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First City Monument Bank is a bank that assists users with the mobile banking platform. Mobile banking in this regard refers to the banking system which doesn’t require you to go to the bank before you perform operations. FCMB is a platform that offers good service to its people without hassle. In this article, we will be looking at the process of registering and activating your FCMB Mobile app and Internet banking

FCMB Internet banking is an online service that allows businesses and individuals to access their bank accounts easily. It is an online real-time solution that allows organizations to obtain money for their account. It is a platform where customer have permission to access their finances with the help of the FCMB Mobile app

How to Register for FCMB internet banking

Step 1: Visit the FCMB website:

The first step is to enter the FCMB website into your browser. This is the foremost step you are to do before you think of opening your account. The FCMB website is After you have inputted the website, the next line of action is to register an account with FCMB Mobile Internet Banking.

Step 2: Input your Account Detail

The next step is to input your account details. Your account details may include your account number and other information you have with the bank. Also, you may be asked some personal questions such as your Address or Source of income.

Step 3: Input your Mobile Number

This step requires you to input your digits into the space provided on the website. Your number is meant for you to receive the latest updates regarding changes in Internet banking that you should know about. However, it can also be used to inform you if you have received any credit or debit alerts.

Step 4: Enter your Email Address

The nature of the internet banking may require you to input your email address. The email address may be used to verify your account from time to time. However, you can equally receive the latest updates regarding changes in Internet banking that you should know about.

Step 5: Select your login details

You will be asked to choose your username and password. This element forms part of your login credentials. Without your login details, you wouldn’t be able to access your account. However, you can easily access your account from the bank.

Step 6: Select ATM card preference

Do well to choose the ATM card preference you need. This ATM card must be working. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your ATM preference to FCMB Internet Banking, you can simply choose ‘No’.

Step 7: Tap Submit

How to reset your password on FCMB Mobile banking

It is normal to forget your password at times. However, do not do this every time. In this section of this article, we will disclose the steps you need to take to reset your password

Step 1: Click on Forgot password:

The first step is to click on Forgot Password. Forgot Password is a great way to start your journey in resetting your password. This step is needed so you can write a new password and memorize it.

Step 2: Provide User Identity

The next step is to provide your user identity. Every user of FCMB Mobile Banking always possesses a user ID. This user ID is unique from client to client. However, you need to make sure that this username tallies with the one used during registration. Also, you would be required to input a secret answer to a particular question.

Step 3: Click on Reset Password

This step entails you to click on the Reset Password option. You need to make sure that you click on it after inputting your User ID. Your user ID is your means of identification. Additionally, your email would be needed to receive a code.

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Step 4: Receive Default Password:

This step entails you to receive a default password in your email address. However, your email must be consistent with the one you used during registration. After typing it, your password will be sent to it.

Step 5: Change Default password to Preferred password

You would be asked if you want to continue with the default password or change to a new one. Your choice would be important at this stage. Go with any option you are comfortable with.

How to log into the FCMB online portal

You can simply log into FCMB Internet banking by following the instructions below

Step 1: Navigate to the FCMB internet banking website

Step 2: Input your Username and Password.

Step 3: Login


What is the new USSD code for FCMB?

The FCMB USSD code is *329#.

What is the customer care service of FCMB?

You can send a WhatsApp message to 09099999814-5. You can send an email to customer

How can I log in to my FCMB internet banking?

Step 1: Navigate to the FCMB internet banking website

Step 2: Input your Username and Password.

Step 3: Login

How can I transfer money from FCMB to FCMB account with USSD?

To transfer money from FCMB to FCMB. Do well to dial *329*Amount*Account number#.

What does FCMB stand for?

FCMB stands for First City Monument Bank


To conclude, FCMB has proven to help clients go by daily without stressing their clients. This is because the Zenith Bank mobile app and Internet banking have covered almost all of the banking problem you can think of. This includes payment of bills, sending and receiving of funds, and so on.

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