Chipper Cash Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address, Office Address

Customer care is an essential part of an organization’s life. It helps clients in reaching out to an organization when they need help. Additionally, on the client’s part, they want to make inquiries about nearly every piece of information. For Chippercash, the story is quite different as they strive to satisfy customers’ needs. They do this by providing a helpline to their clients. This article would consider the topic ‘Chipper cash customer care phone number, Whatsapp number, email address, office address’. Before we proceed, let’s see the importance of good customer care service.

Importance of a Good Customer Care Service

Customer care service is essential for every business. However, the case is that they help clients a whole lot. Here are some benefits:

1. Customer satisfaction

A reliable customer service system is pertinent to keep a good customer base. When a customer wants to inquire about something, he goes the length to make sure he gets answers to his question. Additionally, when he finds that the customer support is very reliable. He would be satisfied and wants to do all he can to maintain the relationship with his brand. Therefore, the customer would be satisfied.

2. Trust

You would agree with me that the easiest way to gain the trust of one is to be truthful. When one is honest, he tends to gain the trust of his brand. This also applies when it comes to an organization. If a brand is truthful in its information regarding price, promotion, and questions, it gains the trust of the customer base.

3. Brand Reputation

The brand is a reputation a company has built over the years. When a brand is honest with its clients it tends to build its reputation over the years. However, when the opposite is the case, the customer base would shrink. This shrinking would result in a downward trajectory of the chart.

How to contact the Chippercash Customer Service

Chippercash is a reputable platform. It provides accurate and honest information to its clients. Also, it serves as a way which clients can tender their queries. In this section of the article, we will be looking at the Chippercash customer service team:

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Customer Care Mobile Number Team

Chipper Cash provides a platform where you can reach them through their support team. One of the ways they provide support is through their phone number. You can reach them on +254794586269

Chipper Cash Customer Care WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp is a platform introduced by Mark Zuckerberg. It is a platform where you can use your Mobile Number to chat with people who are in your contact list. The WhatsApp number can be used in different countries. All you need is to input your country’s code with your Mobile Number

Chippercash Customer Care Email Address

The Chippercash customer care email address is one of the ways you can reach the Chipper Cash network. Chippercash would be willing to chat with you without stress. You can reach them at

Chippercash Office Address

The Chippercash office address is located in the United States of America. The Chippercash head office is located at 814 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, 94108.


Is Chippercash a loan app?

No. Chippercash does not offer loans to people or clients.

What is the limit on Chippercash?

You need to have an account balance of N500,000.

Which bank can I use without BVN?

Zenith Bank. You can bank with Zenith without a Bank Verification Number.

What are the payment methods for Chippercash?

The payment method includes a mobile money wallet and bank account.

Can a non-Nigerian have BVN?

Any Nigerian citizen in the diaspora or foreigner with Nigerian residence must enroll for a BVN before opening a bank account.


Contacting the customer care service of Chippercash is very easy and stress-free. You can easily get to visit the Chippercash at their office if you have a serious complaint. Also, if you feel calling is a priority, you can call them with the number placed in the article. Nevertheless, Chippercash doesn’t officially have a WhatsApp number. It is quite fruitless when you try to chat with them via WhatsApp.

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