Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria: DNA Test Requirements, Best Hospitals for DNA Test in Nigeria

Recently, infidelity in marriages has been on a spike. A lot of people look for proof to get hold of their partner’s infidelity but cannot find any. However, all this stress can be avoided and solid evidence of infidelity get be gotten without stress, and in a few minutes your results would be ready. How? DNA test! The cost of a DNA test in Nigeria isn’t that costly if you consider the great freedom that comes from getting free from a cheating partner. This write-up would consider the cost of DNA tests in Nigeria, DNA test requirements, and lastly the best hospital for DNA tests in Nigeria.

Cost of DNA test in Nigeria

DNA test stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid test. People usually think of DNA tests as a confirmation of their paternity only. However, it is of different varieties. Hence, the cost of DNA tests in Nigeria heavily depends on the kind of DNA test needed. Generally, a DNA test price may range from 50,000 naira to 100,000 naira. However, this often depends on the hospital, procedure, and kind of DNA test.

Talking about the kind of DNA test, for a test that would be used for legal cases, the price of the test may range between 70,000 to 100,000 naira. Depending on the hospital carrying out the test, it could spike up to 150,000 naira. Where you conduct the test also matters. If you’re conducting your test in a private clinic or laboratory center, you know for sure that you’ll be charged high.

DNA Test Requirements

The DNA test requirements stated below can be followed only when the test is used in a legal setting.

This test could be ordered by a court or the test may be ordered by you the individual (mother or father). The paternity test and resulting DNA results should be in line with the requirements which is ordered by law:

A person not associated with the parties should conduct the test

Evidence of identification from the parties e.g taking photos

Completing final details

Asserting the confirmation from parents if a minor is involved

Sample collection

Proper labeling of samples

The DNA test requirements listed above need to be followed carefully to show that it hasn’t been tampered with. It should be followed to know that it had been established with legal status.

DNA test requirements When Doing A Home Test

We have discussed the requirements when conducting a DNA test in a legal setting. However, when you’re ready to have a DNA test in your home, what are the requirements:

1. When you purchase a kit at the store, you pay the retailer for the kit and then pay a separate fee to the lab when you are ready to test.

2. When you purchase a kit at home, you register the kit online and send the swabs directly to the lab.

3. When you are ready, the results report can be delivered via mail or posted to a secure online account. For the sake of security, reports are never conveyed using email.

Best Hospitals for DNA Tests in Nigeria

So far, this article has expatiated the various procedures and DNA test requirements for those considering the test. Wait, what are the best hospitals for DNA tests in Nigeria? Have a look at the list below

1. DNA Center

Oluwatobi House, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos State

2. LUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital)

Idi -Araba, Lagos State.

3. Lynx DNA Laboratory

Harmony Enclave Estate, Ikeja, Lagos State.

4. Nigeria Paternity Test

Lagos Island,79 Bamgbose, Lagos State.

5. DNA Bank

Botany Department, University of Lagos, Ikeja.

6. DNA Diagnostic Center

Karimu Kotun Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

7. Clina- Lancet Laboratories

3, Babatunde Jose Off Tokunbo Victoria Island, Lagos State.

8. Pathcare/Synlabs Labs

Coker Road, illupeju, Lagos State.

9. EasyDNA, Nigeria

Ijeshatedo Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

10. Mecure Health Care Center

Located in Abuja, Warri, Lagos, Ondo, Abia


What DNA test is best for a biological father?

Those who want to connect with their biological father should consider genetic testing as an option. However, the best DNA test to take to confirm the biological father of a child is an autosomal DNA test (also called atDNA).

Which DNA test is legit?

An accredited laboratory called Labscorp provides genuine genetic paternity testing. They have been in existence since 1981.

Is the DNA test 100% true?

A DNA test is most of the time correct. It is vital at determining if a man is another person’s real father. DNA tests can take various forms including swabs and blood tests. However, it is recommended that you conduct the test in a medical setting if you need it for a legal matter. Also, prenatal tests can determine the parents of a child during pregnancy.

Who has the strongest DNA mother or father?

Genetically, one inherits some of its mother’s DNA than the father’s DNA. This is because, during pregnancy, your mother’s organelles still live within your cells, the mitochondria.

Can two children have the same DNA?

Theoretically, identical twins are the only relatives that share all of their DNA. However, Non- identical siblings share about half of the inherited gene.


DNA test in Nigeria isn’t a big deal, isn’t it? From the article, you have been cleared regarding the various DNA test requirements. This requirement doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to the hospital. Also, regarding the cost of DNA tests in Nigeria, this article has satisfied your curiosity knowing that the price heavily depends on what the test is for. Lastly, the best hospital for DNA tests in Nigeria has been highlighted and you can see that your DNA test can be done a stone’s throw from your house.

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