Airtel Smartcash POS Charges, Customer Care Number, machine price: How To Get Airtel Smartcash POS

Airtel Smartcash is an innovation by Airtel made to provide financial solutions to customers all over Nigeria. The features and mode of operation of Airtel Smartcash make it stand out from other digital platforms in Nigeria. In this article, you will be reading steps on how to get Airtel Smartcash POS, requirements, and how to contact Airtel Smartcash customer care. This article promises to be insightful, let’s begin!

How does Airtel Smartcash Work?

Airtel Smartcash is a mobile money service that provides digital financial solutions to customers all over Nigeria. With Airtel Smartcash POS, the user can make operations such as transactional transfers and receiving of funds, bill payments, airtime recharge, and others. Airtel Smartcash POS can be gotten by walking to any Airtel Smartcash office near you.

How to get an Airtel Smartcash POS Machine

To get Airtel Smartcash POS you need to fulfill certain requirements. For example, you need to be above 18 years of age. Also, you must be Nigerian and you must own a smartphone.

Additionally, you would need to fulfill some KYC requirements. For example.

1. A valid identity card.

This can be a National Identity card, Drivers License, International Passport, and others.

2. Utility Bill.

This can be any of the following: Electricity Bill, Waste Bill, Land use charge, or Tenancy Agreement.

3. An account number.

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How To Get Airtel Smartcash POS

Step 1. Dial The Airtel Smartcash Code

the first step to getting an Airtel Smartcash POS is to dial the Airtel Smartcash Code. If you have not done so before, dial 903 and input the needed information on what is displayed to you. In this step, information such as your gender, account number, and other details will be dialed to you. After entering your information, follow the next step.

Step 2. Visit Airtel Store

When you have completed step 1, the next thing to do is to visit the nearest store. If you can’t find an Airtel store close to you, you can visit any Airtel Smartcash POS agent close to you. Be sure to go along with a valid means of identification to ensure that you don’t waste any time. When you get there, you will be asked to fill out an application form to obtain your POS. Input your information correctly in the form.

Step 3. Pay Application Fee

You would then be asked to pay an application fee of N10,000. This fee is important to ensure that you obtain your POS.

Step 4. Get Your POS

After paying the application fee, your Airtel Smartcash POS will then be handed to you. With this POS, you can start performing transactions of all kinds. You would also be open to features that are unavailable in other POS machines too.

Airtel Smartcash POS Price

Airtel Smartcash cares for their agents so much. Regardless of this, the same amount is charged by all Airtel Smartcash POS machines in Nigeria. The price of the Airtel Smartcash POS machine is N10,000. It is an application fee attached to the POS, once you pay for that, you will be handed the POS machine.

Airtel Smartcash POS Charges in Nigeria

As stated earlier, Airtel Smartcash POS charges in Nigeria are quite cheaper than any other POS charge in Nigeria. Yes, this is true. Airtel Smartcash POS machine is one of the best in Nigeria. Airtel Smartcash POS machine charges are based on the activities carried out by the user. Many times, the customer transaction determines the charges that would accrue to him.

For withdrawals of money of amount ranging from N1 – N20,000 Airtel Smartcash charges a rate of N5.

For money transactions of more than N20,000 Airtel Smartcash charges a rate of N100.

For money transfers, Airtel Smartcash charges a flat rate of N15 for transfers.

How To Contact Airtel Smartcash Customer Care

To reach out to Airtel Smartcash customer care, use the following methods:

1. Dial The Code

To solve any issues regarding Airtel Smartcash customer care, dial **121** or **198**. With this code, you can get access to solutions to your Airtel Smartcash problem and have your inquiries resolved.

2. Download The App

Another method of contacting Airtel Smartcash is by downloading the app. The Airtel Thanks App connects you with a qualified customer care representative who would be able to resolve any problem you may have.


How much does the Airtel POS machine cost?

The Airtel POS machine costs only N10,000. This is usually the application fee paid before obtaining the Airtel Smartcash POS machine.

How to activate smartcash on Airtel?

To activate Smartcash on Airtel, download the Airtel Thanks App to activate Smartcash on Airtel. Using USSD, you can equally dial *939# to get started.

 What is Airtel Smartcash all about?

Airtel Smartcash is a platform that is made to provide digital financial solutions to you. With it, you can make transfers, bill payments, and other transactions quickly and fast.

Is Airtel Smartcash legit?

Airtel Smartcash is a legitimate platform where you can make transactions and perform other operations on it.

What are the requirements to get Airtel Smartcash?

A valid identity and an account number are the basic things to have handy when creating an Airtel Smartcash account.


Airtel Smartcash POS is one of the easiest POS machines to get. With just an N10000 application fee, the POS machine could be yours. Along with that, you can enjoy juicy rates that would help you benefit from it.

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