BVN Code For All Banks: How To Get My BVN Number On My Phone

Bvn code for all banks: how to get my bvn number on my phone is our topic for today. You can easily get to check your BVN easily without stress just with your fingertips. How? This article has explained different methods to do so. Do well to take note of the obvious and salient points when reading this article so you can apply them.

In summary, a Bank Verification Number (Bank Verification Number ) is a number used primarily to verify and validate the identity of individuals in the banking system.

This Bank Verification Number can be obtained online from the bank when you open an account.

Regardless matter how many accounts you open in your name, they will all be assigned the same Bank Verification Number. Be aware that the one and only Bank Verification Number for all Nigerian banks has not changed; it remains *565*0#.

Whether you are a customer of Access, GTB, Jaiz, Zenith, Stanbic, or any other bank in Nigeria, the only allocated Bank Verification Number is *565*0#. This Bank Verification Number allows you to receive your personal Bank Verification Number, which is an 11-digit number.

To receive your Bank Verification Number (Bank Verification Number ) code for all banks you use in Nigeria, follow these procedures.

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Procedures To Receive BVN for Banks

Step 1: Dial *565*0# from any mobile network.

This is the Bank Verification Number for every bank. To access this service, your bank must be registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Another alternative is to use your phone dialer and enter the USSD code *565*0#. Wait for a bit until the 11-digit number appears.

Step 2: Copy the number

You can now copy the number. This strategy works on the MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9mobile networks. If you want to check your Bank Verification Number using a specific bank code, dial the USSD code *556*0# from your phone.

Step 3: Be patient

Wait a few seconds for the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) to reply.

Wema Bank Customers

If you are a WEMA Bank customer and want to link your Bank Verification Number BVN data to your WEMA bank account via USSD code, enter *945*BVN# on your phone and press the send button.

Alternatively, you can visit any branch of your bank and follow the steps below:

Fill out and submit the Bank Verification Number Enrollment Form. Submit your biometric information, such as fingerprints and facial images.

You will receive a Ticket ID for future reference

How to check your BVN online

This section of the article is going to discuss how to check your BVN online. You can easily check your BVN without stress. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the NIBSS BVN portal

Step 2: Do well to enter the details you would be asked.

Step 3:: Input your password and enter login.

Step 4:: An icon that reads “My BVN” do well to click on it. Voila! Your BVN will be shown to you.

Is there a fake Bank Verification Number app?

Yes, there have been complaints of fraudulent Bank Verification Number apps designed to steal BVN information. Please understand that you must exercise extreme caution and only download apps from trusted sources.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has cautioned Nigerians to be aware of such phony apps and to avoid providing their BVN or NIN to illegal apps.

How to get BVN easily on your mobile device

This section of the article shows the process of receiving your Bank Verification Number without going to the bank. With just a few steps your BVN would be presented to you.

Step 1: Do well to launch the dial pad of your device. It is pertinent that any phone is capable of possessing this app. If your phone doesn’t have a dial pad, you can easily download it on Playstore or Apple Store.

Step 2: Enter the USSD code *565*0# to proceed. This code should be sent by the number you used to open your bank account. Your account should be free from any airtime Debt so that you don’t encounter problems when sending the code.

Step 3: Exercise patience while the system processes your command. You will receive an 11-digit code which will represent your Bank Verification Number.


Can I check my BVN online?

For the first part which is the BVN Enrollment, as of today, cannot be done online

Which app can create BVN?

The NIBSS BVN Mobile Enrollment Solution is an Android-based platform meant to streamline the BVN enrollment process.

How to generate BVN through USSD?

You can generate your BVN through USSD by dialing*565*0#

Can I link my BVN to my gtbank account?

You can link your BVN to your bank account. Use the code *737*20*BVN#.

What is the full name of BVN?

The full name for BVN is the Bank Verification Number.


In conclusion, retrieving your BVN with any bank is very easy. You can follow the steps in the article. It provides very step-by-step guidelines on how to do this. Do not forget to show your friends who are struggling to check their BVN. All in all, this article has touched on the bvn code for all banks: how to get my bvn number on my phone. Save and share this article!

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