Pocket App By Piggyvest: App Download, Signup, Login, How Does It Work, Is It Legit?


Pocket App by Piggyvest is an upgrade to the Piggyvest app. With the Pocket App, everything you wish Piggyvest could do is included here. However, the question lies in the legitimacy of this app. Is Pocket App legit? How does the Pocket App work? This article will give answers to these questions and many more. You won’t regret reading this.

Pocket App How Does It Work?

The Pocket App by Piggyvest can be used for various activities such as:

1. Payment Of Bills And Utilities

The Pocket App unlike the parent app, Piggyvest, can be used to pay bills and utilities. It operates more like a financial solution provider than Piggyvest. With Pocket App, you can pay your fees, and settle bills, such as Cable TV and utility bills. The app contains all kinds of bill settlement options that would provide you with ease to pay your bills.

2. Savings And Investment Features

The savings and investment feature of the Pocket App makes it stand out from the other Fintech apps of other platforms. With the Pocket App, just like the Piggyvest app, you are open to different kinds of saving and investment opportunities and platforms. The Pocket App enables you to save just as you would on the Piggyvest platform and also invest in opportunities with hassles.

3. Strong Security And Customer Support Network

The Pocket App doesn’t joke when it comes to the privacy and security of its customers. When you use the Pocket App for transactions or other operations, you are guaranteed strong security of your funds and information on the app.

However, even when things may go wrong on the app, you can always call the customer support of the Pocket App and you’re assured that you’re complaint will be resolved.

Pocket App Download On Android

Downloading the Pocket App is very easy and stress-free. Follow the steps outlined below to achieve that:

Step 1. Navigate To the Google Play Store

When you are on your Android phone, find your way to the Google Play Store by tapping the silver pause icon on your smartphone. When you tap on the app, wait for it to be fully launched then follow step 2.

Step 2. Search for ‘Pocket App’

When the Google Play Store successfully launches, tap on the search bar type ‘Pocket App’, and click on Search. After the search has been concluded, a list of options containing similar apps will be shown.

Step 3. Select The Verified Pocket App

Tap on the option with the Pocket App logo and label on it, when you’re done, click on the Install button beside it. When the installation process is all over, tap on Open and wait for the app to launch.

Pocket App Download On iPhone

Downloading the Pocket App on your iPhone is quite similar to downloading it on Android. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1. Go To The App Store

On your iPhone, navigate to the app store on your device. When you are there, wait for the app store to launch and follow step 2.

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Step 2. Search and Install The Pocket App

When you have gained access to the App Store, search via the search bar for the Pocket App in the App Store. When you have searched and found it, tap on the Pocket App app and begin installation of the app.

Step 3. Complete Verification

To proceed with the installation, you’ll need to complete the installation process of the App Store. You can verify by using the Apple ID, Face ID, and other verification processes.

Pocket App Signup

After you have downloaded the Pocket App, the next thing to do is to sign up. To sign up, tap on the Sign-Up button in the app and input your information on the app.

Pocket App Login

After you have signed up on the Pocket App, you may be asked to enter your email address or phone number and password. This would be easy if you had registered prior.

Is Pocket App Legitimate?

Pocket App is a legit app that helps you carry out transactions such as payment of bills and other fees. It is also from the umbrella of Piggyvest, the parent company. So far, there haven’t been any major reports of scams from using the Pocket App. So, that’s to say that it is legit.


What is the benefit of the PocketApp by PiggyVest?

Pocket App can be used to send and receive money, pay bills, get airtime, and do other transactions.

How do I set up PocketApp?

To set up PocketApp, first, go to your app store and install the PocketApp application. Then, proceed to Sign Up and enter the appropriate information.

How does PocketApp work?

With PocketApp, you would be given virtual account numbers to enable you to make transactions faster. These account numbers can be used to send and recipes money for your business or personal use.

Is the Pocket app by PiggyVest safe?

PocketApp by PiggyVest is safe to receive funds and make transactions. This is because it is registered and licensed by authorized bodies in Nigeria such as CBN and the NDIC.

Can I save money with the PocketApp?

You can save money using the PocketApp. It contains almost the same features as Piggyvest.


There you have it! Everything about the Pocket App by Piggyvest has been opened to you. If you have questions, or experiences to share, you could use the comments section to share your thoughts.



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