Is Easemoni Loan App Legit? Find Out

Is Easemoni Loan App Legit?

If you are in need of Money urgently then Easemoni Loan App is the best platform to Borrow Money instantly without Collateral.

EaseMoni is one of the best App Loan Apps in Nigeria where anyone can borrow money. With Easemoni you can get as high as 1 Million Naira as Loan.

Is Easemoni Loan App Legit?


All you need to get started is the App and the right information alongside your BVN and National Identification number.

However, not everyone trusts Easemoni loan application. Is this distrust warranted? Or is Easemoni legit? To determine if you can trust this lender with your personal information, read this post to the very end.

All You Need To Know About Easemoni Loan App

Easemoni is a fintech company that offers cash advance and personal loans to users. Its loan application process is quick and easy, requiring only basic personal information. With an average loan approval time of about 10 minutes, Easemoni stands out for its quick processing time and fair rates.

Is Easemoni Loan App Legit?

Yes, Easemoni Loan App is Legit and reliable. The Loan App has been disbursing loans to it’s customer with low interest rates.

How To Register On Easemoni Loan App

Before getting loans from Easemoni, as a new users, you will be required to register on the App First. Below are detailed guide on how to get yourself registered.

1. On your Smartphone, go to playstore

2. Type Easemoni on the search bar

3. Now click on Install to get the App downloaded to your Smartphone

4. After downloading the Easemoni App, the next step is to start the registration process.

4. Click on the Sign Up Icon showing on the App

5. Enter all the necessary information required like your Name, BVN, Account number, email address, Residential Address, state of Origin, and other.

6. Lastly, click on Sign up.

7. Boom, your have successfully Registered on the App. The next step is to Apply for The Loans.

How To Apply For A Loan On Easemoni

Getting a Loan from Easemoni is very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned before

1. On your Easemoni Loan App Dashboard, navigate to Loan

2. Click on get Loan button on the App

3. Select The Amount You Want To borrow

4. That’s all, the low will be disbursed to the Provided account number during registration.

5. Note, make sure you entered the right information when signing up. Wrong information will make your Loan Application declined.

Who is the owner of Easemoni?

EaseMoni is owned by Blueridge Microfinance Bank Limited a popular and leading lending institution in Nigeria. They are the founders of both Easemoni And OKash.

Where can I download the Easemoni app?

The best place to download Easemoni Loan App is on Google Playstore. Downloading the App from other sources not Playstore is not recommended.

How much can I borrow from EaseMoni?

You can borrow up to 1 Million Naira From EaseMoni.

Is EaseMoni approved by CBN?

Yes, Easemoni has been approved by the Central Bank Of Nigeria to disburse Loans To Customers.

EaseMoni loan interest rate?

EaseMoni has be best interest rates in Nigeria, the interest rate is about 5% to 10% Monthly, depending on the amount you borrowed from them.

Are Easemoni loans good?

Yes, Easemoni loans are good, infact they are the best in Nigeria after Carbon Loan App.

How To pay back Easemoni loan?

Paying Back the Loan you borrowed from Easemoni is easier. Just Open the Easemoni App and click on Loan. On the App Dashboard, you will see a repayment button displayed, now click on the icon and your outstanding loans will be cleared.

How To Delete My Easemoni Account?

You cannot delete your Easemoni account after Registration. The only thing you can do is pay back your low and leave or uninstall the App on your device.

How To Contact Easemoni

You can get in touch with EaseMoni using the contacts below



I believe after going through this post, you will agree with me that Easemoni Loan App is the best platform everyone should borrow money from in Nigeria. The interest rate is affordable too. What are you waiting for? Do you want urgent Loan to solve your problems? Go and register on Easemoni to get A loan immediately.

Drop your experience with Easemoni Loan App using the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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