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Greenfield University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation, List of Courses Offered

Green Field boasts of some of the renowned lecturers in Nigeria. It is also located in the serene area of Kaduna State. Usually, the fees for the university are stipulated on their website. However, you can read more from this website.

About the Greenfield University

Greenfield University is one of the top universities in the Northern part of the country. It is a private university. It has one of the top student bodies in the country. Students of all tribes are welcomed to the institution. The students of the university are equipped with the right knowledge to develop the society. The school is located in the serene city of Kaduna.

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Greenfield University School Fees

The school fees of Greenfield University are quite considerate. Usually, the fees for the university are updated on the school portals. Most times, the school fees can be paid semester by semester. The Greenfield University is one of the best schools in the country. Since it is a private university, Greenfield University School Fees range from N150,000 to N350,000.

Greenfield University Admission Requirements

The school would accept applicants who fulfill the following requirements:

O’level Requirements:

The O’level requirements for Greenfield University are very important. You need to score above the 120 mark. Usually, the O’level results should be done in a maximum of double sittings. Applicants are advised to take either one or both of the WASSCE / NECO exams to stand a chance.

JAMB Requirements

The UTME score for the Greenfield University is 160. Applicants are advised to choose Greenfield University as their first choice institution. Applicants are advised to work hard to obtain a score higher than 160. Applicants are advised to choose Greenfield University as their first choice. You can also be invited by Greenfield University to take the post-UTME exam.

Age Criteria:

Applications are accepted for students at the age or above the age of 16 years. Applicants may be disqualified if they do not meet the age requirement.

Birth Certificate

Admitted students are encouraged to come with their Birth Certificates. This birth certificate would ensure that ascertain your age.

Application Requirements

The application requirements for Greenfield University are online. You should pay the required sum stipulated online to proceed with your Admission details.

Greenfield University Hostel Accommodations

To get hostel accommodation, you need to pay your fees on time. The school has provided state-of-the-art equipment The school boasts of constant electricity, water supply,y and so on. The students are required to pay the sum stipulated in the school portal. Also, Greenfield University has comfortable beds.

Greenfield University List of courses offered

The list of courses at Greenfield University include:

BSc Physics with Electronics

BSc Biology

BSc Biotechnology

BSc Cyber Security

BSc Information Technology

BSc Chemistry

BSc Industrial Chemistry

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Management Sciences


How much is the Greenfield school fee?

The school fees for the Greenfield range from N150,000 to N300,000.

Is Greenfield accredited in Nigeria?

Yes. Greenfield University is accredited in Nigeria by the NUC

Who is the owner of Greenfield University Kaduna?

The owner of Greenfield University Kaduna is Chief Simon Nwakacha from Umueri, Anambra State.

Does Greenfield offer Nursing?

Yes. They offer to nurse. However, it is for five years.

What is the cutoff mark for Greenfield Kaduna?

The cutoff mark for Greenfield Kaduna is 160.


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