Bet9ja Login With Username, Phone Number, Email Address; Old Bet9ja Mobile Login, How To Get Bet9ja Old Mobile


Bet9ja is a well-known betting organization in Nigeria. They have established branches all over Nigeria and now have become a household name in the betting space. The Bet9ja App is also another means by which one can access features of the bet9ja platform without going to the brick-and-mortar shop. In this article, you will be reading how to log in with your username, phone number, and email on the Bet9ja App. You will also read how to get bet9ja old mobile app. Let’s get started!

Bet9ja Login With Username

With Bet9ja, you can log in through various methods. You can access your Bet9ja account by typing in your username in the Login button. If you have created your Bet9ja username and still finding it difficult to access your account, check the format of your username and try logging in again. The bet9ja login page is case-sensitive so, don’t mix up the capital letters for the small letters or misplacing the symbols while logging in to your Bet9ja account.

Bet9ja Login With Phone Number

Along with being able to gain entry into your Bet9ja account by inputting your username, you can also log in to your Bet9ja account with your phone number. Yes, your phone number is another option to try out if logging in to your Bet9ja through other means doesn’t work out. It is good to note that the phone number that is associated with your Bet9ja account should be the one you should enter.

The phone number that you entered during your registration should be the one that should be entered. So, go to the login page of Bet9ja and try inputting your phone number now.

Bet9ja Login With Email Address

Bet9ja does not support login into your Bet9ja account with your email address. This option is not available on the platform. If you try to input your email address to log in, you may not be granted access to your account.

Old Bet9ja Mobile Login

To log in to the old Bet9ja Mobile, follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit The Old Bet9ja Mobile Website

The first step to logging into the old Bet9ja website is to visit the website. The website, though slower than the new site, is not data intensive and is secure. You can visit the website by clicking here.

After you have clicked the link and have opened it in a new tab, follow the next step

Step 2. Click on Login

When you have gained access to the link, navigate to the login page of the website. It is labeled there as ‘Login’. When you find it, tap on it and wait for the new page to launch.

Step 3. Enter your Login Details

Whether you want to log in using your phone number or a username, the choice is yours. On this page, provide details of your login information on Bet9ja. The login details you created when signing up for the bet9ja account should be entered on this page.

Step 4. Click on Login

After you have entered your login information, the next step to carry out is to tap on the Login button. The Login button allows you to automatically gain access to your account if the login details you provided are correct.

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How To Get Old Bet9ja Mobile

To get old Bet9ja Mobile, visit here However, here are the cons of using this website compared to the new site. Here they are:

1. Consumes Lots Of Space

The old Bet9ja Mobile consumes a lot of space. If you are always conscious of your phone’s memory, then you may want to opt for the new Bet9ja app. This is because it consumes less memory.

2. Requires Regular Updates

To enjoy using the old Bet9ja mobile, you would need to keep updating it regularly in order not to miss out on the latest features of Bet9ja.



How can I get my old mobile on Bet9ja?

To get your old mobile on Bet9ja, visit the old Bet9ja website. Then, select My Account to see your account.

How can I retrieve my Bet9ja username and password?

To retrieve your Bet9ja username and password, click ok Login. After that, click on Forgot Password. After that, proceed to reset your new password.

How do I get my Bet9ja email address?

To get your Bet9ja email address, send an email to the Bet9ja email support. Here’s the Bet9ja email support:

How do I log into my Bet9ja account on my phone?

To log into your Bet9ja account on your phone, first open the Bet9ja app. After that, tap the Login button. Input your login credentials to gain access to your account.

How do I reopen my Bet9ja account?

To reopen your Bet9ja account, the best thing to do is to reach out to Bet9ja customer support to inform them of your intention to reopen your account.


One of the great advantages of using the old Bet9ja app is that it works great on phones with low specifications. Have you tried it? What was your experience using the old Bet9ja mobile app? Share your thoughts below.

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