15 Best Online Trading Platforms In Nigeria – Best P2P Trading Platform In Nigeria


Today it’s hard to believe people in the crypto market this days. This is because how people carry their deceptively carry their account form for online trading in Nigeria is hard to get by. Even apps that are on the Google Play store can prove to be very deceptive. In this regard, this article is designed to highlight the 15 Best Online Trading Platforms in Nigeria – Best p2p Trading Platform in Nigeria. Here is a list of all the platforms used that are legit and the top


Remitano is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited. It is one of the most used mobile applications in Nigeria. Also, it uses p2p options as a means of exchanging crypto. It uses an escrow means of exchange where buyers can meet potential sellers of cryptocurrency. The company is very large and has a customer base of 1.5 Million Users. It is a cryptocurrency that is very used in over 13+ Countries across the globe. It has some of the most popular cryptocurrencies you can think about.


Binance is one of Africa’s used platforms that helps in p2p exchange. It was formally called Binary and Finance. It is the world’s top exchange in terms of its ability to convert into cash. It was opened in 2017 for public use. Also, it was launched as a mobile app in 2019 and then on the web in 2019. You can receive your funds through bank transfer or using any other medium available to you. It supports cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, XRP, BTH, and USDT.


Paxful is a company that was formed in 2015. It is a company based in the USA. It is used by over 2 million users. It has over 300 payment mediums. Paxful only supports Bitcoin as the sole crypto.


CryptoLocally is a platform that allows p2p exchange. It was launched in 2019 and it’s noncustodial. Its owner is Hugo Campanella. He is a crypto enthusiast. It is quite different from others because it is the first p2p to be decentralized. They offer services such are: Earning, Purchasing, and Selling.

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Okex is a privately owned P2P platform. It was founded by Star Xu in 2014. Its headquarters is in Malta. It offers a lot of services such as Spot and Futures Trading etc. Nigerians can easily purchase BTC, BCH XRP BTH USDT via bank transfer.


BlockVila exchange was created in 2016. It was created as a brokerage firm. However, in 2020 it began its mining service and in 2021 it was known as a p2p firm. BlockVila has a headquarters in Port Harcourt. Its service includes p2p exchange.

Bit Valve

Bitvalve is a popular P2P Platform. This platform helps people to trade their coin to another person safely. It was founded by Constantino’s Berios. With Bitvalve, you can purchase and sell Bitcoin with multiple options for payment. Coins that it supports include BCH, XRP, BTH USDT, etc.


Redeem is one of the safest mediums to exchange coins. This platform is very renowned in that it redeems Gift cards to people at good rates. Also, it is a P2P platform that does not allow much communication between buyers and sellers. This is done to keep a secure platform. Its services include gift card redemption and p2p for payment. Coins it supports include BCH, XRP, BTH, USDT, Ether, etc.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is a renowned platform in Nigeria. It was created in 2012. It was the first p2p exchange platform in Nigeria. Local Bitcoins allows its users to publish advertisements on the platform. However, the requirement is that you need to have up to 0.04btc inside your wallet. However, the money is still yours. It is just a requirement it’s not the fee you pay.


It is a good platform for p2p. It entered into the Nigerian market in 2019. It supports over 14 methods of payment in the world. Also, it accepts Bitcoin as a payment for gift cards. Some of its cryptocurrencies include BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, DASH, LTC, etc.

Coin Direct

Coin Direct offers p2p service among other service it possess in its application. It was created in 2018. The company supports over 30 countries. Additionally, it supports payment through debit cards and credit cards from nearly all parts of the world. You can choose to purchase crypto from the P2P marketplace or use the Conversion Service found in the application.


BuyCoins was created in 2017. It was created by Timi Ajiboye. The company is currently headquartered in Lagos State, Nigeria. It offers many options to Nigerians who are interested in cryptocurrency trading. is an Estonian-based p2p exchange. It was created by two Indian people, namely Kallidil Kalidasan and Rahul Chitale. It offers support for 85 cryptocurrencies and its trading fees are between 1% to 5%.


Kucoin p2p platform is a good crypto wallet. It is very renowned for its very friendly user interface. It has a variety of payment options. It also implements security measures to reduce fraud.


Huobi is also very renowned. It is known for offering a safe environment for clients. In trading cryptocurrency, you do well using Huobi because of its strict verification process.


Which app is better than Paxful?

Prestmit is one of the best gift card exchange platforms in Nigeria, and it is an excellent substitute for Paxful in Bitcoin trading and gift card trading in Nigeria.

What is the largest exchange app in Nigeria?

As of today, Nairaex is the best exchange app in Nigeria.

What is the best Bitcoin p2p?

Binance is a global exchange recognized all over the World. It has a dedicated P2P trading platform that offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading.

What is remitano?

Remitano is the most frequently used peer-to-peer exchange in Nigeria.

How does Huobi work?

Huobi is also very renowned. It is known for offering a safe environment for clients. In trading cryptocurrency, you do well using Huobi because of its strict verification process.


This article shows the various 15 Best Online Trading Platforms in Nigeria – Best p2p Trading Platform in Nigeria. This article highlights very legit platforms such as Huobi, Binance, etc. It is also worth noting that some legitimate Nigerian wallets are on this list. Have another peruse of the article if you have any issues.


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