EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Email And Office Address

EasyBuy is one of Nigeria’s top platforms that helps customers purchase smartphones and other electronics for free and then pay later. With EasyBuy, you can get that phone you admire and pay later (via installments or otherwise). In recent times though, some have complained of not having access to EasyBuy customer care. In this article, we would be checking out various ways you can reach EasyBuy. You would read about EasyBuy’s customer care phone number, Whatsapp, email, and office address. Without wasting much time, let’s get right into it.

Easybuy Customer Care Phone Number

EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number is 0809333078. With this phone number, you can make inquiries about the platform and the latest packages it offers.

Easybuy Customer Care Whatsapp Number

To get in touch with EasyBuy on WhatsApp, you are expected to dial and save this number: +2347043257113. When you message this number, you get a fast response to your query and a solution is given to your problem immediately.

Sometimes, due to the large amount of Whatsapp messages received by this number in an hour, you may get a delayed response. So, you are encouraged to wait for some time for a response.

EasyBuy Email Address

EasyBuy customer email address is You can use this email to make a complaint or also make an inquiry regarding their services.

Note that when you compose an email and send it to this address, your questions and inquiries would be answered. It is best that when you compose your email, use the correct English language that can be understood. This is to make sure that you get a perfect response to your query.

To write a well-accepted email address to EasyBuy Customer Care, you can use this format below:


Subject: The Heading (Title)

Body: ‘The purpose of this email is to….’


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Easybuy Contact Address

EasyBuy offices are scattered all over Nigeria. However, if you live in Lagos, you can find your way to Tinuade St, Allen, Lagos State.

Here, you can see how EasyBuy operation is carried out. You can even resolve any issue you may have regarding EasyBuy service there.

Benefits Of EasyBuy Customer Care Service

They are many benefits of the EasyBuy customer care service. Let’s examine some of them:

1. Get the Correct Information

Rather than reading false information online about EasyBuy operations, through EasyBuy customer service, you can get the correct information regarding purchasing a device via EasyBuy, terms and conditions, and so on.

2. Help In Resolving Problems

The EasyBuy customer service is also capable of rendering solutions to your query. They help you by giving you recommended tips to overcome regarding purchasing a device via the platform.


Can I buy phones via EasyBuy?

You can buy smartphones for EasyBuy and pay later. With EasyBuy, you can get any smartphone of your choice and pay at a designated time.

Is EasyBuy legit?

Easybuy is a legitimate platform that aids the purchase of smartphones and other electronics. You do not have to worry about scams when you use EasyBuy.

How long do I have to wait to receive my smartphone?

You don’t have to wait for a long time. Once you’ve finished the documentation, you would be handed the smartphone immediately.

How to contact EasyBuy?

You can contact EasyBuy through their email or phone number.

Is EasyBuy compatible with Tecno?

Any kind of phone can be purchased through EasyBuy. Whether it is Tecno, Samsung, etc.


EasyBuy has helped many Nigerians especially those who have been victims of robberies where their mobile phones were stolen. Well, in this article, you have seen the various means of how to contact EasyBuy customer care services and their functions. Why not contact them today and inform them of your intention to use their services?

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