How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your Easemoni Account Easily

Are you tired of getting loans on Easemoni? If you’re in these shoes, then you may be considering closing your account, but you may not know how. Then, you are just at the right place. Today, you will be reading recommended steps on how to close, delete, or deactivate your Easemoni account easily. You would also see other reasons why many may want to deactivate their Easemoni loan account. Let’s begin.

How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your Easemoni Account Easily

This section will be centered on outlining the procedures required to successfully close your Easemoni account. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Transfer Your Funds Out

The first step to follow on how to close, delete, or deactivate your Easemoni account is to begin by removing all the available funds in your Easemoni account. You can transfer the funds to your other account. If you close your account with funds inside, Easemoni reserves the right to retain the funds and may not release the funds to you. Well, you may decide to keep it if it is below the minimum transferrable fund.

Step 2. Clear Your Loan Debt

If you are still yet to repay the loan you borrowed, you may not be allowed to close your Easemoni account. The reason for this is that when all checks on your account are done and you are found to still be owing, you won’t be successful in closing up your account. So, as important as you take clearing your funds off your Easemoni account, do likewise to clear your debt.

Step 3. Go To Email

To begin deactivating your Renmoney account, you would have to go to your email. This is because email is one of the fastest ways to reach Easemoni customer service. When you are in your email, type the Easemoni customer service email ( in the space provided after the “To” label.

Step 4. Enter Subject And Compose Text

After you have entered the Easemoni email address in the space provided, next, you need to input your Subject. The Subject can be “Request To Close My Easemoni Account” or “Application For Closure Of Easemoni Account”. If you have any other suitable Subject, you could use that too.

In the composing of your email, you need to clearly state your desire to delete your Easemoni account. Also, your full name, and registered Fair Money phone number and email address should be mentioned too. If you wish, you may also tell the reason why you decided to close down the account. Here’s a sample:


Subject: Application For Easemoni Account Closure

Dear Easemoni,

I hereby wish to apply for the closure of my Easemoni account. The reason for this is that..”

Step 5. Wait For A Reply

After you have made sure your email has been successfully sent, the next thing to do is to wait for a reply. The reply from Easemoni would tell you the instructions to follow to assist in the closure of your account. It may also be a confirmation email telling you that your request for closure would be worked on and how long it would take.


Step 6. Follow The Process

When you have waited for some time and see no effect being made, that’s where this step comes in. You could go ahead to contact the other customer service channels of Easemoni to declare your intention of closing your account or tell them to help see the progress made so far as regards closing or deleting your account. If you don’t have the Easemoni customer service phone numbers saved on your device, you can get that information here.

In this article so far, you have seen the steps involved in closing down your Easemoni account. It just involves clearing your debt and dropping a text or email about it. Have you ever wondered why many may choose to close down their Easemoni account? The next subheading discusses that.

Reasons For Closing Easemoni Account

Below are several reasons why may may wish to deactivate your Easemoni loan account.

1. Financial Stability

When a person who once used Easemoni for loans decides to close his account, one of the reasons may be because he has become financially stable. The reason why many go to Easemoni is because they need help in raising funds. So, when a person becomes financially stable, he may decide to delete his account on Easemoni. Thiises This is the top reason why many may decide to deactivate their Easemoni account after using the platform in the past.

2. Better Alternatives

In Nigeria, many loan apps may have better offerings than Easemoni. So, one may be tempted to choose these over Easemoni and decide to delete his Easemoni account. This is a major reason why many choose to delete their Easemoni account.


How do I remove personal information from my loan app?

To remove your personal information from any loan app, first, you log in to the loan app. Then, search and tap on the Settings tab. After that, look for the options that allow you to delete your data on the loan app and click on it.

 Can the loan app access my contacts if uninstalled?

Loan apps can access your contact list. To avoid this, go the the app notification and settings and deny the app access to get information about your contact list.

How do I stop Easemoni from accessing my bank account?

To stop Easemoni from accessing your bank account, write to your bank asking them to deny access to anybody who may try to access your account.

How can I pay back my EaseMoni loan?

To pay back your Easemoni loan, first, log in to your Easemoni app. After that, an option labeled Repay will be displayed to you. Tap that option and follow the instructions on how to pay back your loan.

How much can I get on Easemoni?

With Easemoni, you can get up to 500,000 naira. With this money, you can pay fees, sort bills, and scale up your business.


Closing your Easemoni account is quite easy as you’ve seen in this article. All you need is to write a well-drafted email text to the customer service email address of Easemoni. When that is done, you will be on your way to closing your account. Other steps have been outlined in this article, you may want to check them out.

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