Piggyvest Login With Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

When it comes to reliability that comes with saving your money, Piggyvest is the number one platform to go for that guarantees that. When you create a Piggyvest account, you can log in at any time using any method of your choice. In today’s article, you are going to be reading about how you can log in on Piggyvest using email, phone number, or the website. You wouldn’t want to miss this. Let’s get started already!

Piggyvest Login With Phone Number

In this section, you will be getting to know how to log in to your Piggyvest account with just your phone number. Let’s get started with the steps already:

Step 1. Download The Piggyvest Mobile App

The first step needed to log in to Piggyvest on mobile is to download the app on your smartphone.

All that is needed here is to go to your app store (Android or Apple store) and search for the keyword “Piggyvest”. After you’ve searched it, the first app that appears on your screen should be the real Piggyvest app. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, then you apply the next step which can be found in step 2.

Step 2. Tap “Login” Button

After you’ve successfully installed the Piggyvest application, the next step is to open it. Of course, to successfully log in, you would need to be an existing customer with Piggyvest. However, if you do not have an idea of how to open a Piggyvest account, you can click here for the steps to go about that.

Back to our subject, after you’ve opened it, the next step is to tap the “Login With Phone Number” button. After you’ve done that, you would need to be asked to fill in some details.

Step 3. Enter Your Correct Phone Number

After you’ve successfully tapped the “Login With Phone Number” button, the next step is to fill in your phone number in the provided space. When entering your phone number, do well to enter the correct digits that make up your phone number.

The phone number you decide to use should be the one you used in creating the account. The reason for this is that after you’ve entered the phone number, a One one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you.

Step 4. Paste The OTP In The Provided Space

As mentioned in the preceding step, an OTP will be sent to you. This OTP will be sent to you via text message. In this regard, you want to make sure your phone number is eligible to receive alerts and that you have sufficient balance left in your line. This is because in some cases, you may be charged for the text message that would be sent to your line.

So, in the provided space, fill in the OTP that will be sent to you as quickly as possible.

Step 5. Successful Entry

After you’ve entered the OTP that would be sent to you, you will be automatically logged in to your account where you can start making transactions at your will.

At this point, you’ve been able to read the steps involved in logging in to your Piggyvest account through your phone number. Let’s check out yet another method through which you can access your Piggyvest account.

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Piggyvest Login With Email Address

Logging in with an email address is supported on Piggyvest. With your Piggyvest email address, you can log into Piggyvest in real-time. Let’s see the steps involved:

Step 1. Go To The Piggyvest Website

On your browser, go to the PiggyVest website ( It would lead you automatically to the PiggyVest website.

Step 2. Choose Email Login

On the screen that would be displayed, you would be presented with two options to log in. The two options would be to either log in with your phone number or with your email. Select the email address log to be able to use your email to log in.

Step 3. Click Log In

After you’ve successfully entered your correct email address, tap on the login. Once you’ve clicked on it, you will be immediately granted access to your email address.

Piggyvest Login With Online Portal

You can get access to information regarding Piggyvest’s latest features and packages through the Piggyvest online portal. If your smartphone is not compatible with the app version, you can leverage it on the Piggyvest online portal. The Piggyvest online portal is

Piggyvest Login With Website

Piggyvest also has an active website platform where customers can get up to speed with all the latest services and new packages available as a Piggyvest customer. The Piggyvest website is

Can’t Access Your Piggyvest Account? Check These Things

Even after following the procedures listed above, one may still find it difficult to access his Piggyvest account. When these happen it is usually as a result of factors such as:


The bad network may cause an internet connection or may prevent the verification code from arriving on time. As a result, this can cause delayed access to one account.

Incorrect Phone Number

Sometimes, an incorrectly written phone number can be the cause of your inability to log in to your account number. In other cases, a wrong number can be another cause of not being allowed to access your account. To avoid this, write out the phone number correctly on a piece of paper before starting the login process.

Wrong OTP

If you cram OTP a lot, you might end up mixing up the code and at the end of the day write a wrong OTP code in the space provided. The best thing to do in this case is to copy and paste the OTP as received to avoid this.


Can PiggyVest send OTP to my email?

Yes. If you want, Piggyvest may send the OTP to your email. However, you can also get the OTP via text message.

How do I log into PiggyVest by email?

Go to the Piggyvest website and tap on the Login button. Once you’re there, fill out your email address to log in.

Does PiggyVest have a website?

Piggyvest’s website is On the website, you can get answers to several questions asked by other customers about the platform and also get up to speed with the latest information about Piggyvest.

How do I check my account number on PiggyVest?

Once you are logged in, tap on the Flex Wallet dashboard on your account. There, you will see your Piggyvest account details.

Is PiggyVest secure?

Piggyvest is a secure app to save money for the short and long term. They have plans that would suit your needs as an investor.


In this article, you’ve been able to see that along with security, accessibility of your funds is also guaranteed when it comes to Piggyvest. Feel free to utilize any of these steps to access your Piggyvest account.

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