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Novena University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation And List Of Courses Offered

Novena University is one of the best institutions in Southern Nigeria. It is regarded this way due to its up-to-date curriculum and technology-inclusive educational pattern. Are you an aspirant if this institution? If yes, then you would receive information about Novena University in this post. In this post, you would read information about Novena University school fees, admission requirements, hostel accommodation fees and many others.

About The Novena University

The Novena University can be found in Delta State. It was established in 2005 and has been granted accreditation to serve as an higher institution in Nigeria. The university is one of the most competitive private institutions in Southern Nigeria.

Novena University School Fees

The Novena University school fees maybe a little higher than the fees paid federal universities For undergraduates, the expected school fees range from N300,000 – N400,000 per session. The school fees range is a function of factors such as faculty of study, and course of study among many other factors.

Novena University Admission Requirements (Undergraduate)

To be admitted into the Novena University, some requirements must be met:

1. O’Level Requirements

First, you need to have good O’level results. Your O’level result should contain at least credit grades in the related subject of your desired course including Mathematics and English Language. Aside from that, your O’level should be readily available at the time when the admission process at the Novena University begins.

2. JAMB UTME Requirements

Another requirement that must be met is the JAMB UTME Requirements. As an aspiring student, you should obtain a high score in both the UTME assessments to increase your chances of admission into the Novena University. It is recommended that you should score above 150 to be eligible for admission.

3. Post UTME

The Novena University may decide to conduct a UTME examination to get a reduced number of candidates for each course. When this happens, you should make sure you obtain a high score in this examination to stand a high chance of getting admitted. The Novena University admission panel looks at your O’level results, JAMB UTME results, and Post UTME results before giving out admission to aspiring students. So, ensure that you score high in these examinations to be on the high side.

4. Age

Candidates who wish to study at the Novena University should be above or by the age of 16 years by October 1st.

Novena University Admission Requirements (Postgraduate)

If you wish to pursue a postgraduate program at the Novena University, here are the requirements to meet:

1. Academic Qualifications

Your academic qualifications from your previous institutions should be at least a Second Class Upper Credit or Second Class Lower with a Postgraduate Diploma. This would be checked on before admission is granted to you to pursue a postgraduate degree program.

2. Transcripts

Candidates who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree program at the Novena University must possess transcripts from their previous institutions. It must contain their grades and qualifications too.

3. Entrance Examination

In some cases, the Novena University may organize an entrance examination for aspiring postgraduate students. Of course, you’ll need to score high to be eligible for admission.

4. Supplementary Requirements

You may be asked to submit other documents such as reference letters, work experience, etc.

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Novena University Hostel Accommodation

The Novena University boasts of the best buildings for the accommodation of students. However, to be granted access to live in any of these facilities, you’ll need to pay a hotel accommodation fee.

The hostel accommodation fee ranges from N90,000 – N130,000.

Novena University List Of Courses Offered

Here is the list of courses offered at the Novena University:



Business Administration




Mass Communication

Public Administration

International Relations and Strategic Studies

Political Science




Petrochemicals and Industrial Chemistry

Computer Science

Information Technology

Telecommunications Management


Is mass communication accredited in Novena University University?

Novena University is now accredited to offer mass communication as a course.

Does Novena University accept Direct Entry?

Yes. Students with impressive scores are welcomed to study at the Novena University.

Can I study Finance in Novena University University?

Yes. Novena University offers Finance as a course.

How much is the school fees at Novena University?

The school fees at Novena University University ranges between N300,000 -N400,000.

When was Novena University established?

Novena University was established in 2005. Afterwards, it began processes to gain licenses from National University Commission (NUC).


Thanks to this article, you’ve know the school fees and hostel fees amount to expect and you’ve been throughly guided on how the admission process of Novena University is like..if you really enjoyed what you read, do well to share this articles with other aspirants who may need this information.

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