How To Withdraw Money From Palmpay OK Card To Bank Account

If you are an avid user of Palmpay, you just have noticed an advert or an icon labeled “OK Card”. This icon is not for fancy. Many are taking advantage of the unique features of the Palmpay OK Card. Sometimes, when using the Palmpay OK Card feature, you may experience difficulty in making withdrawals. In this article, you will be reading all about the Palmpay OK Card. You will read what it is all about and how to make withdrawals using the Palmpay OK Card feature. The focus would be on the latter part. So, don’t even miss reading a word in this article. It would be extremely beneficial to you. Let’s dive into it!

What Is The Palmpay OK Card?

The Palmpay OK Card is a feature on Palmpay that allows users whether old or new users to borrow money without interest. With the Palmpay OK Card, users can get interest-free loans and pay on either the 1st or 16th of the next month.

With the Palmpay OK Card, you can get loans as high as 150,000 naira. So, if you’ve been the Palmpay OK Card feature on the Palmpay app and you don’t have an idea what it is used for, then you just have to know.

Aside from taking loans at an interest-free rate, other offers would be open to you if you use the Palmpay OK Card. Would you like to find out?

The next subheading focuses on that.

Benefits of Using Palmpay OK Card

In this section, you will find out the benefits of using the Palmpay OK Card. We will be going through some mouthwatering benefits of using the Palmpay OK Card so read carefully.

1. Interest-free Loans

There’s no way you can talk about Palmpay OK Card without talking about the interest-free Loans you can get. Once you are a Palmpay OK Card user, you can get loans up to 150,000 without any interest attached to it. So, unlike other loan apps or features, you don’t have to worry about paying an attached feed along with the principal amount you borrowed. Isn’t that amazing?

Well, let me say this, if you are already excited about the prospect of using the Palmpay OK Card, then there’s more to come.

2. Easy Loan Application

If you’re used to using other loan apps, you’ll agree that one of the most frustrating things about them is the long period required to review the application process. So, in contrast, with these loan apps, you get an easy and very quick application when you use the Palmpay OK Card. When we talk about quick, I mean getting your loan request approved in minutes or even hours at most! Now, tell me isn’t this what you have been waiting for? Grab this opportunity now that you’re reading this.

3. Flexible Repayment Options

Another feature that makes the Palmpay OK Card very attractive is that it has flexible repayment options. Now what those this mean? This means that when you have borrowed a loan and you are about to pay it back, you can pay it back through any means you want. Be it through the transfer of funds, card payment, crypto payment, and so on. So, you don’t need to divert the repayment fund into a new bank account or elsewhere before repaying, you can repay with any of the options you are most comfortable with.

4. Quick Access To Funds

Once your loan request has been approved (which may be in minutes or hours), you can quickly and easily access it at any time you wish. You don’t need to fill out forms or do any other operations to access your funds. Now compare another loan app with it, and tell me if this isn’t one of the best things you’ve heard about Palmpay. No stories, once approved, cash would be credited to you.

5. No Collateral Required

Yes, you read that heading right. If you’ve used other loan apps, you would agree that you cannot collect loans as high as 150,000 naira without dropping a collateral item. Now, what Palmpay OK Card is saying is that with your Palmpay profile completed, you don’t need to provide any collateral. Your collateral is your PayPal account. All this is done to make your loan experience great and help you sort out your financial issues on time.

6. Moderate Borrowing Limit

As has been mentioned in several parts of this article, the highest loan amount you can obtain from a Palmpay OK Card is 150,000 naira. For a sole trader or a young person, that can be enough to get somewhere. I have seen a loan app whose borrowing limit is 50,000 naira. So, compared to the loan app (whose borrowing limit is 50,000 naira), Palmpay OK Card is the best choice.

So far in this article, we have seen how the Palmpay OK Card works and the benefits of using the Palmpay OK card feature on Palmpay. No doubt, you’ve benefitted from this article. At this point, we would be moving into the main gist of the article which is about making withdrawals on the Palmpay OK Card. Before we delve completely into that, let’s first consider how we can set up the Palmpay OK Card for withdrawal.

