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Edwin Clark University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation, And List Of Courses Offered


Edwin Clark University of easily one of the fastest-rising universities in Nigeria. To get admitted into Edwin Clark University, you need to have information about how that is done. That is where this post comes in. In this article, you will read information about the admission requirements to gain admission into Edwin Clark University and also answers to questions you might have about Edwin Clark University. Let’s get started!

About The Edwin Clark University

The Edwin Clark University is situated in Kiagbodo, Delta State, Nigeria. The university is a private institution created in 2015 to ensure that quality education reaches Nigerians around that region. The school offers a variety of courses and disciplines that make every student delight.

Edwin Clark University School Fees

The Edwin Clark University School fees vary depending on faculty, course of study, department, level, etc. However, if you are an undergraduate or aspire to be admitted into Edwin Clark University as an undergraduate, the school fees range to expect is N200,000 – N300,000.


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Edwin Clark University Admission Requirements (Undergraduate)

To be successfully admitted to Edwin Clark University to pursue a course of study, here are the admission requirements that must be met:

1. O’Level Requirements

The first requirement that would be scrutinized in the admission process is your O’level results. Your O’level result should contain at least five credits in related subjects including Mathematics and English Language. Your O’level result can be in the form of WAEC, NECO, or even GCE results. These results can be accepted as O’level results.

To stand a high chance of getting admitted, your O’level result should already be submitted to the UTME Portal during registration as cases of “Awaiting Result” may affect the admission process.

2. UTME Requirements

Probably the most important requirement is the UTME requirements. You should have sat down for the JAMB UTME test and obtained a high score that year. Scores above 120 can enable you to secure a spot in Edwin Clark University for the course you desire. If you fail to get a high score (120 and above) in the UTME assessments, then you can kiss your admission goodbye.

3. Age

According to Edwin Clark University, all aspiring students of the school must have attained 16 years of age before or by October 1st.

Edwin Clark University Hostel Accommodation

The Edwin Clark University contains hostels that meet the accommodation needs of postgraduate and undergraduate students. However, to be eligible for this hostel, it is required that you pay a hostel accommodation fee of N40,000.

Edwin Clark University List of Courses Offered

The Edwin Clark University offers so many courses which has contributed to its popularity in Nigeria. Here are some of the courses offered by the Edwin Clark University:

Computer Science


Industrial Chemistry






Business Administration


English Language

Mass Communication


Political Science


Which state is Edwin Clark University in?

Edwin Clark University is located in Delta State, Nigeria.

Are students allowed to cook at Edwin Clark University?

Students are not allowed to cook at the Edwin Clark University campuses. For safety reasons.

Is Edwin Clark University accredited for economics?

Yes. Economics has been accredited at the Edwin Clark University.

How much is the hostel fee at Edwin Clark University?

The hostel fee at Edwin Clark University is N40,000.

What is the cutoff mark at Edwin Clark University?

The cutoff mark to study at Edwin Clark University is 150.


With the information of this post in your mind, then, you should not have any problems settling into Edwin Clark University. If you have any questions you like answers to, then use the comments box below for that.

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