What To Do When Loan Apps Send Messages To Your Contacts And Still Threaten You And Them


It sounds unpleasant and frustrating to borrow money from loan providing app and they end up messaging your contacts and threatening them. Why is this so? Because these companies need to get back their funds. Aside from messaging and threatening, there are other ways to get their funds back.

If you keep receiving complaints from your contacts about threats from any loan app and you don’t know what to do about it, you can simply go through this write-up and find solutions to your problem.

Interestingly, this will be the last time you will be willing to ask what to do when loan apps send messages to your contacts.

Why do Loan Apps Reach Out to your Phone Contact?

These loan apps reach out to you because they want their money and interest back. After a series of calls if you don’t pay back, they try all means to frustrate you through messaging and threatening your contacts just to get to you.

There are several ways they could use like reporting you to a financial regulatory body or rather, any law enforcement agencies; but not threatening your contacts. This is not advisable.

Steps to Follow when Loan Apps Send Messages to Your Contact and Threaten You and Your Contacts

There are several steps you can follow when this loan app keeps messaging and threatening your contacts; keep following these guides below for that.

Know your Rights and what the Law Says Concerning Right Violation

Make inquiries and know your rights before making any move as a debtor, if any of your rights are violated, you have something to lay your hands on. Also, check the law governing rights violations to make sure you aren’t at fault.

Carefully Check the Loan Agreement

Review the loan agreement to have other evidence you can use to get their back down; lay more emphasis on the aspect that talks more about the repayment.

Note down the Harassment Case

If you notice any misconduct from their act towards you, you can lay down your complaints so you will have something to show when the need arises.

Visit the Apps Customer Service to Lay a Complaint

Bring to the notice of the loan app about the issue on the ground and make them understand the reason why you hadn’t paid your debt and your dislike about how they are messaging your contacts humiliating you. Make them understand you aren’t happy with their action. Interestingly, if they understand your point, then it’s alright but if they don’t, then you will use the next tip below.

Report All Violations

If all the methods at hand fail, then you are left with no option but to report all violations to the financial regulatory body or better still, law enforcement agencies with all the evidence you’ve arranged. Be clear in your report.

Inform your Contacts about the Situation

If your contacts keep reporting threats and nuisance from the loan apps to find you, advise them to block such contacts and stop taking their calls.

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Bonus Point 

We all know that lending money is not a good idea; but in the absence of money when the need arises, you have to use any possible means to get access to money. This is why we use these loan apps because the circumstances surrounding the issuance of funds are attractive. How then should we stop the borrowing of money from these loan apps?

You can stop this unnecessary borrowing through savings; if you have a savings you can easily access; there wouldn’t be room for you to borrow money from these loan apps in question. You must provide a space for your savings from your monthly salaries. This will serve as a pathway to stop collecting loans.


How do I Stop Online Lending Harassment?

The easiest way to stop online harassment is either savings or due repayment. If you have any savings and you find yourself in an emergency that needs financial assistance, you can get solutions to such an emergency; on the other hand, if you borrow a loan, make sure you pay back the loan within due course to avoid such harassment.

How to Stop Loan Apps from Accessing My Contacts?

If you are been prompted to grant access to your contact list, decline such notification with quick effect. Also, make sure your location is turned off each time you’re accessing the app.

How do I Remove my Information from a Loan App?

Removing your information from a loan app is simple if the loan app grants access to do so. Go to profile, and settings, then navigate to change the information you wish to make changes to.

How do I Stop Bank Loan Messages?

If these banks keep messaging you, block them from calling or sending messages to you. If the SIM card you are using is not an important one you can easily discard it.

Also, you can follow the steps above (in the steps sections) on how to stop the messages.

How do I Report Online Loan Harassment in Nigeria?

Visit the Nigerian financial regulatory body to report all issues regarding harassment. You can contact the CBN, EFCC, and other counterparts you can trust.


Having read through this article, you now have at the tips of your hands what to do when your loan apps are messaging and threatening your contacts. This guide will help you overcome such issues.

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