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Short Code for Loans In Nigeria

Loan codes and USSD codes in Nigeria are very important. In fact, they make borrowing easier and faster. Whenever a user needs funds or extra service codes are the nearest thing to a nanny. However, when you get the opportunity of getting a USSD code, do well to memorize them. This article would be looking at the variety of loan codes in Nigeria, USSD code for loans in Nigeria also.

What is USSD Banking?

USSD Banking is a service offered by financial institutions and banks that allow clients in Nigeria to access their bank account and perform other cash transactions. This platform is meant to provide the following services primarily: Money transfer, Airtime transfer, cable subscription, and others.

How to apply for a loan using USSD code in Nigeria

The previous heading discussed the meaning of USSD code in Nigeria. To proceed, let’s consider the application process for a loan using the USSD code in Nigeria.

Step 1: Input the USSD code of the bank you’re trying to get the loan from.

Step 2: Choose the loan option from the menu.

Step 3: Input the correct information.

Step 4: Check out the terms and conditions for the loan amount you wish to collect.

Step 5: If you’re cool with the conditions, accept the offer immediately.

Step 6: Be alert for loan confirmation.

However, customers should be mindful of the fact that the loan process and requirements may change depending on the bank offering the loan. Also, don’t hesitate to read the terms and conditions of the loan very well before applying and accepting.

Requirements for obtaining loans using USSD code

Just like any process, the requirements are not burdensome. The requirements for getting a loan in Nigeria using the USSD code are shown below.

Bank account

A Bank account is very important because it shows the Financial institution you belong to. Some financial institutions may require that you have a minimum amount with them before requesting for loan or credit application.

USSD code

You must be very conversant with your bank financial institution’s USSD code. This is very important and it can be found on your bank website or handbook. You can also get the information by also calling or contacting your bank call center.

Registered User/Clients

Many institutions may require you to register with them in order for you to get access to some of their services. This information may have to be personal and official information about yourself and your location.

Terms of Service

You must be conversant with your bank’s loan policy. This may include knowing the terms and policy of the loan. It also entails knowing about the interest rate, repayment time, collateral worth, and others.

Registered Phone Number and Smartphone

This is the most important of the requirements. Without your phone, how do you intend to input any USSD code? When talking about phones, your smartphone should be able to USSD codes.
Credit Score: This is most common when it comes to microfinance banks. The credit score shows your rating and your potency of collecting the next loan.

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Advantages of Using Loan Codes in Nigeria

The benefits of using loan codes or USSD codes in Nigeria are enormous. In fact, when talking about the advantages, they overweigh the demerits. However, here are the benefits of using USSD codes in Nigeria.


USSD codes provide fast loans without hassle. In fact, when you request a loan, the application may be accepted or rejected in quick response. This is particularly very nice for people who run businesses and individuals who are into services that require the flow of money.
Convenience: USSD codes are very convenient. In fact, from the comfort of your room you can input your transfer code. It is designed to be faster and easier so you don’t need to worry.


These codes are accessible and can be inputted anywhere in the country. Yes, you heard me right! Regardless of your socioeconomic background and class, you are eligible to use it. This may make it easy for people who need to use it to make an everyday transaction.


This loan offers clients the opportunity to make a different request with the tip of their fingers. They may request a loan for the short or long term. Clients can choose the loan that best suits their needs.


USSD codes provide loans of all sorts. These loans may come in different forms. However, they are clear regarding their interest rate, mode of payment, and collateral information.

Organizations and the USSD code

Ecobank Xpress *326#
FCMB *329#
First Bank First Advance *894*11# or *894#
GTBank Soft Loan (QuickCredit *737*51*51#
Payattitude *569#
UBA *919#
Union Bank *826#
Unity Bank *7799#
Zenith Bank *966#
Access Bank (Payday Loan) *901*11#
Alat Lone by Wema Bank *945*100
Fidelity *770*08#
Sterling Bank *822#,
Polaris Payday Loan *833*12#
Loan App USSD Codes
Opay *955#
Migo *561#
Carbon *1303#
Fairmoney Loan *322*2#
Palmpay *652#
Zedvance *347*334


What is the code for smartcash loan?

Smartcash is here for you. Simply dial *939# to open a wallet.

What is the code for mtn cash loan?

The USSD code for mtn cash loan is *606#. Select xtracash from the onscreen menu.

What is the USSD code for lapo?

The USSD code for lapo is *371#. This code opens a whole lot of services to you.

What is the code for CBN loan?

The simple code is *894*11#

What is the USSD code for Opay?

The USSD code for Opay is simply *955#.


The loan codes listed above are very important. In fact, you are advised to save this page in your browser so in case you forget any, you can get it here. The benefits of using USSD codes are enormous and useful. Also, do well to drop a comment as to which ussd code you find useful to use.

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