PiggyVest Review 2023: How To Make Money On PiggyVest.Com

PiggyVest Review 2023: How To Make Money On PiggyVest.Com.

Piggyvest is a popular online investment and saving platform in Nigeria were users are allowed to grow and manage their funds

The main motive of this Great platform is to help customers to save and invest their money wisely to avoid unnecessary spending.

PiggyVest Review 2022: How To Make Money On PiggyVest.Com

A lot of rumours have been going around on weather Piggyvest is legit or Scam, well if you are one of the doubting Thomas, in this post, I will be sharing with you all you need to know about this investment platform called Piggyvest.

Asides getting to know more about Piggyvest, I shall guide you on how to make money on

Is PiggyVest Legit or Scam in 2023 | All You Need To Know

Is PiggyVest Legit

According to research and reviews from users, Piggyvest is legit and can be trusted. The platform has been around since 2016 and currently one of the best saving and investing App in Nigeria today.

Registered and Licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Piggyvest works as a Microfinance Bank well recognize by the Central Bank to Carry out transactions.

As at 2023, Piggyvest has more than 10 thousand customers within and outside the country Saving and investing their money with Piggyvest.

One good thing about Piggyvest is the availability to everyone, not only limited to Nigerian alone, you can register from any part of the world.

With Piggyvest, I believe you will reduce the amount of money you spend every month, they will help you save money daily, weekly and monthly.

Is Piggyvest Approved By CBN?

Yes, Piggyvest is approved by the CBN. The saving platform is operated by a leading assest management company in Nigeria called AIICO.

Customers funds on Piggyvest are safe and guarantee to be in good hands by AIICO.

Is Piggyvest Secure?

Piggyvest is 100% secure because they use high level of internet security, Two-factor authentication (2FA) to safeguard customers funds on the Platform.

Can Piggyvest Crash?

No, Piggyvest will never crash. Even if the platform crash along the line, all your funds and savings will be paid out to every customer because it’s Manage by AIICO Capital.

That being said, Piggyvest owns a licensed Microfinance Bank registered with the security and exchange Commission named Golden Microfinance Bank.

Piggyvest are also verified and members of Cooperative Piggytech multipurpose society limited. This shows you how the platform is legit and reliable, so do not panic for your Funds are safe with Piggyvest.

Who Owns Piggyvest?

The Co-founder of Piggyvest is Odunnayo Eweniyi. Founded on the 7th Of January 2016, Piggyvest started as a savings platform only, but was rebranded to both savings and investment platform by April 2019.

Since then, Piggyvest has been offering customers the opportunity to save, invest and also make money on the platform.

Truth be told, Piggyvest mission is to make sure everyone has the power and ability to grow and manage their funds easily without stress. With the number of customers already using Piggyvest, no doubt, the Platform is among the best.

How To Get Started With Piggyvest

The first step to get started with Piggyvest is to register on the platform, below are steps to get yourself registered on the platform.

1. Download the Piggyvest App from playstore or visit the official website at Piggyvest to register

2. Click on Register and proceed with the registration by entering relevant information about yourself.

3. Enter your Name, BVN, Account number, email address, phone number and any other info requested

4. Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent by Piggyvest to your Mail inbox

5. After verifying your account, the next step is to start saving and investing on Piggyvest.

6. Tap on the “Quick Save” Icon

7. Input the exact amount you would want to save on Piggyvest

8. On the Destination Field, Enter PiggyBank

9. Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

10. Send the money you want to save and boom. You have successfully saved your money with Piggyvest.

11. You will get 13% interest on any saving package selected

12. On Piggyvest, you can save funds daily, weekly, and yearly. You can also Withdraw your money anytime.

Piggyvest Interest Rate

The interest rates on Piggyvest platform are not constant, they can change from time to time all depends on the market condition and economy.

Currently, below are the interest Rates On Piggyvest

• 8% per Annum On Piggyvest Bank

•13% on Safelock

•8% on Target and Flex

• 25% on investment

How To Make Money On PiggyVest.Com

Below are 5 sure ways to make money on Asides saving and investing funds on Piggyvest, you are still make money on the platform with the following ways

PiggyVest Review 2022: How To Make Money On PiggyVest.Com
Payment Proof

1. Welcome Bonus (First Time On Piggyvest)

Piggyvest give users a whooping sum of N1000 immediately after signing up on the platform. Remember, to get this first time N1000, you will have to activate your account by making a small deposit of N1000.

2. Interest On Savings

You can make money on Piggyvest from the interest you get from saving your money. The more money you save, the higher interest rates you will get. They have numerous saving packages and each comes with a different Rate.

3. Investment

Investment is another sure ways to make money on Piggyvest. Higher ROI depends on the exact amount you invested with them. The more you invest, the more cash comes in.

4. Referrals

This is the best way to make money on Piggyvest. The more you refer, the more you make money on the platform. Piggyvest pay N1000 on each person that signs up through your Link.

How Piggyvest Referral Works

When a new user Register on Piggyvest with your referral Link, both you and the user will be rewarded with N1000 each. The referral Earnings are sent to your Safelock. You will be allowed to withdraw the funds once the new comer Makes any transactions from his Side.

The referral program on Piggyvest is not a must, but if indeed you want to make huge income from the platform, then the Affiliate program is one of the best ways to make money on

5. Piggy Points

This are points you earn for saving consistently on Piggyvest. You are entitled to earn points everyday provided you saved about N2000 with them.

1 point is about 10 Naira on Piggyvest, points earn can also be converted to Naira which will be sent directly to your account number.

These PiggyVest points are given every time you save on the platform.


I believe with this review on Piggyvest, you will now agree that the platform is legit and safe to use. What are you waiting for? People are making huge money from Piggyvest, don’t be left behind. Get yourself registered immediately.

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