Daily Loan Login With Phone Number, Email Address, Online Portal, Website


Daily Loan is a loan platform that helps you get loans, monitor your loans, prepare a repayment plan, and do many things. As you can see from its features, Daily Loan is more than just a loan app. With Daily Loan, you can perform operations that not all loan platforms can do. In this article, you will be reading about the different ways to access your loan accounts on Daily Loan. You would be reading about logging in to your Daily Loan account with your phone number, email, online portal, and website. Let’s consider them!

Daily Loan Login With Phone Number

Daily Loan includes one of those platforms that allows you to gain access to your account using your phone number. The question now is: How can this be done? Let’s find out;

Step 1. Open The Daily Loan App

On your smartphone, launch the Daily Loan app by clicking on it. When you click on the app, you automatically launch it. If you do not have the app yet, do well to download the app from your respective app stores whether it is the Google Play Store or the Apple store. Wait for the app to completely launch before you begin.

Step 2. Select The Login Button

Once the Daily Loan app completely launches, an option that would allow you to log in with your phone number will be displayed to you. Click on it. After you have clicked on it, wait for a new screen to load out before you begin operating it.

Step 3. Input Your Phone Number

When the new screen is completely launched, you will see a screen that consists of a field that allows you to input an item. In that field, enter your phone number. When you have entered your phone number, click on Next.

Note that the phone number you decide to use should be the one that is linked to your Daily Loan account. Yes, the phone number should be the one you entered during the registration process.

Step 4. Verify Your Account

The next step that comes after you have inputted your phone number is verification. Verification helps secure your account, so it is necessary. You would be sent a verification code that should be replicated on the app. Once you fail to provide the exact verification code you receive back to the app, you will be denied access to your account. So, this is a very important process.

Step 5. Successful Entry

After you have entered all the details correctly, you will need to tap the Submit button. Your entry into your account would be dependent on whether your details are correct or not.

At this point, you’ve seen the steps involved in logging in to your Daily Loan account with your phone number. Let’s see if other methods can be used to log in.

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Daily Loan Login With Email Address

Logging through an email address can prove to be another secure way to log in. However, with the Daily Loan platform, this method of logging in is not possible.

As of the time of filing this article, the Daily Loan platform only allows its customers to access their accounts mainly through their phone numbers.

If you remember the phone number that is associated with the account, then you should have any problems accessing your account.

Daily Loan Login With Online Portal

An online portal can be used to access one’s account. However, with the Daily Loan platform, this method of accessing one’s account is also not possible.

It is only recommended that customers download the official app of Daily Loan and use it to access their account. This is best to avoid scams and other fraudulent activity.

Download the Daily Loan app from your app store and log in only through that means. That is the only acceptable way of accessing your account without the risk of your information being compromised.

Daily Loan Login With Website

Daily Loan does not have a website that allows you to log in. With Daily Loan, you can only get access to loans on their app.

In the Daily Loan app, you can get all the information you need about how to get loans. Also, you can monitor your loans and prepare a repayment schedule on the app. The app is nice with a great user interface. You would certainly enjoy it.


Who can use Daily Loan?

If you have met the requirements needed to obtain Daily Loan. Daily Loan app can be used if you are:

– You are over 18 years of age.

– You are a Nigerian citizen.

– Own a bank account.

How to create an account on Daily Loan?

On Daily Loan, you can sign up by following these instructions;

Step 1. Install The Daily Loan App

On your app store, search for the Daily Loan app and install the app on your smartphone. Once you have installed the app, launch the app on your phone and wait for it to completely load out.

Step 2. Click on Sign Up

Once you open the app, you will see a button labeled Sign Up. Tap on the button. A new page will be opened to you once you click on the button.

Step 3. Enter Your Details

You would be presented with fields that would allow you to input information. In the fields, input your correct details.

Step 4. Tap on Confirm

Once you input your details, you will need to confirm it by tapping on the Sign-Up button.

Is Daily Loan legit?

Daily Loan is a legitimate platform for borrowing loans and getting loan services.

How long does Daily Loan take to credit you?

Typically, it just takes a few hours after you have sent a request. Provided your details are correct, you will be credited.

Is Daily Loan secure?

Yes. All your information is safe with Daily Loan. Regardless, of what information you put in, your account details are secure.


The Daily Loan app only has one drawback. That is, you can only log in to your account using your phone number. Aside from that, it is a loan app that gives you one of the best loan services you can get. Keep your phone number handy, and you will have a great time using the Daily Loan app.

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