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Usmano Danfodiyo University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation, And List Of Courses Offered


When it comes to quality education in Nigeria, then the Usmano Danfodiyo University ranks high. The Usmano Danfodiyo University is one of the most competitive schools in Nigeria. This is because, at the Usmano Danfodiyo University, emphasis is based on delivering knowledge as it meets the needs of the students. If you are an aspirant of the Usmano Danfodiyo University, then you want to read this article. This article will cover all you need to know about the Usmano Danfodiyo University. Let’s delve in already!

About The Usmano Danfodiyo University

The Usmano Danfodiyo University is situated in Sokoto State, Nigeria. It is regarded as one of the best schools in northern Nigeria. It is also one of the competitive schools in that region.

Usmano Danfodiyo University School Fees

Since the Usmano Danfodiyo University is a Federal university, the school fees are quite affordable for the common man. For undergraduate students, the school fees lie between the range of N32,000 -N70,000 per session.

For the postgraduate students pursuing a postgraduate degree, the expected school fees should lie between the range of N82,000 – N127,000.

Usmano Danfodiyo University Admission Requirements (Undergraduate)

To be eligible for the Usmano Danfodiyo University admission, here are the requirements that should be met:

1. O’Level Requirements

As an aspiring student at the Usmano Danfodiyo University, you should have at least five O’level credits in related subjects to your discipline. These five credits should include credits in Mathematics and English Language. Your O’level results can be in the form of WAEC, NECO, GCE, or its equivalent.

Note that if you have used the “Awaiting Results” format to sit for the JAMB exam, you should make sure that your O’level results are ready and available before the Usmano Danfodiyo University admission process begins.

2. JAMB UTME Requirements

To be admitted to the Usmano Danfodiyo University, you need to score high on the JAMB UTME test. It is recommended that you score above 200. So, on your part, prepare hard to pass the exams. If you are targeting a competitive course, do well to score high to beat the competition and emerge among the firsts in the admission process.

3. Age

You must be above or by the age of 16 years by October 1st.

4. Post UTME

In some cases, the Usmano Danfodiyo University may decide to conduct a Post UTME test. This is to make sure a reduced number of students are admitted to a course. So, read and study hard in order to get a high grade from this test assessment. The post-UTME, JAMB UTME, and O’level scores would play a big part in your getting admitted to study at the Usmano Danfodiyo University.

Usmano Danfodiyo University Admission Requirements (Postgraduate)

If you are an aspiring postgraduate student and wish to study at the Usmano Danfodiyo University, here are the requirements for that:

1. Academic Qualifications

You need to make sure you have obtained at least Second Class Upper Credit or Second Class Lower Credit with a Postgraduate Diploma to get admission into the Usmano Danfodiyo University to pursue a Postgraduate degree.

2. Transcripts

A transcript showing your grade and performance from your previous school would also be needed to get admitted into the Usmano Danfodiyo University as a postgraduate student. If you have them handy, submit them in the required portal.

3. Supplementary Requirements

Supplementary requirements such as reference letters from two academic referees, etc

4. Entrance Examination

You may also be required to sit for an examination at the Usmano Danfodiyo University to certify that you are qualified for the postgraduate degree. Obtain a high score in this examination to stand a high chance of admission.

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Usmano Danfodiyo University Hostel Accommodation

The Usmano Danfodiyo University has top-class hostel buildings that are convenient for students to live in. However, to gain access to these hostel buildings, you need to pay a hostel accommodation fee of N10,000 – N15,000 per session if you are an undergraduate.

However, if you are a postgraduate student, the hostel accommodation fee is between the range of N15,000 – N25,000 per session.

Usmano Danfodiyo University List Of Courses Offered

At the Usmano Danfodiyo University, here is the list of courses offered:

Agricultural Economics



Animal Science

Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Forest Resources Management

Arabic Language and Literature


Communication and Language Arts

English Language

European Studies


Islamic Studies

Linguistics and African Language



Religious Studies

Theatre Arts

Yoruba Language

Adult Education

Early Childhood Education

Educational Management

Educational Evaluation

Educational Psychology

Guidance and Counseling

Health Education

Human Kinetics and Health Education

Library, Archival and Information Studies

Special Education

Teacher Education






Chemical Engineering

Business Administration


Plant Biology






Political Science



Industrial and Production Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Food Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Medicine and Surgery





How much is the Usmano Danfodiyo University hostel fee?

The Usmano Danfodiyo University hostel accommodation fee is within the range of N10,000 – N15,000 for undergraduates.

How much are the school fees of Usmano Danfodiyo University?

The school fees for students at the Usmano Danfodiyo University are in the range of N32,000 – N70,000 per session for undergraduates.

What are the requirements for Usmano Danfodiyo University admission?

To get admitted into the Usmano Danfodiyo University, first students must score higher than the cutoff mark. Then, have a good O’level result of at least five credits in one sitting. Then, should be at least 16 years of age before the admission process begins.

Does Usmano Danfodiyo offer Economics?

Usmano Danfodiyo University offers Economics.

Does Usmano Danfodiyo University offer medicine and surgery?

Yes. The Usmano Danfodiyo University offers Medicine and Surgery as a course.


Thanks to this article, you have been able to fund the requirements of you as a student of the Usmano Danfodiyo University. Kindly save this page if you would use this for future reference.

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