Kuda Bank Sign Up: How To Open Kuda Bank Account Without BVN

Kuda Bank is one of the top microfinance banks in Nigeria. Whenever an account is created with Kuda it is always verified. However, many customers get nervy when it comes to submitting their BVN to microfinance agencies. The fact that Kuda does not disclose your information to third parties is still negligible to some people. If you are one of those nervy customers, you can easily open a Kuda Bank account without a bvn. This article is designed to unravel the ways how to open Kuda Bank without BVN.

What is Kuda Bank?

Kuda Bank is a bank that offers mobile money banking to people in Nigeria. It was established in 2018. It offers customers a great range of financial services. The app is widely used among Nigerians and can help customers make transactions possible. However, the only demerit of Kuda is that it doesn’t have a physical branch which you can easily withdraw your money from.

With the app, you can do nearly everything with it. You can open an account, save money, transfer money, and make payments easily. As stated earlier, they offer services just like offering normal banks. The services also include purchasing airtime for third parties too. You can also use the Kuda Bank app to get loans for yourself and your business too.

Requirements to create Kuda Bank Account

For you to open a Kuda Bank account, you need to know that the app only allows two types of accounts. Yes, the two kinds of accounts are Basic and KYC accounts. Here are the requirements to open a Basic Kuda bank.

1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria.

2. You must be at least 16 years of age.

3. You must possess a working phone number and Email Address.

4. You must provide your personal information.

However, the basic Account can be opened without BVN. You can simply create a basic account and Kuda Bank wouldn’t ask you for your Bank Verification Number. On the other hand, the KYC account can be opened only when you provide your BVN.

Kuda Bank Sign Up: How to open Kuda Bank without BVN

The steps for opening a Kuda Bank account aren’t hard. Kuda has made it very easy for customers to create an account without Bank Verification Number. Regardless of where you are in the country, if you meet the requirements and provide the basic information, your account would be created. Here are the procedures for opening a Kuda Bank account without BVN.

Step 1: Install the Kuda application

Just like any application, you need to install it. If you are using Android, you would need to go to your Playstore for you to download the app. Kuda Bank is compatible with any Android phone. Just go to your Playstore and then search for ‘Kuda’ and then submit the request.

The first app that shows up in the search option would be Kuda Bank’s official app. Do well to download it. Make sure you have enough data so that it can complete downloading.

Step 2: Register an Account

After you have completed step one, do well to launch the app. After launching the app, you are encouraged to create an account with Kuda. Tap the “Open An Account” section you see on the home page of the app. You will be required to submit your details, such as your name, phone number, address, and so on.

Additionally, you would be asked to create a username and password for your account. Do well to know that your password should be made up of different characters. It should be something you can easily remember. When you are done with that, do well to know that the registration form wouldn’t ask you to provide your BVN.

Step 3: Submit your Documents

The next step is to submit your documents. The step requires you to scan your documents thoroughly using a Scanner. After scanning, do well to upload your documents so that Kuda Bank would know you are seriously interested in their services. Do we go upload your valid ID to Kuda? This could include your National Identity Number, Permanent Voters Card, and Driver’s License.

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Also, Kuda might request additional documents such as your utility bill (PHCN bill to confirm your address, not exceeding 3 months).

Step 4: Verify your account

You need to verify your account. Kuda would have to confirm the information you’ve given them. This may take 24 or more hours to verify your information.

Step 5: Activate your account

You would need to create your PIN for you to progress to the next stage. This PIN would be used to authenticate your transactions on the service.


Can I open Kuda Bank without BVN?

You can open an account with Kuda Bank without BVN using the Basic Account. But a Kuda account without BVN is known as Tier 0 (Lite) or KYC Account and has a lot of limits that you won’t like to transact with. After you provide Kuda Bank with your BVN, your account will be upgraded to Tier 1 (Basic) and this still has some restrictions.

Would Kuda ask for my ID when registering?

Kuda asks all customers who open a Kuda Bank account to give us their BVN (Bank Verification Number) and a valid ID issued by the government (driver’s license, voter’s card, national ID card, or NIN slip).

Which bank can I open without BVN?

Gtbank allows you to open a bank account without BVN. This is a great way to start your financial freedom. Do well to provide your important details such as your name, email, and address.

What is the account limit of Kuda without BVN?

A Kuda account that does not have a verified Bank Verification Number and a valid Identity (a driver’s license, permanent voter’s card, international flight passport, national Identity card, or National Identity Number slip). The Tier 0 Kuda account has a restriction of 0 naira. You cannot transfer money from this account.

When was Kuda established?

Kuda was established in 2018


Kuda has been one of the most consistent banks in Nigeria. Regardless of its lack of physical existence, the bank is one of the most recognized legitimate banks in the microfinance industry. The question of opening a bank account without BVN on Kuda has been explained greatly in this article. Sometimes customers get very sensitive when it comes to their BVN. Kuda is one of the banks where you can open an account without BVN in Nigeria.

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