How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your 1xbet Account Easily


When mentioning betting platforms that offer opportunities for users to earn, then 1xbet should be included. With 1xbet, you could bet on almost every sport and game that exists. This may be enjoyable for some people while for others the uncertainty of earning might be a problem. So, as a result, they may take steps to close their 1xbet account but may not know how. Worry no more, as this article would be dwelling on that. In this article, you will read steps on how to close, delete, or deactivate your 1xbet betting account easily. Without wasting much time, let’s get into it.

How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your 1xbet Account Easily

This section will be focused on outlining the step-by-step guidelines to successfully close your 1xbet account. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Transfer Your Funds Out

The first step to follow on how to close, delete, or deactivate your 1xbet account is to begin by removing all the available funds in your 1xbet account. You can transfer the funds to your other account. If you close your account with funds inside, 1xbet reserves the right to retain the funds and may not release the funds to you. Well, you may decide to keep it if it is below the minimum transferrable fund.

Step 2. Go To Email

To begin deactivating your Renmoney account, you would have to go to your email. This is because email is one of the fastest ways to reach 1xbet customer service. When you are in your email, type the 1xbet customer service email ( in the space provided after the “To” label.

Step 3. Enter Subject And Compose Text

After you have entered the 1xbet email address in the space provided, next, you need to input your Subject. The Subject can be “Request To Close My 1xbet Account” or “Application For Closure Of 1xbet Account”. If you have any other suitable Subject, you could use that too.

In the composing of your email, you need to clearly state your desire to delete your 1xbet account. Also, your full name, and registered Fair Money phone number and email address should be mentioned. If you wish, you may also tell the reason why you decided to close down the account. Here’s a sample:


Subject: Application For 1xbet Account Closure

Dear 1xbet,

I hereby wish to apply for the closure of my 1xbet account. The reason for this is that..”

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Step 5. Wait For A Response

After you have made sure your email has been successfully sent, the next thing to do is to wait for a reply. The reply from 1xbet would tell you the instructions to follow to assist in the closure of your account. It may also be a confirmation email telling you that your request for closure would be worked on and how long it would take.

Step 6. Follow Up The Process

When you have waited for some time and see no effect being made, that’s where this step comes in. You could go ahead to contact the other customer service channels of 1xbet to declare your intention of closing your account or tell them to help see the progress made so far as regards closing or deleting your account. If you don’t have the 1xbet customer service phone numbers saved on your device, you can get that information here.

In this article so far, you have seen the steps involved in closing down your 1xbet account. It just involves clearing your debt and dropping a text or email about it. Have you ever wondered why many may choose to close down their 1xbet account? The next subheading discusses that.

Reasons For Closing 1xbet Account

Below are several reasons why may may wish to deactivate your 1xbet loan account.

1. Financial Buoyancy

When a person who once used the 1xbet platform for bettings decides to close his account, one of the reasons may be because he has become financially stable. The reason why many go to 1xbet in the first place is because they need help in raising funds. So, when a person can boast of good financial health, he may decide to delete his account on 1xbet. This includes among the factors why many may decide to deactivate their 1xbet betting account after using the platform in the past.

2. Better Offers

In Nigeria, many betting platforms may have better offerings than 1xbet. So, one may be tempted to choose these over 1xbet and decide to delete his 1xbet account. This is another major reason why many choose to delete their 1xbet account.


Can I have multiple 1xBet accounts?

1xbet does not support having multiple accounts. You can only use one account to cash out. This is because it allows every user to have a fair playing ground.

Why can’t I withdraw money from 1xBet?

The reason why you can withdraw on 1xbet is because you don’t know how. To be able to withdraw, you need to make sure your account has been fully verified with an ID. This would enable you to be able to withdraw at any time you want.

How do I cancel a bet on 1xBet?

To cancel a bet on 1xbet is pretty simple. First, visit the 1xbet website. Then, log in to your account using your details. After that, click on the history tab and click on the bet you wish to cancel. After that, click on Cancel bet.

What is 1xbet customer care?

To reach out to 1xbet customer care service, here is the email address you can send your complaints to:

If this doesn’t work, go to the 1xbet portal and scroll to the Contact Us option. Tap on it and use the other medium provided.

Does 1xbet offer spin and win games?

1xbet offers the spin-and-win game. With it, you can spin and win a lot of money. You could also lose money. It greatly depends on your experience and expertise.


To close your 1xbet account just requires that you compose a simple text and send it to their email and that’s all. Simple right? Try it out and get back here and tell your experience.

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