Forgot My Quidax Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change, And Recover Quidax Password And PIN


Most times, people forget their Quidax password. In this scenario, people feel confused as to what to do in this situation. This article will help you know the procedures and steps to recover, reset, and change the password. Before we get there, let’s see the definition of Quidax. What is Quidax all about?

What is Quidax?

Quidax is a digital asset exchange exchange established in July 2017. The platform allows its clients to easily exchange and trade crypto using their local currency within 5 minutes. It is available in 15 countries. The nature of cryptocurrency requires trust. Quidax offers a platform to trade cryptocurrencies without hassle.

It is known for its service as a crypto wallet for amateurs. Its interface is very friendly.

How does Crypto work?

Quidax is a crypto wallet. Quidax has been in the crypto business for more than half a decade. Being a powerhouse hasn’t stopped the platform from securing its apps from third parties. For Quidax users, they are assured of getting their accounts secured. Also, Quidax provides the opportunity to store, manage, and save their crypto funds. In many cases, Quidax has provided some tips for users themselves to protect their accounts.

Quidax constantly emphasizes on clients to make use of a strong password. A strong password is required to wane off unauthorized users from gaining access to the site. Additionally, they have also asked users to use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). A 2FA allows users to gain double permission to access the sit

Tips for creating a Password for your Quidax Account

To create a strong password you can easily do a quick research on it. Additionally, you can create a password for anything that comes to mind. It might not be a famous or known name or character. Here are a few suggestions as to how to create

1. Mix numbers and characters:

This is a good idea for creating a strong password. You can do this by creating a good mix of the two. For example, if your name is Sandra and you are a fan of a particular musician. You can create a password titled ‘SandWiz10’. This format can be used whenever you want to mix numbers and characters.

2. Avoid Sharing your password:

This is a method that has proven useful. When you share the password with third parties you can be assured of your account being accessed. However, the case may be it is never advisable to share your account details with other people. Remember, your password is your secret number. Do not compromise your password.

3. Always Change your password intermittently

This is another suggestion you may find very fitting. You can easily change your password when you request it from Quidax. Quidax would allow you to change your password without stress. However, you can follow the steps below to make sure you change it effectively. Anyways, do well to have a record book where you can keep the names of passwords after every charge. This book should not be opened by anyone except you.

4. Do well to infuse personal information

You can do well to infuse personal details into your password. You can do this by providing a secret day in your life as your password. You can infuse this detail subtly into the account password. However, to infuse it perfectly you need to just it with some alphabetic representations and symbols.

How to reset your Quidax PIN

Resetting your Quidax PIN is very easy. Here are some of the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the Quidax login page

Step 2: Click on “Forgot Password”

Step 3: You will receive an email with a link to reset your password

Step 4: Obey the instructions with the link to reset your password.

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Changing your Quidax password

Changing your Quidax password is very easy. Here are some tips

Step 1: Sign in to your Quidax Account

Step 2: Navigate to your account settings and select the options to change the password

Step 3: Follow the prompts to create a new password and save changes.

Recovering your Quidax PIN

Recovering your Quidax PIN is very easy. Do well to follow these tips

Step 1: Contact your Quidax customer care representative through their official channels.

Step 2: Provide any necessary verification details to confirm your identity

Step 3: Follow the instructions provided by the customer care representative to receive your PIN.


How do I contact Quidax?

The official email of Quidax is the

How do I change my Quidax email?

To change the Email Address you used in creating Quidax, you have to contact customer care support.

How do I unlock a Bitcoin wallet?

Unlocking a Bitcoin wallet requires having the necessary sign-in information, such as a general password or a seed phrase

How do I change a Quidax email address?

Do well to enter the e-mail address that you use to sign in, and we’ll send a new password to your email address.

What are some tips for creating a Quidax password?

1. Mix numbers and characters:

2. Change your password intermittently

3. Do well to infuse personal information

4. Avoid Sharing your password


To conclude, the article has been designed to unravel the secret behind the recovery, resetting, and changing your Quidax password. Do well to always change your password intermittently. Also, follow the steps provided in this article to progress.

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