OPay POS: How To Get OPay POS Machine, OPay POS Machine Price, Daily Target

With Opay, you enjoy seamless transactions and fast operation. When you get the OPay POS, this becomes better because you earn money and also perform transactions faster. However, it is good to note that getting the OPay POS is possible. In this article, you will be reading how to get your OPay POS and what is required to get it. Let’s get started.

Opay POS Machine Price

The Opay POS comes with a lot of features that you would not find in a regular POS machine. Even with the amazing features of the Opay POS machine, you can still get the POS machine at an affordable price.

The price of the Opay POS machine is 35,000 naira as of the time of filing this report. However, to become a registered agent with Opay is free to do.

This price above is just for the regular Opay POS machine. If you intend to get the Android Opay POS machine for faster access and transactions, the price ranges from 50,000 to 60,000 naira.

Opay POS Daily Target

The daily amount you are required to meet to continue to use Opay POS for a long time is the required daily target.

The daily target for OPay is dependent on the type of POS you own.

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Opay POS Charges

Opay POS charges are almost normal compared to other POS services. With the Opay POS charges, you can still make money if you work well.

Opay POS charges are based on the transactions carried out on the machine. For instance, for a transaction of 20,000 naira carried out on the machine, you expect a transaction charge of 10 naira on your account.

On the other hand, if you decide to carry out transactions of over 20,000 naira, you should expect a transaction charge of 0.5% on the transaction above that amount.

That’s not all, you also get charged when you use the Opay POS machine to purchase airtime or pay utility bills.

In this article so far, you’ve read top facts about how Opay POS operates. This includes the Opay POS daily target, charges, and machine price. Let’s check out the steps needed to get the POS machine. The next section discusses that.

How To Get an Opay POS Machine

Getting Opay POS is relatively easy. You just need to get the requirements available and you would be good to go. However, what are the requirements? Let’s find out the requirements needed to get an Opay POS machine and after that, we go into the steps involved in obtaining the POS.


1. A Smartphone

You’ll need a smartphone to apply for the Opay POS online. These are the basic and important requirements for owning a POS machine in Nigeria.

2. Proof of Identification

Proof of identification gives Opay evidence that you are a real person and not just a ghost using a fake profile.

3. Proof Of Address

Proof of address can be in the form of current utility bills such as light and water bills. These bills have your addresses on them that is why they are important.

These three requirements listed above are the fundamental things that you would need to apply for this Opay POS machine. Let’s get started with the steps to take to successfully get an Opay POS machine.

To get an Opay POS machine, you need to follow these steps accordingly;

Step 1. Create An Opay Account

First, you would need to own an Opay account of your own to be eligible to own a POS machine. You can create your Opay account by downloading the Opay POS app from your app store.

Step 2. Apply For The POS

On the app, you can contact customer service informing them of your intentions to own a POS. An application form would then be opened to you. Fill in your correct details on the form and apply.

Step 3. Attach Your Documents

On the form, you would be asked to provide evidence of identification and address. You can provide a scanned soft copy of these documents at this point and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Wait For Your Request To Be Granted

You would be required to wait for a while for your request for a POS would be reviewed.

Step 5. If Granted, Pay For Your POS

After your request has been approved, you can go ahead to pay for your Opay POS machine. The prices have been listed earlier in this article. Do well to scroll up to get the prices.


Does OPay have a daily target?

The daily target for OPay POS agents differs depending on the type of POS used. For mobile POS, for example, the daily target is set at 10,000 naira.

What is the cost of an OPay POS machine?

The cost of an OPay POS machine varies depending on the type of POS you go for. For the OPay Mini POS, you are expected to pay N8,500. On the other hand, the OPay Smart POS costs about N50,000. So, this shows that the cost of an OPay POS machine varies depending on the POS type you go for.

How do I apply for a POS machine?

To apply for an OPay POS machine, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open An OPay Account

Step 2. Apply For POS

Step 3. Submit relevant information

Step 4. Pay for POS

Step 5. Wait for POS

How do I get an OPay machine?

To get an OPay machine, you can apply using the OPay app or the OPay website. However, you would need to have a business and provide adequate information.

Is OPay legit?

Opay is a legitimate app that allows you to make payments and carry out other transactions in a fast and easy way.


Opay POS is one of the best POS to use for your business in Nigeria. You would enjoy faster transaction rates, convenience, and many other benefits.

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