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Looking for a way to pay your bills but cannot find money urgently? Palmpay Flexi is here for you. With Palmpay Flexi performing credit facilities can be done with the tip of your finger. Regardless of the location you are with Palmpay Flexi, you can pay later for a transaction. Yes, Palmpay enables customers and clients to pay for transactions with the use of the app without hesitation. This article provides insight into the Palmpay Flexi and How to Access Palmpay Flexi Cash in Nigeria and lots more.

What is Palmpay Flexi?

Flexi is a feature of Palmpay that enables clients to make an immediate purchase and pay for it later in the day using Palmpay. You would be granted access to the application to make in-app purchases of services such as airtime, bill payments, cable payment, etc. Also, you can play the water game on Palmpay too.

An interesting part of this loan is that once you pay before the due date or on the specified date no interest would be charged with it. This feature is beautiful because you can sort out present engagement and monetary commitment fast and make reimbursement later.

However, the only demerit of this service is that it can not be withdrawn from your savings account or transferred directly to another account.

With Palmpay, you can also request Flexi cash loans. Although, the amount is just 50,000 naira available for users. It also offers you the opportunity to make payments on time with a good interest rate.

How to Access Palmpay Flexi Cash

Step 1: Launch Playstore and download the Palmpay application. Wait for it to finish downloading and then access the app. Then, create an account.

Step 2: Launch the app. When you launch the app, do well to tap on the ‘Finance icon’. After clicking on it, do well to tap ‘Flexi Credit’.

Step 3: A terms and conditions page would pop out. However, you are encouraged to peruse the documents properly. Accept the conditions if you are comfortable with them.

Step 4: Enter your Bank Verification Number. Some people haven’t memorized their BVN on their heads. The solution is to dial the mobile code *565*0# on your mobile phone. After dialing the code, your BVN would be displayed on your screen.

Step 5: Your application for the loan would be granted if you provide your personal information also. This includes your name, identity, gender, and the like. Your financial information would be asked too. This would include your monthly income, employment status, and the reason for your loan request.

Step 6: After this information has been requested Palmpay would also analyze it and check if you are worthy of the loan.

Palmpay Invitation Code

This code is given to each customer so that they would be able to invite new customers to the platform. Each person that signs up using your code would earn a bonus per invite. Also, a person who signs up would earn N500 as a gift from Palmpay.

This code is a code which Palmpay often utilizes to earn throughout the night and earn N100 airtime too. Palmpay Invitation Code is very unique and differs from one customer to another. Also, this Palmpay code can be used to invite as many as possible to the platform. However, one needs to know that the Palmpay app is available in both iOS and Android versions. Also, it is compatible with any Android developer.

Palmpay Staff Invitation Code

Palmpay offers staff of the company an opportunity to earn too. They also get rewarded whenever they invite a person to the platform. It is not for use by members of the public. Palmpay Staff include employees, operating managers, and the like. However, if you are not a worker you have no access to it.


Palmpay Flexi Loan Repayment Plan

Palmpoint Flexi loan can be done in many ways, this can be done in various ways that would suit you. Here are some of the repayment available.

1. Pay with Palmpay Balance

If you have a sufficient amount in your Palmpay balance, you can use it to repay your Flexi loan. The first thing you have to do is to navigate the loan repayment option. Select the Flexi option loan you want to repay and follow the actions on your screen.

2. Debit card or ATM card payment

Yes, you can repay your Palmpay Flexi Loan by using a debit card or ATM card easily. First, you have to choose the Flexi loan app you want to repay first before progressing. After that, add your card details and information.

3. Bank transfer

For bank transfers, you can easily make a repayment by sending money to the Palmpay account number. Do well to use the correct account number when transferring in order not to make errors. Your payment would be adequately sent to the appropriate account detail when you type it correctly.

How to Pay Palmpay Flexi Cash

Follow these steps if you want to pay your Palmpay Flexi cash loan:

Step 1: Launch the Palmpay application on your Phone.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Finance’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Tap ‘Loans’.

Step 4: Click ‘Repay’

Step 5: Choose the payment option you prefer, this may include: ‘Pay from Palmpay Balance, Pay by Debit Card, Pay by Bank Transfer’. If you select Pay by Palmpay Balance, do well to note that Palmpay would ask for your available balance to cover your loans. However, if you select Pay by Debit Card, keep it at the back of your mind that your ATM card number, CVV and Expiry date would be asked of. If you choose By BankTransfer, use the account number provided to make payment.


What is Palmpay Flexi?

Palmpay Flexi enables you to purchase goods now and pay sometimes later using the app. The platform allows you to have a certain amount of money which would allow you to pay for airtime, data, subscription, etc.

What is the amount limit for Palmpay?

The minimum amount you can borrow from Palmpay is N10000 and the maximum amount you can borrow is N200,000.

What is the daily limit for a tier 2 account on Palmpay?

Tier 2 account gives you a daily transaction of N200,000 and a maximum amount of N500,000.

Can Flexi Cash be withdrawn?

Flexi cash can be withdrawn and used to perform transactions such as airtime, pay bills, etc.

Can Palmpay be downloaded on Playstore?

Palmpay can be installed on Playstore.


Having seen the usefulness and benefits of using Palmpay Flexi it can be inferred that it is a rare service- one of a kind! Many clients today have bills and commitments to meet but yet can not pay because of funds. Today’s article has provided the required insight one can find useful in using Palmpay Flexi. With Palmpay Flexi you can opt for a repayment plan.

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