PurpleAds Review For New Bloggers In 2023

PurpleAds Review For New Bloggers In 2023

Monetizing a website with ads is the easiest way bloggers can make money from their website.  if you are a new blogger searching for the best ad network for publishers in 2023, congratulations you just came across the right post.

Website monetization is still the best option for most bloggers to make cool cash from their website traffic, 70% of both old and new bloggers depend on displaying ads to make income from their sites.

Well if you haven been rejected by top ad network like adsense, ezoic, mgid, setupads and foremedia then its high time you give purpleads a try on your blog. Purpleads is one of the leading advertising network for bloggers.

purpleads review for new bloggers in 2022
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In this post, i will be sharing with you all you need to know about this ad network called purpleads. Without further ado, let’s go into the main topic of this post, PurpleAds Review For New Bloggers In 2023.

What Is Purpleads?

Purpleads is a popular advertising network that allows bloggers to earn from their websites, it aslo help advertisers to promote their products and services to over 2 million audience. The revenue model of this network includes CPC and CPM. that is, they pay for each click and impression recorded on a publishers website.

If you are an advertiser, purpleads will help you drive traffic to your landing page or product website by running a CPM base campaigns while bloggers can monetize their ad space by displaying banner ads from purpleads.

To start showing ads, your website will be review within 48 hours by the team.

Requirements For Bloggers To Join Purpleads

1. Website must be live with quality contents

2. Sites hosted on subdomains and free hosting platforms like WordPress and Blogspot won’t be accepted

3. A well design blog with clear navigation

4. Site with low quality contents are not accepted

5. No traffic requirement, but having decent traffic is a double advantage to get approved.

Benefits Of Using Purpleads On Your Website

1. Purpleads pay publishers on time directly to your provided payment methods

2. You earn from desktop and mobile traffic as well

3. They show High quality ad format.

4. Publishers earns from both Clicks and Impression

Steps To Join Purpleads Network

On your web broswer, visit to join

Click on sign up, enter your email and password, then proceed

After signing up, tap on login

Now Add your website.

Verify your website by copying the verification code provided by purplads

Go and paste the code on the header of your website, just before the closing tag <head/>

Next is to upload the ads.txt, if you are using a content management system like WordPress or Blogspot, all you need is to install ads.txt plugin, go to settings on the plugin dashboard to paste the ads.txt. I recommend Adfloxy Plugin, while blogspot users should locate settings on the dashboard.

Choose your preferred payment methods between Paypal, bitcoins and Wire Transfer

Finally, wait for your website to be review by the team, you should check your email for response.

Is Purpleads Legit?

Yes, they are legit and relaible. the ad network have been in business for about 4 years now.

How much does purpleads pay per 1000 visitors?

Depending on your niche, visitors country and type of content, purpleads pay around $2 to $8 per 1000 visitors.

How To Make More Money With Purpleads

To earn more with this ad network you will need to send more traffic to your website, remember more visitors higher earnings, post quality contents to get more pageviews. Traffic from tier 1 countries will also increase your earnings.

Ad placement, your ad codes should be visible by visitors this will increase your earnings and CPM.

Note; publishers must stay away from bot traffic, you account will be suspended by purpleads if bot traffic are detected.

Don’t click on your own ads or tell people to click, this will no doubt get you suspended from the ad network.

A publisher should stay away from posting adult content.


Wait a minute, what do you think about purpleads? let me know of your thoughts and suggestion using the comment section below

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