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UBA is a bank that is renowned for its fast network service. You can easily tell that UBA Bank is a platform that assists brands with financial aid. Micro and Macro businesses can go to UBA Bank to place a loan request. If you cannot to the bank, make sure you request the loan from UBA Bank. Talking about uba mobile app and internet banking services is one of the great tools that have assisted clients all over the world to access their funds every time. Here are some benefits of it:

Benefits of UBA Internet Banking

Here are the benefits of the UBA internet banking services.

1. Monitor Account Easily

The Internet banking of UBA has made things easier for clients. Today you can access your account without leaving the comfort of your house. When you have internet banking with UBA, you have the levity of monitoring your account. This entails getting your account balance in time, requesting for account statement, and checking your transaction history.

2. Transfer Money

You can easily transfer your money without going to the bank. This in turn would reduce the queues found at ATM stands. However, you can easily send money to anybody in Nigeria with just your mobile phone. However, you need to have a data connection in your mobile phone. Moreover, you need to know the account details of the recipient to authenticate your transaction.

3. Airtime Purchase

With UBA Internet banking, you can easily request for airtime recharge at any time. Even in the night, you can get Airtime of any amount. Additionally, you can purchase airtime for your friends and family. The most beautiful thing is that you would pay a discounted price for airtime and data recharge.

How to Register for UBA Internet Banking

The UBA banking account can be created by anybody. You can also register this account without even going to the bank. Here are the ways to register for UBA internet banking.

1. Register ‘Self by Instant Self Activation’

Here you can easily register an account without going to the bank. You can complete the registration process for UBA Internet banking in a few minutes. The only requirement you need is to possess a smartphone that can access the internet. Additionally, you must possess an active internet connection. Follow this step to register for UBA Mobile app and Internet banking using the steps below

Step 1: Navigate to UBA login by visiting

Step 2: Do well to tap the ‘Self Registration’ Tab

Step 3: Do well to fill out the form that pops out on the screen. Voila! Your Uba Internet banking account has been opened!

2. Register with the Virtual Enrollment Form

This procedure requires you to print out an enrollment form from the UBA website. The website you should visit is the This form is open to individuals and companies. However, for companies, they have a different form to fill out. The virtual enrollment form must be duly filled out to avoid unnecessary hesitation.

After filling this form you need to submit it at

3. Register by visiting the UBA office

This is the easiest way to register. All you need to do is visit the UBA office nearest to you. You need to make sure you go there with the necessary documents to authenticate your registration. When you get to the bank you will be given a form to fill out. After that, your Uba internet banking account will be opened.

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Features of the UBA internet banking app

The UBA banking app is very versatile as it can perform many tasks. Some of the features of the UBA internet banking app are as follows:

Local commercial bank transfer (Inter & Intra)

Foreign fund transfers (FX Transfers)

Account Checking

Generating digital receipts for proof of transfers

Payment of bills and Airtime Recharge

Book flights

View, Download, and print Bank Statement

Personalization of your UBA account

Requirements for UBA Internet banking

The requirements for the UBA internet banking are not tasking. You just need to have the following:

You must have an active UBA account (current or savings)

Your mobile number and email you used for opening your UBA account must be very active.

An active UBA debit card

An active internet-enabled device.


What is the new USSD code for UBA?

*919# is the new USSD code

Can I get cash without an atm card?

Yes. You can do this by inputting *919*30*Amount# on your mobile phone.

How can I get my UBA secure pass?

You can install the UBA secure pass on Playstore. Its main aim is to generate tokens for you.

What are the features of UBA internet banking?

Local commercial bank transfer (Inter & Intra)

Foreign fund transfers (FX Transfers)

Account Checking

What does UBA stand for?

UBA stands for United Bank of Africa


UBA stand for United Bank of Africa. This connotes that it possesses services for Africa. Although, it has its major headquarters in Nigeria. Zenith Bank’s mobile app and Internet banking has been of help to individuals and various service. One of them is speed. The speed of the app is unique.

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