How To Get DotPay POS, Login, Charges, Daily Target, Become DotPay Agent, DotPay POS Customer Care Phone And Whatsapp Number

DotPay through its POS machine has become quite a fast-rising brand in Nigeria. With the DotPay POS machine, you can carry out all necessary transactions such as withdrawals, transfers of funds, and the like. In this article, you would be reading the steps required to get the DotPay POS machine. In addition, you would read about how to get in touch with DotPay through their customer service through the available channels. You would be missing a lot if you skip this article, so read on!

Getting a DotPay POS machine is just almost the same process as getting POS machines from other fintech companies. Before proceeding into the steps, let’s get to know the requirements needed to be met.

Requirements to get the DotPay POS machine

Here are the things you need to keep handy to get the DotPay POS machine:

1. A Smartphone

Your smartphone would be needed to log in and register your details. So, do well to have a strong data connection along with your smartphone.

2. Proof Of Identification

Government-issued proof of identification would be also needed to succeed in your request to get a DotPay POS machine. It gives proof of your citizenship and that you are not a foreign resident seeking to get the POS machine.

3. Proof Of Address

Proof of address in the form of utility bills such as light and water bills would be useful. It should be scanned and in a soft version so that you can register hassle-free.

4. Bank Verification Number

Your Bank Verification Number (BVN) is also another number that would be needed in the application process. It would help you DotPay know the kind of person you are and keep track of you.

Now that we’ve gone over the requirements needed for getting the DotPay POS machine, let’s consider the steps needed.

How To Get DotPay POS Machine

Step 1. Create A DotPay Account

First, download the DotPay app and sign up. When you sign up, make sure to use the number that is linked to your BVN so that you would be able to receive notifications from DotPay anywhere and at any time.

Step 2. Enter Your Information

The next step would then be to enter valuable details about you such as your name, home address, BVN, etc. Make sure to input the correct details about you to prevent your request from being declined.

Step 3. Attach Relevant Documents

A scanned copy of all those documents would be needed at this point. So, feel free to drop them in the required format in the space provided.

Step 4. Wait For Approval

After your BVN and other relevant documents have been analyzed, in a short time, your request for a POS machine would be approved.

Step 5. Pay For The POS Machine

At this point, you would be eligible for the POS machine. So, you can go ahead to pay.

The cautionary fee for a DotPay POS machine is 20,000 naira. However, you should have 25,000 naira or more handy so that all logistics can be sorted out.

DotPay POS Charges

For the DotPay POS, you get a charge rate of 0.5% for any amount you withdraw. For instance, if you withdraw 1,000 naira, you would be charged only 5 nairas. That’s great. As a business owner, you can take advantage of this juicy rate and make more money.

In this article so far, you’ve read all about DotPay POS charges, how to get DotPay POS machines, and the steps involved in it. Now, let’s check out the various channels you can reach DotPay on. The next subheading discusses that.

DotPay Customer Care Phone Number

Although DotPay does not have a WhatsApp number, that doesn’t mean that they do not accept customer complaints via phone calls. A phone call is very important because it conveys your feelings via voice messaging. It also allows you to have a secure means of communicating with DotPay.

The DotPay phone number is: 0806 197 1534

DotPay Office Address

After trying the medium above, if you still encounter persistent problems using their services it is recommended you locate their office. Face-to-face communication tends to soften and solve the issue that is persistent to a client. Clients are more satisfied when they speak to higher personnel in an organization rather than Customer Care. DotPay knows all this.

DotPay office is located at:

MJS Building, 366 Murtala Muhammed Way, opposite Polaris Bank), Yaba Bus-stop, Sabo Yaba 101245, Lagos


What are the requirements needed to get DotPay POS?

To get DotPay POS, you need a working smartphone, government-issued identification, utility bill evidence showing your address, and your correct Bank Verification Number (BVN). All there are necessary documents required for successful approval of your POS request.

How to get DotPay POS?

Create a DotPay account. Then after you have created the account, apply for a DotPay POS machine from the app. When you’ve done that, fill out the form opened to you and attach the necessary documents. After that wait for approval.

Where is the DotPay office located?

MJS Building, 366 Murtala Muhammed Way, opposite Polaris Bank), Yaba Bus-stop, Sabo Yaba 101245, Lagos

Is DotPay legit?

DotPay is a legit app to use for transactions and other kinds of operations.

Can I make the transfer on DotPay?

Yes, you can carry out the transfer of funds and withdrawal of funds from the DotPay POS. The amazing thing here is that it is incredibly fast and almost no occurrence of network hitches when you use the DotPay POS.


DotPay though not a very popular app here in Nigeria has been responsible for the employment of several youths in Nigeria through its POS machines and easy mode of application. In this article, you’ve read steps on how to obtain the DotPay POS machine and how to contact their customer care service. Be sure to follow the procedures listed above to enable you to achieve that.

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