How To Set SMS Alert On Moniepoint

Many people today find it difficult to monitor the progress of their accounts. Also, it seems like a cumbersome task to control the SMS message from Moniepoint. In contrast, many crave to receive text such as credit/debit alert text, app update text, and so on. You can easily turn on the SMS alert feature if you are using Moniepoint. Moniepoint has provided a way where clients can do this with ease. This article explains in detail the process of getting an SMS alert on Moniepoint. Before we begin, why should you choose Moniepoint in the first place?

Why choose Moniepoint?

Moniepoint is a bank that has several offices all around Nigeria. It has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. With Moniepoint you can perform transactions such as receiving and sending funds, purchasing data and airtime, and paying for recurrent bills such as cable TV and others. Moniepoint is very convenient and rapid. You can easily download the app on Google Playstore and iOS store.

Reasons why people choose the SMS alert on Moniepoint

Here are the reasons people choose to set up Moniepoint SMS Alert

Immediate Update

This is one of the important reasons why people opt to choose the SMS alert on Moniepoint. Moniepoint can allow users to get updated regarding features or debit/credit alerts. Also, this benefit means that you can stay in the comfort of your room to receive information as though you were in the bank.

For SMS alerts though, do well to input your phone number in the Moniepoint platform. This platform would allow you to check important information coming to your phone.

Fraud Prevention

The next benefit is that it prevents fraud to its barest minimum. This is one of the key functions of the Moniepoint app. You can keep a tab with the latest happening in your account. Your account cannot be easily mishandled because you have all the information it requires. The most important part of this benefit is that you can identify any suspicious activity going on. Also, if you activate the 2 Factor Authentication, you can even get notified when someone tries to access your account.

Customer support

This is another legitimate reason why people try to input the SMS alert notification on Moniepoint. When you constantly receive SMS alerts you get to know what went wrong in your account easily. You can do well to contact customer care when a guy faces any problem logging in or receiving a debit or credit alert. Additionally, you can also seek assistance from customer care whenever you face trivial issues.

Account Management

You can easily manage your Moniepoint alert when you activate the SMS alert feature. This benefit helps you keep check of current activities. Moniepoint also allows you to know if someone has entered your account from a strange location. Additionally, it is also pertinent to note that you can get the Moniepoint support center to help you activate the SMS alert feature on your mobile

How to set SMS alert on Moniepoint

You can set sms alert on Moniepoint by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Moniepoint Account

The first step is to sign in midpoint account. When you sign in to your Moniepoint account, you have the opportunity of navigating the account effectively. You can also prompt the app to carry out certain actions. One such action is receiving notifications. You can receive a notification to your Moniepoint account. Additionally, you can stop notifications too. All these can be done only when you sign in.

It is pertinent to note that the Moniepoint login can be done in several ways. You can easily input your password and email through the Moniepoint web address, online portal, or better still through the app.

Step 2: Click Settings

The next phase of the activity requires you to input your settings. This Settings option is helpful in many ways. You can easily get to access your balance, report issues, and see the history of your transactions there. Most importantly, you can easily set SMS alerts on Moniepoint. Moniepoint allows you to input some prompts such as setting an SMS alert.

Step 3: Tap on Notification

Notification is a tab that allows you to get instant reviews or information about something. SMS and email alerts are part of the notification. Notification using SMS alerts can be done with Moniepoint. How? When you successfully log in with the Moniepoint app or web address you can start this journey. After which you navigate to the settings. This setting would help you navigate and instruct the platform on what to do and what not.

With Notifications, you can easily get to edit your notification preferences. These notification preferences may include SMS alerts. For the SMS alert feature, you can toggle it to your favor. This would allow notifications to pop in your mobile device anytime you feel like.


What is the new name of Moniepoint?

TeamApt Inc. is now Moniepoint Inc. The name has been changed since 2015.

Can I save on Moniepoint?

Of course. You are allowed to save on Moniepoint. This feature allows you to deposit money and automatic transfer. You can use this medium to generate interest on your savings

Does Moniepoint have an app?

The Moniepoint Personal App is a platform that has a mobile app. With this app, you can get access to your funds in a very convenient way

What is an audio POS?

It is a POS feature that uses audio and sounds to encapsulate the attention of listeners

How do I set up my Moniepoint POS sound?

Step 1: On the homepage, Click the ‘More’ option.

Step 2: Click on ‘Admin’ and enter your terminal PIN (5 digits password).

Step 3: Select ‘Update device sound duration’ and choose a preferred sound level and save.


Notification is an essential part of security. Apart from the digital use of notifications, it is effective in your environment too. Whenever you hear the thunder sound, you know rain is about to fall. When you listen to your dog bark, you can tell there is an intruder in your house. Similarly, SMS alerts play the same function. They report the happening in your account. So, do well to make sure you activate the Moniepoint SMS alert feature to enjoy this benefit and more!

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