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Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, And Net Worth

Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, And Net Worth.

Lilin Baba is a famous Nigerian Hausa Musician And Kannywood Actor who has made name for himself due to his outstanding performance in the entertainment industry.

He is Popularly known by many as the husband of Ummi Rahab, one of the finest Kannywood Actresses In Nigeria.

Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, And Net Worth

Do you want to know more about Lilin Baba? In this post, you will get to know more about Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, And Net Worth

Lilin Baba Profile Summary

Real Name: Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas

Stage Name: Lilin Baba

Age: 29 years old

Date Of Birth: January 2, 1992

Origin: Gwoza, Borno State

Occupation: Actor, lyricist, musician, stage performer, and director

Language: Hausa

Relationship status: Married To Ummi Rahab

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $500,000

Biography of Lilin Baba

Lilin Baba, also known as Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas, is a renowned Kannywood actor, musician, songwriter, movie producer, and director in Nigeria.

The talented actor was born January 2nd 1992 in Borno State to Alhaji Ahmed Abbas and Binta Ahmed his mother.

Lilin finished his primary and high school education in Borno State, where he was raised.

He continued on to a higher education institution after completing his primary schooling, where he received a diploma for completing his program of study.

Lilin Baba began working in the Kannywood film industry in 2016 after finishing all of his education.

He debuted in a Kannywood film titled “Hauwa Kulu”, co-starring renowned actors from the genre.

The Kannywood Actor enter the Hausa entertainment industry because of his exceptional performance in every movies.

Lilin Baba rose to fame in 2021 after directing a blockbuster film “WUFF,” which featured Ummi Rahab, Ali Nuhu, Sani Musa Danja, Lilin Baba, and other performers.

Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, And Net Worth

Since then, he has become one of the most popular Hausa Celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Lilin Baba is not only a talented actor but also one of Kannywood’s top Hausa musicians. He has a beautiful voice and is a superb songwriter.

At the City People Entertainment Awards in 2018, he was chosen as Arewa’s Most Promising Music Act of the Year. At the City People Entertainment Awards in 2019, He finally received the Arewa Best RnB Music Act of the Year award.

Lilin Baba Age

Lilin Baba is 29 years old right now.

Lilin Baba Songs

  • Rabin Raina
  • Rigar so
  • Yarinya
  • Korona
  • Xee
  • Tsaya
  • Rigar So
  • Abaya
  • Rigar So
  • Dan Dama
  • Ahaiye
  • Surri
  • Gimbiya
  • Sauti
  • Indadadi
  • Dabbing
  • Dama Dama
  • And others

Lilin Baba Wife

He is currently married to Ummi Rahab. The two Kannywood Actors got married in Kano State after years of true love.

Lilin Baba Cars

With over 3 luxurious cars in his garage, Lilin Baba is among the top actors in Kannywood with expensive cars.

Lilin Baba Net Worth

As of 2022, Lilin Baba’s net worth was estimated to be at $500,000. He currently ranks among the wealthiest Kannywood Actors In Nigeria.

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