How To Withdraw Money From Piggyvest SafeLock Before Due Date


Piggyvest SafeLock is a feature that allows you to save money and prevents you from withdrawing it until you reach the deadline. It can be sometimes frustrating when you try to get your money out of your account without getting to the stipulated time. However, in this article, you will be reading a solution to this. This article will be focused on how to withdraw money from Piggyvest SafeLock before due date. Let’s get into it.

How To Withdraw Money From Piggyvest SafeLock Before Due Date

To withdraw money from your Piggyvest SafeLock is not as stressful as it seems. You can do this by following simple steps. Here they are:

Step 1. Go To The Piggyvest App

On your smartphone, locate the Piggyvest app and tap on it. The app has a giant “P” as its display logo. So, when you find it, tap on it. However, if you don’t use the app, you can use the Piggyvest website to log in and make transactions too. So, open your browser and go to the Piggyvest website.

Step 2. Go To Profile

On your Piggyvest app or the website, navigate to the Profile section of the Piggyvest platform. Whether you use the app or website, the profile option is accessible to you and you can use it either way.

Step 3. Click On SafeLock

On your Profile, you will see a tab labeled SafeLock. When you see it, click on it.

Step 4. Enter Your Email Address

You will be asked to input your email address at this stage. So, input your email address into the provided space. When you do this, be sure to enter the email address that is linked to your Piggyvest account. Failure to do that, would amount to an unexpected reply or denied entry.

Step 5. Choose Your SafeLock Plan

On your Piggyvest account, select a SafeLock plan that allows you to enjoy early withdrawal. Check out the SafeLock plan available that allows you to withdraw at a period that would be convenient for you rather than one where you would find it difficult to access your funds.

Step 6. Select Early Termination

On your SafeLock plan, you will see an option that allows you to terminate your SafeLock plan. With this SafeLock plan, you should be allowed to terminate your SafeLock account when you wish. Without this, it would be difficult to make withdrawals on your Piggyvest.

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Step 7. Accept Penalty

If there’s any penalty that would be incurred as a result of the termination of your SafeLock plan, Piggyvest will inform you. When you click on confirm, then Penalty fees and information regarding it will be provided to you.

Step 8. Make Withdrawals

On your SafeLock, you would be allowed to make withdrawals after you have been informed of the penalty. So, the funds you have remaining would be allowed to your bank at this stage. You would be given instructions on how to go about making withdrawals to your account. Follow this instructions carefully and begin the process.

So far, you have read the steps on how to successfully make transactions on your Piggyvest SafeLock account before the due date. Now, let’s check out some steps to reset your SafeLock PIN.

How To Reset Your Piggyvest SafeLock PIN

In the process of trying to get access to your SafeLock account, you may find it difficult to access your account because you may have forgotten your PIN. When this happens, here are steps to take.

Step 1. Reset SafeLock PIN

When you have been locked out of your account, you will see an option labeled, Reset SafeLock PIN. When you locate this option, click on Reset SafeLock PIN. After that, wait for the new screen to load out.

Step 2. Enter Your Email Address

When you have tapped on the Reset SafeLock PIN, you will see a space that allows you to enter your email address. Input your email address in the provided space, and wait for a new response.

Step 3. Check Your Email

A new response will be sent to your email address. It would contain a link that allows you to reset your SafeLock account. When you get this link, click on it. After that, follow the instructions that it gives you.


How do you break the Safelock on PiggyVest?

To break your SafeLock on Piggyvest, go to your profile on your Piggyvest app. Then, click on SafeLock and enter your email address. After that, select Early Termination and proceed to read the instructions for successful withdrawal.

Can I break my locked target on PiggyVest?

You cannot break your locked target on PiggyVest. According to Piggyvest, it is not possible to break your locked target on Piggyvest

How can I change my withdrawal date on PiggyVest?

To change your withdrawal date on Piggyvest, go to Savings. After that, tap on Piggybank then proceed to Settings. Then, click on Set Withdrawal Day and tap on Set My Withdrawal Day. When you follow these procedures, you will be able to change the withdrawal date to your Savings.

What is the meaning of safelock in PiggyVest?

SafeLock in Piggyvest means that you would not be able to have access to your funds until it gets to the maturity date that was set. It is advised that you use this feature if you intend to set a target time to set your funds.

The disadvantage of using Piggyvest SafeLock?

The disadvantage of using Piggyvest SafeLock is that you would not be able to withdraw your funds until the target date is reached.


There you have it. You have been able to read the steps to get your Piggyvest SafeLock funds before the due date. All you need to do is to choose your plan and terminate your SafeLock account. However, it should be emphasized that penalty fees may be incurred at this price. Whatever the case, you have gotten access to your money and that’s important.

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