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GTB has been one of the most renowned banks in the country. To make it easy for clients, GTB has provided the GTB mobile app and internet banking. The Gtbank Internet banking is one of the features of the platform. The benefits of GTB Internet banking are numerous. You can sit in the comfort of your house to pay bills, send money, and pay online. This article touches on the process of creating  GTB internet banking. Stay connected !

How to register for GTB Internet banking

To register for GTB Internet banking is very simple. To create an account with GTB you need to follow the steps provided below

Step 1: Visit the GTB website

You need to launch your browser. It is advisable to go for any very fast web browser. Talking of fast, then Google Chrome browser is for you. After launching your browser, it is pertinent you visit the Gtbank website. The website helps you register an Internet banking account with GTB.

Step 2: Fill the form:

This step entails the careful filling of the Internet banking form. This form is submitted after it has been duly filled. However the case may be, you should make sure you scan the file after you have filled it accurately. Any falsification of detail may be penalized. Do well to fill in your name, account number, kind of account, etc.

Step 3: Submit the Form

This step requires you to submit the form. You should submit the form after filling it out. How does one submit the form? You can do this in two ways: Firstly, you can easily scan the form so you can easily send the soft copy to GTB. Secondly, you can physically submit the form to any GTB branch in your locality. Talking about the soft copy, you can easily submit the form to gtbank through

Step 4: Credentials Sent

Once you have submitted it, your Gtbank Internet Banking account will be created. This would entail you keeping active to receive the default login credentials. Your login credentials consist of your username and password. You can easily change this password once your Account is fully activated.

As regards step 4, if you have not received your email message, you can request it. This can be done through the Gtbank official website which is After gaining access to the site, do well to tap “REGISTER”. If you don’t receive the email after this step, you can try *737*6*5#. However, after you have received the default password you can change it after 2 hours after receiving it.

How to login to your Gtbank Internet Banking Account

To check your Gtbank Internet Banking account, you can easily follow the process above. However, if you still find it logging in after the procedures below, you should contact the customer care representative of Gtbank.

Step 1: Visit gtbank’s official website

Step 2: Tap ‘Login’

Step 3: Do well to input your GTB user ID and password

Step 4: Click ‘Confirm’.

Step 5: Voila. You are in!

How to transfer money using internet banking

If you are finding it difficult to use the Gtbank mobile internet banking when it comes to transferring money, then this is for you. Follow the step-by-step guide in this section of the article.

Step 1. Login to your Internet banking account.

Step 2. Tap the ‘Account Transfer’ tab.

Step 3. Click on Instant.

Step 4. Tap the amount and account details.

Step 5. Input your PIN and confirm.

Also, you can make transfers to people in the diaspora. These transfers can be done in the comfort of your home. You can easily get to do this through Gtb internet banking. GTB Internet banking has a platform that is inscribed as ‘FX transactions’.

Do well to note that a transaction code would be needed to complete some transactions. This code may be gotten from a token.

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Gtbank Internet Token

You can easily get a token at gtbank for as low as N2,100. Yes, it can be gotten from any GTB branch in Nigeria. You can also request one with a USSD code such as *737*7#.


What is the USSD Gtbank code?

simply dial *737# on your mobile phone

How do I receive OTP for transactions on the bank?

You can receive OTP for your internet operation. You can use your mobile number and email address to receive the top.

How can I use *737# on bank?

*737# is the code on gtbank for all Banking transactions.

How can I get the bank’s secret answer?

You can request it by entering the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the Gtbank portal. You can tap the secret password on gtbank.

How do I transfer money on gtbank internet banking?

Step 1. Log in to your Internet banking account.

Step 2. Tap the ‘Account Transfer’ tab.

Step 3. Click on Instant.

Step 4. Tap the amount and account details.

Step 5. Input your PIN and confirm.


In conclusion, the GTB mobile app and internet banking can perform any function you feel like. So in essence, you might not need to go to a conventional bank unless you have a serious issue. Regarding the Gtbank token, you can get one from any Gtbank local branch. Do well to avail yourself of this service.

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