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Naziru Sarkin Waka Net Worth And Biography In 2023

Naziru Sarkin Waka Net Worth And Biography In 2023.

Naziru Sarkin Waka is a Nigerian Hausa musician from the Kannywood industry with an estimated net worth of N150 Million Naira as of 2023.

The Hausa musician is currently one of the most richest Hausa celebrities in Nigeria. In this post, Infoblog will be sharing with you Naziru Sarkin Waka Net Worth And Biography In 2023.

Naziru Sarkin Waka Net Worth And Biography In 2022

Naziru Sarkin Waka Profile

Full Name: Naziru Muhammad Ahmad

Stage Name: Sarkin Waka/Alan Waka

Age: 36 Years Old

Year Of Birth: September 4 1986

Origin: Kano State

Tribe: Hausa Language

Nationality: Nigeria

Relationship Status: Married With 4 Kids

Net Worth: N150 Million.

Who Is Naziru Sarkin Waka?

Naziru Sarkin Waka is a famous Nigerian Hausa Musician, Songwriter, Actor, from the Kannywood industry.

Naziru Sarkin Waka Biography

He was born on the 17th Of April 1985 in Kano State. The songwriter grew up in an extended family as the first child of his Father, Alhaji Muhammad.

Growing up in Kano State, Naziru completed his primary and secondary School education before proceeding further to attain his HND in islamics.


Sarkin Waka started his career as a musician in 2000 when there was only few Music studios in the state. He rose to stardom following the release of his single titled “Sabon Sarki” this Song won him awards and titles in Nigeria and Kano State.

In 2018, he was ordained as Sarkin Waka (King Of Music) by the former Emir of Kano State, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Naziru Sarkin Waka Age

According to his date of birth, the real age of Naziru Sarkin Waka is 36 Year Old.

Naziru Sarkin Waka Songs

Since starting his music career in 2000, Naziru has so far dropped more than 200 Songs to his name, below are some of his notable Music.

  • Musa Jidda
  • Lamido
  • Sabon Sarki
  • Sunusi Lamido
  • Mati Da Lado
  • Mata Kudau Turame
  • Dallatun Zazzau
  • Matar Jami’a
  • Jarman Wudil
  • Ado Bayero
  • Wani Gari
  • Yata Fadimatu
  • Ahmad Musa
  • Dan Giya
  • Gangar Jikinta Na Aura
  • Sardaunan Samaru
  • Wani Gari
  • Sunusi Na Biyu
  • Hanyar Kano
  • Mai Abu Bakwai
  • Ba Mutum Bane
  • Sultan Biyamin Sarkin Das
  • Ghazali Maitama and Farida Chanchangi
  • Sardaunan Gora
  • Umaru Ahmad and Hadiza Abdallah
  • Kanin Muji
  • I Love U Forever and Ever Soyayya5
  • Umar Turawa
  • Abdulhalim
  • Murnar Sabon Sarki
  • Na’iman Da’iman
  • Usman Zannuraini Musa Jidda
  • Muhammad Rahman
  • Kuliyan Zazzau and others.

Naziru Sarkin Waka Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Naziru Sarkin Waka is about 150 Million Naira. He is regarded as the most richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria.

Who is the richest between Naziru Sarkin Waka and Rarara?

Rarara And Naziru Sarkin Waka are both Hausa musicians in Nigeria but Naziru Sarkin Waka is the richest with a net worth of 150 Million.

Who is the richest in hausa film?

Adam A Zango, Ali Nuhu, Naziru Sarkin Waka and Sani Musa Danja are the richest in Hausa Film.

Who is the most famous Hausa actor?

The most famous Hausa actor in Nigeria is Ali Nuhu followed by Adam A Zango, Yakuba Mohammad, Sadiq Sani Sadiq And others.

Is Naziru Sarkin Waka alive?

Yes, Naziru Sarkin Waka is Alive.


Naziru Sarkin Waka is such an amazing songwriter with great talents when it comes to Music, Asides music, he is a renowned businessman and one of the top actors in Kannywood. The Songwriter is known for his flamboyant lifestyle on social media, he also has one of the most beautiful house in Kano State.

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