Infonomics Loan Login With Phone Number, Email Address, Online Portal, Website


Infonomics Loan platform is a well-known loan app that allows its users to take loans at a very juicy rate. With Infonomics Loan, you don’t experience stories when it comes to loan approval and other details. Your information is safe with Infonomics and you can also perform other transactions on it. In this article, you will be reading different ways you can access your Infonomics loan account. Let’s get started.

Infonomics Loan Login With Phone Number

The Infonomics Loan app enables the customer to log in freely with their phone numbers on the app. To do so, however, you need to follow some steps. Let’s consider them:

Step 1. Install The Infonomics Loan App

To be able to access your Infonomics loan account, you need to have the Infonomics loan app installed on your app. After you have installed the app, the next thing to do is to launch or open the app. Only then can you fully utilize the Infonomics loan app.

Step 2. Tap The Sign In Button

Once the app is fully launched on your smartphone, the next thing to do is to click on the Sign In button. The Sign In button gives the same function as the Login button. When you click on the Sign In button, you are allowed into a new screen.

Step 3. Click On Login With Phone Number

Once the new screen opens, an option that allows you to log in with your phone number will be displayed to you. Select the option that allows you to log in with your phone number.

Step 4. Input Your Phone Number

After you have selected the option, you will be provided a field that allows you to input your phone number. The phone number that should be inputted should be the one that is linked to your Infonomics loan account. That means the one you used while registering for your Infonomics loan account.

Step 5. Enter Your Verification Code

Immediately after you input your phone number, you will be sent a verification code to confirm that you are the real owner of the Infonomics loan account. The code should be entered in the provided space. If the code is not replicated, you may be unable to log in to your Infonomics loan account.

Step 6. Click Submit

Once you have correctly provided the details needed, you should be able to gain access to your account. If any of the details you provided turns out to be incorrect, you will be allowed to log in to your account.

So far, this article has helped you to see how to log in to your Infonomics loan account using your phone number. There are also other ways to log in to your account on the Infonomics loan platform. Let’s consider another one of them.

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Infonomics Loan Login With Email

If you are a registered Infonomics loan customer, you should be allowed to log in using your email address. Let’s consider the steps involved:

Step 1. Visit The Infonomics Loan Website

The Infonomics loan website also allows users to log in using their email. The Infonomics loan website is:

Step 2. Locate The Login Button

On the website, the login button would not jump to the screen to your face. You would have to search for it. So, scroll up or down to get the login button.

Step 3. Click On The Login Button

Once you’ve seen the login button, click on it. When you click on it, a new screen will be opened to you. Follow the next step to know what to do.

Step 4. Fill In Your Email Address

On the new screen, you will see a space provided for you. In that field, enter your email address in the space provided for you.

Step 5. Verify Your Account

Once you have entered your email address, the next step is verification. Verification is a very important step. A link may be sent to your email address from the Infonomics loan platform. So, tap on the link to verify your account.

Step 6. Successful Entry

Most of the time, the link that would be sent to your email would allow you to log in to your account automatically. So, once you tap the link, you not only verify your identity, but you also log into your account automatically.

Infonomics Loan Login With Online Portal

The Infonomics Loan platform does not have an official online portal. With Infonomics, it is advised that you log in only through the phone number as at times, the website may not allow anyone to log in with email.

At the moment of writing this article, there is no official Infonomics online portal for logging in or for any other operations. Be careful of scammers.

Infonomics Loan Login Through Website

The Infonomics loan website allows you to log in. However, sometimes it has been reported that the login button does not work on the website.

The Infonomics website ( helps you get the latest information about Infonomics latest offers, services, and other updates from Infonomics.


What are the interest rates for Infonomics Loan?

Infonomics Loan is known for its amazing loan interest rates. Unlike other banks with scary interest rates, Infonomics loan gives you a lower interest rate.

Infonomics loan interest rates are less than the majority of other loan platforms. The interest loan varies depending on the amount you need, loan duration, and other factors. It is good to note that it is very low compared to other loan platforms.

What is an Infonomics Loan?

Infonomics Loan is a financial platform that offers loans to people with nice interest rates and gives you access to other loan services as a customer.

How much can I borrow from Infonomics Loan?

Infonomics Loan is best suited for students and small business owners. Infonomics Loan allows you to borrow loan money in a fast and easy way.

With Infonomics, you can get loans from 1,500 naira to 100,000 naira. With this, you can pay school fees, sort minor bills, and support your small business.

How to apply for an Infonomics Loan?

It is quite easy to apply for an Infonomics loan. All you need to do is download the Infonomics app. Once you’ve signed up on the app, apply for the Infonomics loan and arrange your repayment schedule.

What is the loan duration of the Infonomics Loan?

The loan duration of Infonomics Loan is from 6 months to 36 months. This loan duration allows you to repay without being in a hurry.


With the Infonomics Loan platform, you can log in to your account through different means. That is, through your phone number and email address. For now, the online portal is not active but the website can provide all the information you need.

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