How Much Are Tecno Phones In Easybuy

How much are tecno phones in Easybuy. Most people have heard of the easybuy platform. It is a platform where you can buy electronics mostly smartphones and devices and pay back on credit. However, before you are given access to the electronics you need to pay a deposit of at least 30% of the worth of the product.

Easybuy offers a wide range of products. You can easily buy a smartphone from Easy Buy because their phones are very high quality. The phones in their platform are also very affordable. If you are a low-income earner or top-income earner, this platform is for you.

This article discuses the prices of tecno phones in Easybuy.

How does Easybuy work?

Easybuy Nigeria is a platform that helps people in a country buy items on credit and pay them back easily. You can pay it back within a specified period. However, do not take too long. With Easybuy, you do not need to worry if you do not have cash. Easybuy customers guarantee clients that you don’t need to have the whole sum available, just 30% would do. Easybuy platform assures customers that even if they don’t have money they can still get a device. It is also pertinent to note that the prices of Easybuy phones may change at any time. Inflation, exchange rate, and other factors may increase prices.

This article is designed for people who intend to get Tecno phones from Easybuy. This can be done at an affordable rate. It would also make you check your pocket as to how to spend your money in buying the best quality Tecno phones for that amount. It is also good to note that Easybuy partners with retailers and wholesalers around the country to offer stress-free transactions to customers. This service is made possible to the customers through the Easybuy app. As stated earlier do well to make sure that you drop a 30% deposit funds for phones found on Easybuy. Payment for this is mandatory. For example, if you want to buy a Tecno phone worth N100,000, you have to make sure of dropping a minimum of N30,000.

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Easybuy Prices for Tecno phones in Nigeria

Spark3- #46,500.

Camon11- #58,500

Camon11pro- #86000

Pop7f3- #38,000

Camon X- #59,600

CamonXpro(CA8) #88,700

Pop2 power- #35,500.

Pouvoir2(ha7) #52,500

Pouvoir2Pro- #67,500

Pouvoir2Air- #48,500

Spark youth(Ka6)- #37,500

Phantom8- #90,500

Droipad 7D- #49,500

Spark la7- #59,500.

TECNO SPARK 10 PRO 256GB+8GB ₦118,000

TECNO POP 7 PRO 3GB+64GB ₦67,000

TECNO CAMON 20 8GB+256GB ₦134,000

TECNO POP 6 GO 16GB+1GB 3G ₦47,500

TECNO PHANTOM X2 PRO 12GB+256GB 5G ₦475,500

TECNO SPARK 10 128GB+8GB ₦93,000

TECNO PHANTOM X2 256GB+8GB ₦378,000



TECNO POP 7 2GB+64GB ₦57,000


How much is the down payment for Easybuy?

You will pay Easybuy a 30% down payment on the smartphone, which in this case is N15,000. Easybuy takes care of the remaining 70%. Loan repayment: With repayment intervals ranging from 3 to 6 months, Easybuy offers loan repayment flexibility. This allows you to pay the final 70% in bits.

How much is Tecno Pop 7 pro in the Easybuy market?

The total cost of the Tecno Pop 7 Pro on Easy Buy varies according to the payment plan you select and can range between NGN 80,000 and NGN 85,000.

How much is Tecno Spark 3 in Easybuy?

Tecno Spark3 goes for N46,500.

How much is Tecno Pop 5 pro in Easybuy?

Tecno POP 5 Pro goes for ₦ 63,000.

How much is Hot 8?

The Infinix Hot 8 will cost 36800. When compared to other phones in the same price range, the Hot 8 has a larger display and far superior specs.


Tecno phones for Easybuy are affordable. Yes. You can trust that Easybuy will make it more affordable for you. You can easily get these phones by following the information above. It is pertinent to note that the prices of Easybuy phones may change at any time. Inflation, exchange rate, and other factors may increase prices.

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