How To Upgrade Kuda Bank Account Easily (Online & Offline)


When a comparative list of best bank is provided and Kuda bank does not fall among the list, then such list is not complete. This bank is far different from Palmpay, Opay, and Carbon among other money operators licensed by the central bank of Nigeria, CBN. But yet, it’s more reliable to use than most commercial banks.

Just like other banks, you will perform transaction and pay charges for that transaction. But kuda offers limit (you will perform a number of transaction) before you will be charged once you exceeds your limit. Right from the comfort of your home without going to any bank following long queue, you will do all your transactions without any issue.

Whether you are operating a naira account or a domiciliary account, the experience here is pleasant for every customer. Why are you here? You need to know how to upgrade your kuda bank account with ease, keep scrolling down here.

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Why the Need to Upgrade your Kuda Bank Account?

Upgrading your kuda bank account is very important because you will experience the overall benefit this app is offering. If your account is not upgraded, there’s certain limitation that would be placed on your account. For instance, if you have just opened your account and eventually, deposit amount higher than your account’s limit, you won’t be able to use such account again till you upgrade it.

Upgrading your account would expose you to more opportunities kuda bank is offering as such you won’t be left out.

Steps on How to Upgrade your Kuda Bank Account

Don’t feel worried because you have limited access to what you do on your kuda account. You don’t need the worries because there’s always a way out. This section is created with you in mind. Below is a list of steps on how to upgrade your account.

Firstly, Kuda bank app must be downloaded on your smartphone. To do that, you should visit play store or app store to install the app and sign up. If you already have an account, then sign in to your account.

On your dashboard, click on the increase limit tab. This is the first step to start the account upgrading process. From here, you should click on verify me tab so you could start your verification process. You will be prompted to submit a means of verification via any valid national ID.

Interestingly, this could be your NIN, international passport, driver’s license among others.

Input the preferred ID method from their dropdown menu list on the app and submit the ID number and click on okay to submit. Once you have all this steps completed, you will wait for notification from kuda bank team.

If there’s any issue, you will be notified on how to can solve the issue. If approved, then you can begin exploring your newly unlocked features.

If all the steps above are followed, then your account would be upgraded within a few moments.


Most kuda bank customers are looking for answers to some question concerning the bank. Here is a detailed answer to some of the questions. Check through to solve the issue you are facing.

How Can I Remove My Kuda Bank Account from Restriction?

Sometimes, if an unpleasant or suspected interaction is noticed on your account, the technical team places limits on the transactions. However, depending on the kind of interaction noticed, the restrictions would be removed within 7 to 30 days if it’s not a complicated issue after you contact their customer care.

Once you noticed limits have been placed on your account, contact their customer care as fast as possible to resolve such problem.

Can I Spend Money if My Bank Account is blocked?

Similar to that of other banks and money operators, you can’t perform any transaction if your account is blocked. Same it is for kuda bank; you will not send or receive any funds if your account is closed. If you want to transact with such account, bring such problem to their notice through their customer care.

Why is My Kuda Account in Safety Mood?

This safety mood is one of the features that makes kuda bank among the best microfinance banks you could ever come across.

What this meant is that, if your phone got lost or eventually you got a new phone, your account would be placed under a mood were all the activities on that account within 24 hours is monitored and hence, limit is placed on the transaction you can perform.

They want to be sure if you are the owner of that account. After the 24 hours, everything goes back normal.

What is the Maximum Amount for Kuda Account?

If your account is not upgraded on kuda bank, the maximum amount you can receive is N300000 with a daily transaction of N50000.

But if your account is upgraded with both your BVN and national ID, there’s no limit to the amount you can receive. Guess this is the answer you have been waiting to here.

How do I Contact Kuda Customer Care in Case of Any Emergencies?

If there’s any issue you want to bring to their notice, you can do that from their app. However, if you can’t sign into your account, you will only contact their support team through their email or mobile number.

Email address =

Mobile number = +234 – 0022555832


Upgrading your kuda bank account unlocks more opportunities for customers as you will transact without any limit or restriction. Your transactions would be fast and secured. This article is written to show you how you can upgrade your kuda bank account with ease.

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