Best Loan App For Android And iPhone Users In Nigeria


Today, people think you can only access loan apps on Android. They do not know that iOS phones can be used to access loan facilities. Although, they carry almost the same requirements you can find on Android. In Nigeria, you would find that Android users are the most popular phone users in Nigeria. The objective of this article is to bring you to notice the loan apps that can be found on Android and iOS devices. In respective view, this article carries the heading Best Loan App for Android and iPhone Users in Nigeria. Here are some of them.


Renmoney is one of the top Android and iPhone apps that people can download. This app is renowned among Nigerians. Renmoney has proven to be one of the most used loan apps in the country. However, you have to meet the requirements of Renmoney. It is also an app that helps people to pay bills, airtime recharge and borrow money. Renmoney is very trustworthy in that you do not need complicated paperwork to receive a loan offer. The app works for iPhone and Android users alike. For iPhone users, you can get the Renmoney app on your iOS store.

Aella Credit

Aella Credit has proven to be a legitimate loan app in the country. In our list of Best Loan Apps for Android and iPhone Users in Nigeria, it would be a felony not to add Aella Credit. Aella credit helps you alleviate your financial situation. As a user of Aella credit, you stand a chance of requesting a loan anytime you like. Aella credit provides Nigerians with a loan in less than 5 minutes. For Android users, you can easily get a loan from Aella Credit when you install the app. To install the Aella credit app, you need to search for the app on Google Playstore. The size of the download is quite considerable.


When you are looking at the most popular apps in Nigeria, there’s no doubt that Kuda would be there. Kuda is a bank owned by two partners. It is owned by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty. These parties came together to make sure that they solved the needs of the common Nigerian. Kuda Bank Microfinance Bank has been in the Fintech industry for quite a while. Kuda can also serve as a platform where you can save, spend, and invest your money. Kuda Bank can be found on both Android and iOS devices. You can download it through Google Playstore and your Apple store respectively. This bank is unique because you do not need a surety to get a loan.


Palmpay is one of the best financial platforms in the country. This bank has to be on our list of Best Loan Apps for Android and iPhone Users in Nigeria. When you hear Palmpay, one of the first things you remember is their POS devices. However, apart from giving out POS to agents, they also serve as a tool for organizations to borrow money from. They hold a very secure platform where small enterprises and individuals can borrow money from.

Palmpay has a feature called Palmpay Flexi Cash. Palmpay Flexi Cash is one of the features of the Palmpay app where people can borrow money from. Flexi Cash loans stay up to 15 to 30 days with a low-interest rate. Palmpay can also help you store your cash, make payments, and pay bills for you.

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Page Financial

Page Financial is another legitimate Fintech organization. This bank offers a variety of services to people. However, the primary function of Page Financial is help to give loans to financially unstable people. This app is unique in that it can help you save, send money, and make payments to people all over the country. You can find this app on Android and iPhone devices.

When you download the app, you can easily get personal and enterprise loans. This loan can help you boost your capital. Your capital is one of the backbone of your business. Page Financial is also known to have a flexible interest rate.


Credpal is a great platform to borrow money from. This app is very special in that it helps you when you are broke. Also, you can obtain money from credpal to boost your business finances. Credpal is a financial institution that helps you obtain credit loan for a legitimate interest. It is available for both iPhone and Android phone users. Credpal is unique in its dealings with its customers in that it uses a credit card as its loan vehicle.

Credpal can also act as your wallet. It can be used to authenticate payment, send money, and save. Also, you can use it to make payments even if you are without your phone. This platform helps people to manage their funds effectively. You can download the app on your iPhone and Android phone to access other features.


Can Kuda borrow me money?

Yes. You can earn money in Kuda. Kuda is a Fintech organization that gives loans to people. You can repay installmentally.

Can loan apps block my BVN?

No. The loan app cannot block your BVN.

Does credit work on iPhone?

Palmcredit is a platform that works on iPhones. Palmcredit is a platform that helps people to earn money.

Which loan apps can work on iPhones?

Aella credit


Kuda Bank



Is Fairmoney available on iPhone?

No. Fairmoney is not available for iPhone users.


This article has shown the different loan apps you can easily come by if you need a loan app on your iPhone device. It has elaborately rated the benefits of the various loan apps in Nigeria. Additionally, it is pertinent to note that you need to meet the terms and conditions of all the Fintech organizations listed above. However, all in all, the Best Loan App for Android and iPhone Users in Nigeria can be found when you search for it on your mobile device.


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