Jaiz Bank Loan: How To Apply, Jaiz Bank Loan Requirements, Jaiz Bank Loan USSD Code

To obtain a loan from Jaiz Bank, you would have to meet their requirements. This involves having a means of identification, a Bank Verification Number, and other important information. To apply, you just have to walk into the bank with this information and request a loan. Jaiz Bank would be willing to grant your loan application request. In this article, you will be reading a guide about how to get a loan from Jaiz Bank and other information regarding Jaiz Bank.

Jaiz Bank Loan Requirements

Before applying for a Jaiz Bank Loan, these documents are supposed to be available:

1. National Identity

To be eligible for the Jaiz Bank, you would need proof of citizenship. This is one of the documents that would be reviewed when you apply for a loan with Jaiz Bank. You can provide a National Identity document by using your National Identity Number, Driver’s License, or Voter’s Card.

2. Passport

You also need to have a passport to be eligible for the Jaiz Bank Loan. The passport should be clear and should show all the features of your face too. Without this, your chance of getting a loan may be low.

3. Utility Bills

A utility bill is also an important document in getting a loan from Jaiz Bank. The utility bill shows your address and as such is a very important document in getting a loan. The utility bill you present can be in the form of a light bill or water bill.

4. Bank Verification Number

With your Bank Verification Number, you stand a high chance of getting your loan request approved by Jaiz Bank. The Bank Verification Number shows your history and tells a lot about your credit score, which in turn plays a big part in obtaining loans.

In this article so far, you’ve read about the requirements needed to be met before your loan request is approved by Jaiz Bank. Let’s see the step-by-step process on how to get Jaiz Bank Loan successfully.

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How To Apply For Jaiz Bank

To apply for a Jaiz Bank Loan, follow these steps:

Step 1. Locate Jaiz Bank Near You

The first thing to do is to locate any Jaiz Bank branch near you. Any Jaiz Bank you see is eligible to receive your loan application. When you find a local Jaiz Bank branch near you, walk in there.

Step 2. Submit Your Documents

The next thing to do is to submit your loan documents. Review the subheading above and don’t miss having any of the documents. All requirements must be met before heading to the Jaiz Bank branch to submit your loan-required documents.

Step 3. Fill The Loan Application Form

The next thing to do is to fill out the loan application form. Provide the necessary information and details about yourself, employment, and income. Answers the questions that you may be asked correctly to stand a chance of getting your loan application granted.

Step 4. Wait

Your loan application would be reviewed and then you would be asked to remain patient. Exercise patience while the staff of Jaiz Bank go through your application. In time, you will be informed if your loan application is granted or not.

Jaiz Bank Loan USSD Code

To activate the Jaiz Bank Loan USSD Code, dial *773#. Follow the prompts that are displayed and proceed to activate the Jaiz Bank USSD code.

USSD Code To Check Balance On Jaiz Bank

To check your account balance via USSD, dial *773#. After you have dialed the code, follow the prompts that are displayed on your screen and select the Check Balance option.

USSD Code To Transfer On Jaiz Bank

To make a transfer transaction of funds to another bank, dial *773#. When you have dialed the code, follow the prompts that are shown to you and select the Transfer option.

USSD Code To Top Up Airtime On Jaiz Bank

To top up airtime on Jaiz Bank, dial *773* Amount#. After a moment, your network will be credited with the amount of airtime you purchased.

USSD Code To Retrieve BVN

To retrieve your BVN on Jaiz Bank, dial *565*0#. When you dial the code, you will be presented with options that will help you check out your BVN.


How do I activate the USSD code on JAIZ?

To activate the USSD code on Jaiz, dial *773# and then follow the prompts displayed to activate the USSD.

What is the full name of Jaiz Bank?

The full name of Jaiz Bank is Jaiz Bank PLC. The bank is eligible to carry out all banking services. They are licensed and approved for operations in Nigeria.

What is the USSD code for Jaiz’s bank loan?

The USSD code for the Jaiz Bank loan is *773#. After dialing and activating your Jaiz USSD account, you can proceed to take a bank loan.

How to get a loan from Jaiz Bank?

To get a loan from Jaiz Bank, meet these requirements:

NIN, Bank Statement, Utility Bill, etc.

Is Jaiz Bank legit?

Jaiz Bank is a legitimate platform for making financial transactions. You can also take interest-free loans from Jaiz Bank if you are interested in their loan offers.


When all of the requirements are met, you won’t experience any issues obtaining a loan from Jaiz Bank. All you have to do is to submit your required documents and wait for approval. That’s all. Have you gotten a loan from Jaiz Bank before? how would you rate their service? Write in the comments section below.


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