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Hidden Business Opportunities In Nigeria 2023

You’ll agree that many businesses in Nigeria are already saturated. This means that there are more than enough people who are already running some businesses in Nigeria. For instance, in some areas in Nigeria, you have more than enough Point Of Sale (POS) centers. So, a person who tries to establish the POS business in this area would find it difficult to get the required customers to make a large gain. That’s where this article come in. This article would be centered on discussing the top 7 hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. It would also be explained in this article how these businesses are run. So, if you’re a potential business owner, you do want to miss reading this. Let’s get started!

1. E-commerce Business

Speaking about hidden business opportunities in Nigeria, e-commerce is one of them. An e-commerce business is a business which is quickly becoming one of the fast rising businesses in Nigeria. It is a platform where you can sell goods such as shirts, shorts, and other stuffs.

Even if it might seem that an e-commerce website or store may be hard to establish, it is one which is fairly easy to start.

What is needed to start this business is just the products you intend to sell and a platform to sell them. For instance, if you intend to start a T-shirt sales business, you would need to get it in large scale. Depending on which platform you’re best at, you could use a social media page or a website. It is advisable that for a small brand, you start by using a social media page. Run advertisement campaigns and watch the progress.

2. Resume Writing Business

It would surprise you the number of people seeking to have a professional resume. This is another market you can explore. Even though it might seem that this market is scarce, you would be surprised by how much you would be making.

Resume Writing involves writing or crafting a professional and attractive resumes for people. Now, imagine the amount of graduates we have in Nigeria. Taking advantage of this number would help you know your target audience and how best to approach them.

Just like the e-commerce business, you just need a few, less-costly things to startup this business. You need a social media platform and the writing skill needed. The social media platform such as Facebook would help you reach out to large number of people. Your writing skill would help you maintain your clients. If you’re very good in it, then you would have clients than you can even number!

3. Course Creation Business

The course creation market is another lucrative market you can delve into. If you have a skill that you would like to teach others, the course creation market could be the one for you.

Course creation involves making a course about a particular skill or something people would love to read. For instance, you could help people learn graphic designing or blogging, by creating a course. In the course, you would explain how to go about graphic designing or blogging.

All that is needed is just you writing skill. If you are a persuasive writer, you could earn money from course creation. You can decide to sell these course on platforms such as your website, Amazon, or any other places where people would read and you would earn.

4. Fitness Instructor Business

If you have a fit body, you could offer your services on social media and get paid for it. If you’re lucky to land a client who would like private fitness training, then you could equally earn some bucks.

Being a fitness instructor is one of the major hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. You can teach people how to develop a fitness routine. You could still help them with routines to loose weight, develop muscles and joints, etc.

All that is needed is just a wide room and a social media account. You could make videos of yourself during training and post on social media. When you’re consistent with this, you could help people develop a fitness routine and get paid for that.

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5. Translation Services

How many languages do you speak? How many do you write well? Do you know you could make thousands of naira having any of these skills?

Translation is one of the few hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. When you are good with languages, you could work anywhere in Nigeria. You could walk on TV, Radio, blogs, to mention just a few.

All you need for this business to propel is a social media platform. In some cases, you might also need to possess a certificate. So, getting a certificate certifying you as a graduate may help you in application for a job.

6. Phone Accessories Sales

The sales of phone accessories is one of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. You can actually earn a lot of money selling phone accessories like pouch, screen guard, chargers, earpiece, etc.

Phone accessories sales involves the sales of accessories for mobile phones. You may also includes computer accessories sales too. It is a business that thrives everywhere be it the rural or urban areas.

For you to succeed in this business, all you need is a shop. If you’ve already bought the accessories in large scale, a shop would be where you need to sell them. If you also have a good social media followership, you can also sell these accessories on your account.

7. Graphic Design Business

Graphic design is also part of the freelancing skills you can use to earn some nairas in Nigeria. If you’re good, you can get gigs that could even pay you in dollars.

Compared to other businesses, graphic designing is actually one of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. You could design fliers, banners for events, church programs and other stuffs too.

All that is needed is for you to earn is just your phone or laptop and a good social media presence. With your phone or laptop, you can make designs. Your social media presence would help you get clients. You can also run ad campaigns on the different social media platform to increase your chances of landing a client.


What business are in high demand in Nigeria?

Businesses that are in high demand in Nigeria includes palm oil sales, catering business, gas filling, boutique business etc. These businesses are in high demand in Nigeria. In any location you find yourself, you would always see sales.

What is the fastest moving business in Nigeria?

The fastest moving business is pure water sales, groundnut sales, bread sales, phone accessories sales. These businesses are the fastest moving business in Nigeria. Regardless of how you start this business whether large scale or small scale, you would always see profit.

What business can I start with 30k as a student?

As a student, you can start oil perfume sales business with 30,000 naira This business is lucrative because students are always interested in perfumes and would love to have them always especially when you sell at a relatively cheaper price

What business can I start with 20k in Nigeria?

With 20,000 naira you can start the sales of cooked food. You can prepare food for people going to work or school in the morning. That way, you can earn back your money within a short time depending the amount of customers.

Would graphic designing business thrive in Nigeria?

Yes it would. In fact, there are thousands if graphic designers spread all over Nigeria who are making a living from graphic designing. So, if you wish to start then have no fear.


Sometimes, the reason why many may hesitate to delve into a business is because they may feel that the business is too saturated. However, thanks to this article, you’ve seen the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. So, why don’t you go for any of these businesses mentioned?. Do you know a person who is still hesitant because of this reason mentioned above? Share this article to them.

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