliability when it comes to handling customers’ needs.

With the KiaKia loan platform, you can get loans very quickly and pay them back within weeks and months. This is depending on how you set the repayment schedule.

You can download the KiaKia loan app by checking it out on your app store. You can also check their website for more information concerning taking loans.

8. Migo

Migo is an online loan app that stands out for its reputation in the loan industry. It was formerly known as Kwikmoney but now goes by the brand name, Migo.

With Migo, you can get loans as high as N200,000 and payback within 12 months. Using Migo, you can schedule your repayment plan to monthly or weekly. This solely depends on when you would receive the money to pay back.

9. Quickcredit

As the name implies, Quickcredit does not joke with the speed of operation. With Quickcredit, you can get loans of any amount at any time and you would be responded. Another feature that makes Quickcredit stand out is its adjustable repayment schedule.

Using Quickcredit, you can get an interest rate that would be repayable without anything being left out.

10. Specta

Specta, despite its seemingly low profile in the loan industry, can get loans within hours after application. Using Specta, you can schedule your loan repayment to either weekly or monthly payments.

Specta is a loan app that is very good and very quick in operation. Specta offers a well-attainable interest rate that would be perfect for you.


Which is the most trusted loan app in Nigeria?

Some of the most used and trusted loan apps in Nigeria are Palmpay, Palmcredit, Fairmoney, Okash, Aella Credit, and Migo.

Which app can borrow me 150k in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can borrow 150,000 naira from loan apps such as Fairmoney, Palmpay, Carbon, Branch, Palmcredit, etc.

What is the easiest loan to get right now?

The easiest loan amount to get right now is 1,000 naira. You can get this loan amount by using any of these loan apps: Palmpay, Okash, Palmcredit, Migo, SnapCredit, Aella Credit, Branch, Carbon, etc.

Where to get instant loans online in Nigeria?

To get an instant loan online, you can use the Aella Credit, Palmpay, and Aella Credit app. They approve loan requests in minutes.

Is Aella Credit legit?

Aella Credit is a legitimate app to obtain loans and other loan services. They approve loan requests in just minutes after the request.


Isn’t it good to know that you can take loans and make payments either weekly or monthly? This would help you relieve the pressure that may come from paying back the full loan borrowed at a stipulated time. Well, this article has been helpful to you in this regard. So when next you want to borrow money and wish to make weekly payments, just choose one of the loan platforms that has been outlined in this article.

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