How To Set Up Your Palmpay OK Card

In this section, you will be reading about how to set up your PayPal OK Card. Let’s begin.

Step 1. Create A Palmpay Account

This step is for those who do not yet have a PayPal account. If you don’t have one, kindly download the Palmpay app on the Play Store and create your account using your correct details. Once you’ve created the account, log in to the account to access the Palmpay OK Card.

Step 2. Tap On the OK Card Icon

On the app, you will see the OK Card icon on the home screen, tap on it. Once you’ve clicked on the tab, a new display will be shown to you. The next step would tell you what to do.

Step 3. Click On “Apply For OK Card”

Once the new tab has been opened, click on “Apply For OK Card”. Once you’ve clicked on it, a firm will be opened to you. Fill out the form with your complete details and submit the form.

Step 4. Wait For Approval

You would have to wait for minutes or hours for your request to be approved. Once approved, you will be able to access the Palmpay OK Card full features as a Palmpay OK Card user and more.

Step 5. Tap On “Activate OK Card”

Next, tap on “Activate OK Card”, once you tap on this button, full access to Palmpay OK Card will be opened to you.

Step 6. Enter Your OTP

Once you have activated your Palmpay OK Card, you will be asked to enter the OTP that will be sent to your number. So, make sure you have the OTP available and enter it in the space provided.

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So far, you’ve read important steps on how to set up your Palmpay OK Card. You’ve seen that creating a Palmpay OK Card account is entirely different from creating a normal Palmpay account. You would have to activate it and to activate it, a series of steps would be carried out.

How To Make Withdrawals On PalmPay OK Card

Making withdrawals on the Palmpay OK card is quite easy. You just need to be able to know the steps involved. In this part of this article, you will get to know the steps involved.

Step 1. Go To OK Card Dashboard

The first step in making withdrawals on the Palmpay OK Card is to first go to your Palmpay OK Card dashboard. When you go there, it will be easier to make withdrawals from your Palmpay OK Card.

Step 2. Select “To Bank”

You would see an icon labelled, “To Bank”. Tap on that icon. It would lead you to a page where you would fill up your bank details which would enable you to get your OK card cash directly to the bank of your choice.

Step 3. Enter Bank Details

After you’ve tapped on the “To Bank” icon, you will be asked to provide your bank details such as bank name, bank account number, and other bank details to facilitate your cash withdrawal.

Step 4. Enter Your Transaction PIN

To confirm that you are the owner of the OK Card account, you would need to provide your transaction PIN. So, enter it and confirm your OK Card withdrawal.


How To Withdraw Money From Palmpay OK Card To Bank Account?

Go to your OK Card dashboard by clicking on the OK Card tab on your PayPal account. Select “To Bank” to choose your bank and input your bank details. After that, an OTP would be sent to your phone. Enter the OTP in the space provided. Then, proceed to withdraw your funds to your bank account.

How do I transfer money from PalmPay to my bank account?

On the Palmpay dashboard, tap on “Transfer”. From there, input your bank details and submit. In a few seconds, your account will be credited.

How do I activate my OK card?

On the OK Card dashboard, tap on “Apply for your OK Card”. Input your correct details and submit. After your application request has been approved, then click on “Activate OK Card”. Enter the OTP that would be sent to you into the bar provided.

How can I withdraw money from my card without PIN and OTP?

You can withdraw from your card without PIN and OTP by going to the bank offices directly. Once you get there, try to explain to the manager your intention to withdraw money from your account with a PIN.

Can I take loans using Palmpay OK Card?

Yes. You can borrow interest-free loans using the Palmpay OK card feature. With it, you can get loans of up to 150,000 naira.


Palmpay OK Card is one feature of the Palmpay app that you would not regret using. It has features you would like and that would make life easier for you. Don’t wait any further, create a Palmpay OK Card account today.

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