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Hezekiah University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation And List Of Courses Offered


Hezekiah University is one of the best private universities to be if you wish to be surrounded by people of same faith as you. At Hezekiah University, you get to gain knowledge on both secular education and moral education too. If you wish to apply into this institution, this article has been crafted just for you. In this article, you will read about Hezekiah University School fees, admission requirements, hostel accommodation fees and the likes. Let’s begin by first, checking out a brief description of Hezekiah University.

About the Hezekiah University

The Hezekiah University is located in Imo State, Nigeria. The Hezekiah University has a large population of Christian students and is the best place to be around individuals of same faith. At this school, students are encouraged to show a serious attitude towards their education and religious life.

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Hezekiah University School Fees

The Hezekiah University School fees are largely dependent on a lot of factors. These factors may include, course of study, faculty, etc. For undergraduates, the Hezekiah University School fees range from N100,000 – N400,000.

Hezekiah University Admission Requirements (Undergraduate)

To get admitted to the Hezekiah University as an undergraduate, here are some requirements that you need to meet:

1. O’Level Requirements

You need to possess at least five O’level credits including credits in Mathematics and English Language. These five O’level credits should be in the relevant subject relating to your desired course. Also, your O’level results can be in the form of WAEC, NECO, GCE, or any known equivalent assessment bodies.

It is worth noting that you should have your O’level results handy. It should be inputted during your JAMB UTME registration. Cases of “Awaiting Results” may not be granted admission or may hamper your admission process.

2. JAMB UTME Requirements

Along with your O’level results, having your JAMB UTME result is also paramount in getting admission at the Hezekiah University. You should have obtained a high score on your UTME test. To stand a chance of getting admitted, you should have a score of 120 and above. Since the Hezekiah University is a competitive institution, aspiring candidates are advised to prepare well for the JAMB UTME admission to get a high score which would increase their chances of getting admitted.

3. Post UTME

In some cases, the Hezekiah University may decide to conduct a Post UTME assessment to get serious candidates into the institution. You may be required to sit for this test. Getting a high score on this test also guarantees admission into the Hezekiah University.

4. Age

It is required that any candidate who wishes to be admitted into the Hezekiah University must attain the age of 16 years before or by October 1st. If any candidate is found below this age, it could affect the admission of such a candidate.

Hezekiah University Hostel Accommodation

The Hezekiah University contains hostels that meet the accommodation needs of each student. The hostels are well built and furnished to satisfy every student who is admitted into the Hezekiah University. To be eligible to use the Hezekiah University hostel, you must pay a hostel accommodation fee. The hostel accommodation ranges from N70,000 – N120,000 for undergraduate students.

List of Courses Offered At The Hezekiah University

Hezekiah University offers a wide range of courses which gives aspiring students varieties to choose from. Here are the list of Courses offered at the Hezekiah University:

Animal Science and Aquaculture

Arts, Management & Social Science

English Language & Literary Studies

History & International Studies

Religious Studies


Business Administration


Political Science


Plant Science & Environmental Biology

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Computer Science



Physics with Electronics


Does Hezekiah University allow cooking?

Hezekiah University does not allow cooking. Instead students are advised to eat at the designated cafeterias.

Do they offer sociology in Hezekiah University?

Yes. Hezekiah University offers sociology.

How many years is mathematics in Hezekiah University?

To study mathematics at the Hezekiah University, it takes 4 years.

How much is the school fees of Hezekiah University?

The school fees of Hezekiah University ranges between N100,000 – N400,000.


There you go! All information concerning Hezekiah University abd how to gain admission has been well explained to you. Don’t be stingy, kindly share this information to friends who might need it.

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