How To Get Kudi Nomba POS – Kudi POS Withdrawal Charges, Machine Price And Daily Target

Today most people often prefer effective brands rather than brands that are just popular. In fact, in the modern world, the emphasis is always placed on Effectiveness rather than Quantity. This is also true of financial institutions today, rather than going for the popular brands, the effective ones are always the ones with high quality and not that popular.

Kudi is a platform that is not popular. However, in terms of quality and support, you do not doubt that Kudi would give you what you want. Regardless of popular belief, today Kudi is one of Nigeria’s biggest Platforms when it comes to online banking. In this article, we would look at Kudi extensively. This entails highlighting Kudi POS Requirements, Steps on how to become a Kudi agent, and Kudi POS charges.

Kudi POS Requirements

It is very simple to collect a Kudi POS machine. By becoming an agent, your chances get better in obtaining Kudi POS. The major requirement is for you to have a functional Android phone with an online connection. Also, do well to install the Kudi app. Although, here are the requirements

1. An active Kudi POS account

2. A bank account number

3. A validated Bank Verification Number (BVN)

4. A means of identification such as a Voter’s Card, National ID Card, Drivers License, or International Passport

5. A recent utility bill (NEPA BILL, DSTV BILL RECEIPT)

6. A passport photograph

Once you have all these ready, you can now proceed to apply for a Kudi POS machine.

Procedures for Becoming a Kudi Agent

Step 1: Do well to install the app on Google Play Store on your Android and iOS.

Step 2: Create a profile. Register uniformly by inputting your Full Name, Mobile Number, Business Details

Step 3: You would be required a 4 digits PIN to authenticate your transactions.

Step 4: Make sure to keep transacting with the Kudi app. This would make you get an opportunity to get the POS machine.

How to Get Kudi POS by Applying

This subheading lists the steps required to get Kudi POS by applying.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Kudi

Step 2: Fill out the registration form provided and submit

Step 3: Input your mobile number and tap ‘Submit’

Step 4: Authenticate your number, then click ‘Next’

Step 5: Log in to your account

Step 6: Tap ‘Accept Payment’

Step 7: Tap ‘ Terminals’

Step 8: Fill out the form, then click ‘Submit’. The Kudi Agent Team would review your application and then get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.

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How to Get Kudi POS by Payment

Although paying simple money may seem the only way to get it fast and rapidly. But, the benefits you enjoy from paying for the Kudi POS are still the same as getting it by merit. Here are the procedures for getting Kudi POS by payment.

Step 1: Go to any Kudi POS office closest to you. Better still, you should call their customer care.

Let’s assume you go with the alternative method (calling their customer care)

Step 2: Their agent would issue you a form

Step 3: Fill out the form religiously with all manner of honesty

Step 4: Submit the form after you have finished filling it.

Step 5: You would be required to make a payment of N20000 on submission.

How to Activate Kudi POS Machine

When you have been issued with the POS machine, you would still be required to link the POS to your private wallet. The benefit of this is that it would allow you to transact effectively with the app or wallet at any time. However, here are the steps for activating your Kudi POS machine.

Step 1: Log in to your wallet using your mobile app

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Step 3: Navigate to Account

Step 4: Select ‘ Activate POS’

Step 5: Input your Terminal ID or Serial Number. This number can be found on the receipt of the machine

Step 6: Tap ‘Submit’

After completing all these steps above, your POS would be linked automatically.

Kudi POS Charges

Unlike other firms, Kudi POS charges fees per transaction. This is how it works: For every amount completed on Kudi POS, 0.70% would be charged on the transaction. Also, customers should remember that these charges apply to transfers, withdrawals, and deposits. No other hidden charges are imposed on you.


How can one become a Kudi agent?

The steps are simple, to become an agent you need to register on the Kudi site. Provide your details and information. That’s all! Once you’re eligible, you would be requested to come for training and you would automatically become a Kudi agent.

What type of payment does a Kudi POS accept?

Kudi POS accepts all forms of debit and credit cards. Also, it accepts mobile money transfers.

Is the Kudi POS machine secure?

Of course. Kudi POS is very securitized. Just like other Banks, it uses encrypted Platforms to send and receive messages.

Can I perform transactions without a POS machine?

Yes of course. You can perform transactions without a POS terminal. However, you need to make sure it goes in order and by arrangements.

Do I need a BVN to become a Kudi agent?

Yes. Your BVN is very important when registering to become an agent on Kudi. However, it would serve as a medium for identifying you when it’s time for verification.


Kudi brand trajectory has been nothing short of an increasing chart. Under the umbrella of Nomba, Kudi has increased its wings to nearly all parts of Nigeria if not all. However, when collecting loans or credit facilities from Kudi, one should do well to check the terms and conditions before accepting an offer from them.

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